pirates of today and yesterday l.
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Pirates of Today and Yesterday:. Two Different Species. By Tahlisa Brougham. Thesis Statement: Today’s maritime pirates differ from pirates hundreds of years ago in persona , their use of technology , and reasons for piracy. . Blueprint 1- Pirate Persona .

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pirates of today and yesterday

Pirates of Today and Yesterday:

Two Different Species

By Tahlisa Brougham


Thesis Statement:Today’s maritime pirates differ from pirates hundreds of years ago in persona, their use of technology, and reasons for piracy.

blueprint 1 pirate persona

Blueprint 1- Pirate Persona

During their time- associated with violence and cruelty.

To us- adventurous rascals, mischievous yet good-natured.

Why the change?

Pirates of Old

image of today s pirates
Image of Today’s Pirates
  • No passing of time
  • Depends on the person’s knowledge on the subject

Possible Pirate Personas

Romanticized like those in movies, etc.

Dangerous, bold, has technology

What Pirates Still Exist???

blueprint 2 use of technology

Blueprint 2 – Use of Technology

Advanced technology= more dangerous, sophisticated pirates

modern weapons




Modern Weapons:

9mm Pistol

computer satellite and communications technology
Computer, Satellite, and Communications Technology
  • Didn’t have it before
  • Now very important to a pirate’s work
main usage tracking down victims
Main Usage: Tracking Down Victims

Other mischievous deeds:

  • False distress signals
  • Monitor shipping

Knowledge is Power

way back then
Way Back Then…
  • Merchants were often forced to be pirates
  • Musicians and navigators
others became pirates willingly why
Others became pirates willingly. Why?
  • Greed
  • Revenge


  • A yearning for freedom
  • Unemployment
  • Privateers
now people aren t forced into piracy besides greed the main reason is terrorism
Now, people aren’t forced into piracy. Besides greed, the main reason is terrorism.
  • Funding
  • Biggest goal- hurting world economy
    • attacking oil ships is practically normal
    • attacking major ports with suicide bombers