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NIKE: Just Does IT

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NIKE: Just Does IT. A Look At How to Combat Some of the Problems Facing the Multi-National Corporation. Background. Shoe and Apparel company $16.3 Billion in revenue in 2007 28,000 workers in 45 countries 500 manufacturing locations Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Company History.

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NIKE: Just Does IT

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nike just does it

NIKE: Just Does IT

A Look At How to Combat Some of the Problems Facing the Multi-National Corporation

  • Shoe and Apparel company
  • $16.3 Billion in revenue in 2007
  • 28,000 workers in 45 countries
  • 500 manufacturing locations
  • Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon
company history
Company History
  • Founded in 1965 as Blue Ribbon Sports at the University of Oregon
  • The Nike Waffle
  • 1971-the Swoosh
  • 1972-Nike the Greek goddess of victory
  • 1979-A big year
  • 1982-Advertising
  • 1988-Just Do It
  • Tarnished image from sweat shop scandal
  • Doesn’t appear to be socially conscience
  • Doesn’t appear to be environmentally conscience
the truth
The Truth
  • Are socially conscience

--Donated 37 million to charity in 2004

--Currently doing a charity campaign with Eminem-auctioning off limited sneakers for charity

•Are Environmentally conscience

--Carbon neutral by 2011

--3rd in recent environmental scorecard

  • Improve company’s overall image
  • Further the idea that they are socially conscience
  • Further the idea that they are environmentally conscience
  • To show that Nike is a socially minded organization—to start new charities, to increase number of dollars poured iinto charities by 15%,to improve employee relations, to publicize efforts through media and advertising
  • To show Nike is environmentally minded—to start up shoe recycling centers, to publicize efforts to through media and advertising
  • The Long-time customer
  • The Customer who boycotted because of labor issues
  • The Environmentally minded customer
  • The Nike workers—The Nike Family
  • The consumer with no opinion on the matters at hand
strategies and tactics
Strategies and Tactics
  • Give a measurable increase to the charity budget
  • Develop programs to promote social conscience—Inner-city hoops renovation, Nike cares
  • Construct recycle pick up stations for old shoe and shoeboxes
  • Create stricter guidelines to enforce fair labor practices—tour manufacturing plants to find faults
  • Use press agentry to its fullest
january february
  • Initial plans for programs brought before the board
  • Begin scouting cities for recycle center and for more charities to give to
  • Stress importance of fair labor practices to board
march april
  • Recruit Nike Cares Athletes
  • Scout locations for inner-city Hoops renovation
  • Begin set up recycle centers
  • Use advertisements promoting recycling
  • Fair Labor Committee meets and develops strict guidelines for evaluating factories
may june
  • Begin Hoops Renovations in cities
  • Have meeting of Nike Cares Athletes to discuss ideals being stressed
  • Open Recycle pick-up center
  • Begin giving money to charities
  • Touring of plants begins
july august
  • Continue Hoops programs and recylce pick-up
  • Begin the touring of Nike Cares
  • Gmive more money to charity
  • Continue tours
  • Release first line of recycled shoes
september october
  • Continue all programs
  • Evaluate the results from fair labor tours
november december
  • Evaluate success of programs
  • Give the most money so far to charity for Christmas
  • Fire any heads of plants not exercising fair labor
  • Report results to press and post on web siite
  • Increase number of recycle pickup stations
  • Continue programs if succesful
  • Programs-developing, running, hidden costs
  • Advertisement
  • Travel
  • Construction
  • Increased charity budget
  • Grand Total- $97 million
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Study media
  • Study