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Staff Homework!

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Staff Homework!. This all began when Mr. Baker challenged Ms Webb the librarian to read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, then Ms Arthur said read… So Ms Webb issued all staff with a challenge, a writing task and here is the result… not everyone has quite finished yet, so watch this space.

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staff homework

Staff Homework!

This all began when Mr. Baker challenged Ms Webb the librarian to read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, then Ms Arthur said read…

So Ms Webb issued all staff with a challenge, a writing task and here is the result…

not everyone has quite finished yet, so watch this space.


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I read Pigeon English

By Stephen Kelman

It was… one of the funniest books I have ever read! The story is told by the main character Harrison Okupu (Harri). The book covers some very serious topics; gang violence and murder are just two of them! But through the innocent eyes of Harri, it doesn’t seem so real and dangerous- he plays a detective trying to work out who is behind a murder on his estate. He gets in to all sorts of trouble with his older sister and her friends as well as other residents on the Dell Farm estate and is constantly ducking and diving to stay out of trouble. The book also deals with the harsh truth of gang violence and really hits hard. A book I wont forget and a character that still makes me smile 

My name is Miss Sparkes

and I teach BTEC, Maths & RE


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I read The Quiet American

By Graham Greene

It was about a British journalist and an American soldier in the special forces who are both sent to Vietnam and fall in love with the same girl.

It helped me to imagine what life might have been like for Westerners who were sent to Vietnam during the war and the sort of things they might worry about apart from the war.

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


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I read One Child

By Torey Hayden

It was emotional!!! The book is a true story, the challenges that face the teacher and the child are huge. It is sad to read about the reasons behind the difficulties faced by the child. It was inspiring to read about the successes they made together.

I don’t read a lot but this series of books by Torey from her educational psychology career are really interesting. They are hard to read for the emotional context as there are many true/adapted true stories.

My name is Mr Davey

and I teach P.E.


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I read The Ballad of Peckham Rye

By Muriel Spark

It was really fun to read. The book tells the story of a Scottish man who arrives in Peckham and causes problems for some of the people living there.

It was really interesting to find out what Peckham was like in the 1950s and thinking about how it has changed since then and how it has stayed the same too.

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


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I read This Thing of Darkness

By Harry Thompson

It was about Charles Darwin and his now

famous voyage around the world on a

ship named the Beagle where he gathered

crucial evidence and observations that led

to his theory of natural selection. A

historical fiction, it focused on the touching

relationship between Darwin and the ship’s

captain Robert Fitzroy and their increasingly

opposing viewpoints on God and Creation

among other things.

Darwin went on to publish his theories and

became famous, Fitzroy pioneered the Met

Report and descended into madness….

A brilliant, gripping and thought-provoking

novel – the pages just turned themselves!

My name is Winston Lo

and I teach Science.


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I read The Day of the Triffids

By John Wyndham

It was probably my favourite book that I read this summer. It is a science-fiction book which is not a genre I usually read. I liked it because it was set in London and the South East of England.

It made me think about how people behave in a crisis, the sort of world we live in now and the sort of world I would like to live in.

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


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I read Storm Front (Book 1 of The Dresden


By Jim Butcher

Harry is the only real wizard in the

yellow pages.


Paranormal Investigations.Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.No Love Potions, Endless Purses,

Parties or Other Entertainment

The first in a series of fast paced books

full of action, comedy, strong characters

and magic as this private eye battles

Vampires, faeries, demons and evil


Please don’t blame me if your grades start

to suffer if you read all 14 books.

My name is Mr Evans

and I teach Science.


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I read The Submission

By Amy Waldman

Written by a New York Times journalist,

the Submission of the title is a sealed bid

to design the memorial to be built on the

site of the World Trade Centre post 9/11.

The winner turns out to be an American

Muslim, Mohammad Khan.

The families of those who died in the

attack do not want the memorial built by

him, and public opinion is mixed. And

what is his motivation for designing this?

An intelligent and thought-provoking look

at some of the debates which arose in

America after 9/11.

My name is Mr Pinfold

and I teach English and Film Studies.


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I read The Museum of Innocence

By Orhan Pamuk

It was the longest book I read this summer! Sometimes I found it really easy to read and sometimes I felt like it was just too long!

It was set in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, and tells the story of a man who becomes obsessed with a woman.

It was really interesting to learn about Turkish culture and there really is a Museum of Innocence in Istanbul now – I hope I get to visit it one day!

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


Post Card

I read A Game of Thrones

By George R.R. Martin

It was excellent!

The book is described as an epic fantasy.

I like how each chapter is told from a

different character’s point of view and

how that leads to many plot twists and

intrigues. I like how as a reader that

you know different pieces of information

that all start to piece together at the end.

Plus the battles and dragons make it an

exciting read!

My name is Miss Lewis

and I teach Science.


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I read Animal Farm

By George Orwell

It was a great short novel with

straightforward language, memorable

characters and an incredible ending.

It’s about a gang of animals who take

over a farm and run it themselves.

Their motto is ‘four legs (animals) good,

two legs (humans) bad’. But are all the

animals really good?

I recommend it to anyone of any age. It

is an ageless, timeless book that you’ll

return to again and again, discovering

new things every time.

My name is Lewis Dawber

and I teach people.


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I read India

By Patrick French

It was a non-fiction book all about how India has changed since they became an independent country in 1947.

I read it because I am going to go to India for Christmas and I wanted to know what it might be like.

I have read another book by Patrick French about the Indian independence movement and I really like the way he writes. He talks about big themes but also tells really interesting stories about individual people that are funny or sad or just very unusual!

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


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I read Pig Iron

By Benjamin Myers

It was gritty, honest and brutal yet poetic and beautiful.

It tells the tale of John-John Wisdom, recently released from a young-offenders institute, a young man with a dream; a dream to escape from the shadow of his violent father Mac – infamous bare-knuckle fighter.

Told in multiple narrative voice and with a shocking and tragic conclusion, Pig Iron has me gripped.

My name is Miss Evans

and I teach English.


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I read Shelter

By Harlan Coben

Mickey Bolitar is having a troubled time:

his dad has just died; his mum is in rehab

and he is forced to go and live with his

uncle. The one bright spot is

meeting his girlfriend, Ashley. Life is

starting to get better for Mickey until one

day, Ashley vanishes. Soon Mickey gets

caught up in a mystery. What has

happened to Ashley? Is his father really

dead? Why is the paramedic who took his

father's body away in a picture from the

1940s on his crazy neighbour's


My name is Miss Blunden

and I teach History.


Post Card

I read Candide

By Voltaire

It was something I read as a philosophy

student and then I heard a writer on

the radio, say that he read it every ten

years, as it has different meaning for each

stage of your life.

I was shocked to find how violent,

sexist and racist it was and that I must have

either blocked that out of my mind or it has

fundamentally developed my humanitarian


It’s a pacy adventure story of an innocent/

naïve young man, his choices to be

or not to be, affected directly by those

people he meets along the way.

I love a good classic.

My name is Ms Porthouse

and I teach Explorers.


Post Card

I am still reading Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand

This is the last book I started this summer and so far I really like it. It is very long so I don’t think I’ll finish it until half term!

It is a really fascinating story about all the men of talent disappearing for apparently no reason and how things stop working without them. My favourite thing about the book is that the lead character is a really strong female who is very clever and successful. I don’t know how it finishes yet but I can’t wait to find out!

My name is Ms Daveyand I teach History.


Post Card

I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

By Rick Riordan

It was a really good read, I preferred it to the film, it was amazing to see the difference between the book and the film,the book had me using my imaginationmore.

A very good read.

My name is Miss Davies

and I teach Design and Technology.


Post Card

I read The Invisible Man

By H.G.Wells.

It was a real page turner.

The story was first published in 1897 and

so is set at the end of the Victorian Era,

but the story is thrilling and as it is a

science fiction story the plot seems very

modern for its time.

A stranger arrives at an inn on a snowy

winter’s day. He keeps his hat and gloves

on and his scarf wrapped over his face.

No one can see what he looks like. No one

could guess that he had found a way of

turning himself invisible. What would you

do if you could be invisible? This man

turns to crime. He steals and hurts other

people for his own gain, but he is alone.

How can he be stopped?

My name is Ms. Kenton

and I teach Languages.


Post Card

I read Persepolis

By Marjane Sartrapi

It was a really powerful account of a

young girl growing up in war torn Iran.

It was an unusual choice for me because

it is a graphic novel and I’ve never

thought that I would enjoy stopping, to

make sense of the pictures, as well as the

words. However having read this book, I’m

a graphic novel convert. The pictures add so

much in terms of the places, people and

experiences in the book, that I found

myself scanning them for every little detail.

My name is Roisin McEvoy

and I teach English.