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Notorious an it girl novel

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Notorious an it girl novel
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Notorious an it girl novel

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  1. Notoriousan it girl novel By: Cecily von ZIEGESAR

  2. Jenny Humphrey, a character from the Gossip Girl series, here stars in a series of her own. After being kicked out of Constance Billard, Jenny enrolls at the posh Waverly Academy located in New York state. Jenny hopes to leave her old, unsophisticated, embarrassing past behind and become the It Girl of Waverly. She soon rises to become the rival of previous "It girl", Tinsley Carmichael, and falls for Easy Walsh, the boyfriend of one of her roommates, Callie Vernon.

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  4. Callie, who was one of Tinsley Carmichael's and Brett Messerschmidt's best friends and is girlfriend to Easy Walsh, is a popular blonde girl who rooms with Jenny and Brett at Waverly. When Easy is caught in her room, where she'd invited him so they could have sex, Callie blames the whole thing on Jenny, then convinces Jenny and Easy to flirt with each other to make her story more believable. Described as a manipulator by many. She is also picked to make up a cheer for Jenny. This has been a long tradition at Waverly. Teach the new varsity girl on your team a cheer, then watch her get embarrassed as she starts the cheer but no one follows. But Jenny breaks the tradition and actually finishes the cheer, resulting in all the girls following. She becomes(for a moment) the most popular girl in the stadium.

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  6. Despite the fact that he is a legacy at Waverly, there is nothing Easy wants more than to get out of school. The only thing keeping him at Waverly is his parents' promise of letting him go to Paris when he graduates. Originally the boyfriend of Callie Vernon, whom he stole from fellow Waverly Owl, Brandon Buchanan, Easy develops feelings for Jenny Humphrey and eventually leaves Callie for her.

  7. About the Author Mrs. Cecily von Ziegessar • Cecily von Ziegesar is the author of the "Gossip Girl" books, a series about a group of rich Manhattan teenagers and their adventures with sex, drugs, and alcohol. The books have been criticized as nothing more than the written equivalent of a soap opera, but fans believe von Ziegesar speaks honestly about contemporary teen life.

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