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Cross Station

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Cross Station

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Cross Station

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  1. Cross Station By: Ceni 6B

  2. What is Cross Station • Cross station is one of the devotion. In cross station we use the bible and we read based prayers and Jesus story based on the number of the cross station. In the cross station there is 14 story from the story of god being cross untill God was alive and happy.

  3. Background (history) The history of the cross station is about god that is been cross to erease or sins. The history is first when Jesus was cross by the army and was sticked with nail to a big log that shaped like cross sign and using the thorens crown. He died and people buried him into the dark cave. When suddently when his mother come to visit Jesus and he was gone. And he is actually alive.

  4. Purpose • The purpose to do cross station is to be closer to god. We will also learn from it . We learn to respect god and what did he sacrafise for us and we learnt for not making alot of sin .

  5. Equipments and Steps • Equipments: • Bible • Steps : • Prepare the bible with you • Go to the place where there is the cross station pictures. • Choose one person to be the leader. • First the leader will read the story of the cross station based on the story or the number. • Then pray Our Father in Heaven, Hail Marry and Glory Be to the Father. • And we do the closing that the leader and the other people say. example: Leader: Jesus Christ Crucified. All: Have mercy on Us. Leader: May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest in peace. All: Amen.

  6. Conclusion • So cross station is important too. Cross Station can help us to be a better person to have not big sins or many sins and always appriciate God. We all need to do cross station well in the right way.

  7. Thank You 