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Open-Source & Proprietary Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Open-Source & Proprietary Software

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Open-Source & Proprietary Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Open-Source & Proprietary Software. Solon Harmony B. Dolor EDUC 190 – Computers in Education. What’s in store?. What are proprietary software ?. What are open-source software ?. Examples of proprietary software. Examples of open-source software.

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Open-Source & Proprietary Software

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    1. Open-Source& Proprietary Software Solon Harmony B. Dolor EDUC 190 – Computers in Education

    2. What’s in store? What are proprietary software? What areopen-source software? Examples of proprietary software Examples ofopen-source software Advantages and disadvantages of proprietary software Advantages and disadvantages of open-source software

    3. What are proprietary software? Computer programs that are exclusive property of their developers or publishers, and cannot be copied or distributed without complying with their licensing agreements.1

    4. What areopen-source software? A program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge…typically created as a collaborative effort..[and] sprouted…as a response to proprietary software.2

    5. Examples of proprietary software Apple Safari Browser Yahoo! Chat Client Microsoft Windows Operating System Apple iOS Mobile Operating System Microsoft Word

    6. Examples ofopen-source software Mozilla Firefox Browser Ubuntu Linux Operating System Pidgin Chat Client Google Android Mobile Operating System Oracle OpenOffice Writer

    7. Advantages of proprietary software Stable system support Stable / Fast deployment / Comprehensive support Guaranteed to be safe Easier to install and update

    8. Disadvantages of proprietary software Often expensive Costly / Less control Nearly impossible customization Least freedom

    9. Advantages of open-source software Free Economical / Most control Customizable Most Freedom

    10. Disadvantages of open-source software Often requires in-depth technical knowledge Unfamiliar and requires a steep learning curve for average users No guarantee of platform development Often no stable platform support

    11. 1 2 3 Your SKILLS Your ASSETS Which should you choose? OR It depends on: Your NEEDS

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