introduction to the iliad n.
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Introduction to the Iliad PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to the Iliad

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Introduction to the Iliad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the Iliad. Written by: Homer. Homer. He was known as “____________.” Not much was known of his life.

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Introduction to the Iliad

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introduction to the iliad

Introduction to the Iliad

Written by: Homer

  • He was known as “____________.”
  • Not much was known of his life.
  • He is not credited for the creation of this story, but only for the writing. The Iliad was an ______ ___________ that was passed down by generations for years, but Homer was the first to place the words on paper.

(Prentice Hall Literature World Masterpieces, 360)

homeric characterics
Homeric Characterics
  • Epic – _______________________________________ _________________________ (Modern day epics: Superman and Hancock).
  • Epic Hero – a larger than life character who seems to be ______________ (special powers or strengths)
  • In Media Res – Latin for “_______________________ _________.” Homer begins his tale with the already taken place, so it is like a story within a story.
  • _____________ – descriptive words or phrases (Ex: “brilliant Achilles” or “blazing-eyed Athena”).
  • Epic Similes – large similes usually lasting 2-3 lines.
how the trojan war began
How the Trojan War Began
  • The most beautiful woman in the world was _____________, daughter of a king. Helen’s father chose Menelaus, the King of ____________, to be her husband.
  • Meanwhile, three goddesses appeared before Paris, the Prince of Troy, and asked him to choose which among them was the fairest.
  • They all tried to bribe him:
    • ___________ said she would make him lord of Europe and Asia (an offer of power).
    • ________________ said she would give him the most beautiful woman in the world (an offer of love).
    • _____________ said she would make him lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks (an offer of fame).
  • Paris chose _______________, who had promised him the most beautiful woman in the world (Helen). Thus the problems began.

Aphrodite took Paris to Sparta, where Helen and her new husband, Menelaus, lived. Paris befriended them and stayed in their palace.

  • While Menelaus was away on business, Aphrodite caused Helen to fall in love with Paris and the two left Sparta and sailed back to _______.
  • Menelaus returned to find Helen gone and called on all of Greece to help him, as they had sworn to do.
  • Menelaus’ brother, ______________ (King of the Greeks) joined him. Together, _________ ships set sail for Troy to bring Helen back for Menelaus.
the iliad s beginning
The Iliad’s Beginning
  • For ________ years, the battle raged. The Trojans protected themselves behind their city wall while the Greeks camped along the sea a few miles away. Neither side could gain an advantage.
  • The Iliad begins as the _______ year of the Trojan War begins (around 1000 to 1200 BC).
  • ___________ is angry at King Agamemnon because of his greed for land and treasures.
  • ___________ is debating whether he should fight for the ___________ or go home.
the gods
The Gods

Favored the Greeks:

  • ________
  • ____________
  • _________

Favored the Trojans:

  • _______________
  • _________
  • _______________