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Nature of science

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Nature of science. What does that mean ? Organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. What is yeast?. Vocabulary. Properties of matter Chemical change Physical change State of matter Control Salt Dissolve Yeast Particles

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nature of science
Nature of science

What does that mean?

Organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe

  • Properties of matter
  • Chemical change
  • Physical change
  • State of matter
  • Control
  • Salt
  • Dissolve
  • Yeast
  • Particles
  • Temperature
  • Thermometer
  • Mass
  • Atoms
  • Proton
  • Neutron
  • Electron
  • Elements
  • Molecules
  • Compounds
  • Mixtures
  • Solutions
what are properties of matter
What are properties of matter?

Properties = the characteristics of a substance

  • Mass = amount of matter in an object
  • Volume = amount of space an object takes up
  • Density = amount of mass in a given volume
what are atoms
What are atoms?

Protons and Neutrons are located at the nucleus (center) of the atom, while the electrons whiz around the nucleus.

If an atom's nucleus was the size of the sun, the whole atom would be on a scale of 100 times the size of the solar system.

what is the atomic theory
What is the atomic theory?

Energy & Matter make-up the universe mercury, mars, pluto, saturn, earth

atom rap
Atom Rap
  • Everything is made of matter.
  • Matter is made of elements.
  • An element cannot be chemically broken down into a simpler substance.
  • An atom is basic unit of a chemical element.
  • Atoms consist of protons (positive + the charge), electrons (negative - charge), neutrons (no charge)
what are elements
What are elements?

Building blocks of every known material

what are molecules
What are molecules?

Molecules are made up of two or more atoms.

Simplest molecule is hydrogen, H2

what are compounds
What are compounds?

Acompound is a molecule that contains at least two different elements. All compounds are molecules but not all molecules are compounds.

what are mixtures
What are mixtures?
  • Can be mixed
  • But can be unmixed
  • Do not form a new substance
what are solutions
What are solutions?
  • When mixed evenly can’t find substance
  • Example – sugar stirred in tea
what is a physical property
What is a Physical Property?
  • Physical property is any property that can be measured. For example:
  • Temperature
  • Density
  • Mass
  • Color
  • Hardness

Can be changed without

pulling apart the substance

what is a chemical property
What is a chemical property?

Chemical properties can only be observed and measured by performing a chemical reaction


Chemical Weathering

Change in temperature

chemical weathering
Chemical weathering!


Nail turns rusty

what is conduction
What is conduction?

transmission of energy:

the passage of energy, particularly heat or electricity, through something

what is convection
What is convection?

Convection is the concerted, collective movement of ensembles of molecules within fluids -- liquids, gasesand rheids. Convection of mass cannot take place in solids, mass can’t flow.