journal describe how dna is replicated l.
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Journal: Describe how DNA is replicated PowerPoint Presentation
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Journal: Describe how DNA is replicated

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Journal: Describe how DNA is replicated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journal: Describe how DNA is replicated. Q. What is the shape of DNA?. A. Double Helix. Q. What is the “backbone” of DNA . A. Sugar and phosphates. Q. What is the product of DNA replication?. A. Two Identical daughter strands. Q. What does DNA polymerase do?.

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q what is the product of dna replication

Q. What is the product of DNA replication?

A. Two Identical daughter strands

q what does dna polymerase do

Q. What does DNA polymerase do?

A. Adds the nitrogen bases & proof reads the DNA sequences

q why must dna replicate

Q. Why must DNA replicate?

A. growth and cell division


Q. What is the name of the bond that holds one base to another base, forming the “rungs” of the DNA ladder?

hydrogen bond

what is a vaccine

What is a vaccine?

a harmless version of a disease-causing microbe

what does a vaccine do

What does a vaccine do?

Causes an immune response…

The body will make antibodies to fight the microbe

q what is a bacteriophage

Q: What is a bacteriophage?

Virus that infects bacteria

q when does dna replication occur

Q: When does DNA replication occur?

During the Synthesis (S) phase of Interphase

what is a replication fork

What is a replication fork?

Half of a replication bubble, where the DNA seperates.

what are the three parts of a nucleotide

What are the three parts of a nucleotide?

Phosphate group, Sugar (deoxyribose), & nitrogen base

what does dna stand for

What does DNA stand for?

Deoxyribonucleic acid

what is dna named after

What is DNA named after?

Deoxyribose (sugar)

which are pyrimidines

Which are pyrimidines?

Thymine and Cytosine

if the parent strand reads agctccgatt what will the complimentary strand read

If the parent strand reads AGCTCCGATT what will the complimentary strand read?


where does the energy for dna replication come from

Where does the energy for DNA replication come from?

When a nucleotide joins the strand, phosphate groups are broken off

what are the steps of dna replication

What are the steps of DNA replication?

DNA unwinds, hydrogen bonds break, replication bubbles form, bubble grow together, two identical strands formed.

what is a mutation

What is a mutation?

Change in nucleotide sequence