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Acts Chapter 26

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Acts Chapter 26. Paul Addresses King Agrippa. Outline: Acts Chapter 26. Acts 26:1-11: Paul Recounts his History Acts 26:12-18: Paul Shares his Testimony Acts 26:19-23: Paul’s Christian Witness Acts 26:24-29: Festus & Agrippa Reject the Gospel

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acts chapter 26

Acts Chapter 26

Paul Addresses

King Agrippa

outline acts chapter 26
Outline: Acts Chapter 26
  • Acts 26:1-11: Paul Recounts his History
  • Acts 26:12-18: Paul Shares his Testimony
  • Acts 26:19-23: Paul’s Christian Witness
  • Acts 26:24-29: Festus & Agrippa Reject the Gospel
  • Acts 26:30-2: Agrippa Acknowledges Paul’s Innocence

Herod Agrippa II, AD 27/28, son of Agrippa I, originally named Marcus Julius Agrippa, was the seventh & last king of family of Herod the Great, thus last of the Herodians. He was the brother of Berenice and Drusilla (second wife of the Roman procurator Antonius Felix). NOTE: Agrippa, a Jew, was well acquainted with Jewish Custom & Controversies.

Agrippa & Berenice are seated on thrones as Paul testifies before them.

paul recounts his history
Paul Recounts his History

Paul’s Final Hearing in Acts & 3rd account of his Conversion & Call; with Agrippa’s Permission Paul speaks,

  • Paul “stretched out his hand” as a Roman Orator
    • Jews knew Paul’s history from his childhood
    • On Trial for Hope in God’s Promises to Israel
    • Resurrection of Jesus & Followers of Christ
    • Paul, Acting in Ignorance of the Truth, Persecuted Christians unto Death
paul shares his testimony
Paul Shares his Testimony
  • “kick against the goads” = Resisting God
  • Paul’s response to gives Himself Totally
  • Jesus Promised Paul to Deliver him from,
    • His own People, Jews
    • Gentiles, the nations to whom he was sent
  • Jesus Sends Paul to,
    • “to open their eyes”
    • “to turn them from darkness to light” – Gospel
    • “from the Power (Authority) of Satan”
    • To Receive Forgiveness of Sin & a Place among the Sanctified in Jesus Christ
paul s christian witness
Paul’s Christian Witness

Paul is Faithful to the Heavenly Vision

  • Declared to Jew & Gentile,
    • Repent (Change of Mind & Attitude)
    • “turn to God” away from Sin & works of Satan
    • “Prove their Repentance by their Deeds (live)”
  • Paul was Seized for this Message of Hope
  • By God’s Grace Paul continues to Witness “to small and great (Agrippa) alike”
  • Scriptural Message – Resurrection Central
festus agrippa reject gospel
Festus & Agrippa Reject Gospel
  • Under Conviction Festus Rejects Message’
    • "You are raving mad, Paul. Your great learning is turning you into a raving madman."
    • Paul tells Festus he is not “mad” but what he is says is “true and reasonable” (anointed) & that Agrippa is knowledgeable of these things & surely believes the words of the Prophets
  • Agrippa suddenly responds, "Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?"
    • Paul replied, "Short time or long — I pray God that not only you but all who are listening to me today may become what I am, except for these chains."
agrippa acknowledges paul s innocence
Agrippa Acknowledges Paul’s Innocence

Agrippa rose with Bernice & Festus indicating he had heard enough,

  • All agreed Paul had done nothing worthy of death or imprisonment; nothing in Roman law could hold him guilty.
  • Then Agrippa told Festus that Paul might have been set free "if he had not appealed to Caesar."
  • Nero is Emperor (AD 59) though had not started his campaign against Christians