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Hydrogen Station PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Station

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Hydrogen Station

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  1. Hydrogen Station By: Andrew Lohr, George Asbeck, Joe Dodd-O, and John Ryen

  2. Mission Statement Our goal is to design a hydrogen station that distributes hydrogen in an efficient, safe, inexpensive, and convenient manner.

  3. Our group considered cities around the world to implement our model of hydrogen city

  4. We picked our cities on the basis of economic strength and access to green energy

  5. After selecting 3 cities that we felt best embodied these principles, we selected our hydrogen city

  6. In order to sustainably supply H2 city, a clean, efficient source of energy is needed

  7. The geography of San Diego makes it accessible to all forms of renewable energy

  8. Our group decided to research deep geothermal energy, an emerging type of renewable energy

  9. Deep Geothermal energy can power the U.S. for 2,000 while releasing no CO2

  10. Superheated rock near San Diego is very close to earth’s surface, reducing costs of the project

  11. Despite deep geothermal energy being very powerful and consistent, we deemed a second energy source necessary

  12. Our research revealed a potent, renewable form of energy already on the market

  13. Methane, produced naturally in landfills, is extracted above the enclosed landfill

  14. The methane is then free to be reformed using steam reformation

  15. While this process produces CO2, the net greenhouse effect is actually negative CH4=72*CO2

  16. Hours of research yielded several patents for our group to comply to

  17. To analyze the technological aspects of the station, we benchmarked 3 active stations

  18. After researching all the possibilities we could find, our group created concepts in several categories

  19. These areas included production type, storage, tank location, and dispensing method among other things

  20. With 3600 potential concept combinations, a severe screening was necessary

  21. We screened for the best possible ideas within each technology field

  22. Our screening allowed us to create 3 final concepts

  23. The best idea combination was then chosen through a concept selection matrix

  24. The final pump design combines the fueling station and support structure for minimal use of materials

  25. The roof is made with recyclable aluminum, minimizing our footprint and stress loads on the pumps

  26. The overall station follows a Wawa/Sheetz business model, with emphasis on consumer goods

  27. The station layout provides a lot of space for cars and trucks to move without risk of gridlock

  28. With predicted item sales accounted for, our model predicts economic gain by the 12th quarter

  29. Any Questions? • George Asbeck • Joseph Dodd-o • Andrew Lohr • John Ryen