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Impromptu Speaking

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Informational Meeting. Impromptu Speaking. What is impromptu?. Students are given a speech topic One Word : lightly philosophical in nature Example : Money, Time, Justice etc. Phrase : proverbs, aphorisms, one-liners, etc.

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Impromptu Speaking

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    1. Informational Meeting Impromptu Speaking

    2. What is impromptu? • Students are given a speech topic • One Word: lightly philosophical in nature • Example: Money, Time, Justice etc. • Phrase: proverbs, aphorisms, one-liners, etc. • Example: “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition” – Timothy Leary • Students are allowed 1 minute to select the topic and plan their speech • Students must speak between 2:50 and 5:10 minutes • Over or Under = 20% deduction • Students may NOT use notes or confer with anyone, NOR may they write before receiving the prompt • Students may ask for the definition of a word

    3. How will we prepare? • Practice, practice practice • Expect to give lots of impromptu speeches and be ready to grade each other with the RUBRIC. • Experiment with different ‘personas’ • How will you dress? • What facial expressions will you use? • What hand gestures and movements will you incorporate? • Use story: insightful, funny, interesting, weird… • Problem/solution, mistake made/learned, embarrassing moment, famous person, popular culture, experience in class, family, current event/significance, moment of disillusionment, new theories / ideas

    4. Structure • Introduction: • Hook / Background / General Thesis • Body Arguments (2-3) • Save your best argument for last! • Conclusion • End with a bang! • Bookend Close • Challenge Close • Echo Close • Repetitive Close • Title Close • Sing Song Close • Callback Close • Movie Close • Quotation Close • Third Party Close

    5. Meeting 11/16/11 1.  Review the different kinds of examples:        *problem/solution        *famous person        *popular culture (movies, media, music, etc.)        *personal experience (school, travel, regret, embarrassing moment, moment of disillusionment, etc.)        *new theories / ideas (anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, science, math, etc.)        *history        *literature        *politics        *other suggestions?We will need to set dates for writing 2 examples for each category, including details, tone,significance, accompanying gestures, rhetorical strategies, etc.2. Discuss resources for expanding your intellectual repertoire        *Arts and Letters Daily        *Radio Lab *Ted Talks        *Other suggestions?3. Watch an example finalist from last years' culcon:        *look at body language, gesturing, eye-contact, timing, and tone        *examine the hook, background, thesis, examples, transitions, and conclusion        *consider rhetorical strategies: parallel structure, antithesis, anaphora, epistrophe, questions,         analogy, hyperbole, puns, etc.