the fall of babylon l.
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The Fall of Babylon

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The Fall of Babylon. Warm Up : Which people in Babylon would have thought Hammurabi was a great ruler? Who would have thought he was terrible?. The Fall of Babylon. Much like after the death of Sargon, Babylon got weaker after Hammurabi.

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the fall of babylon

The Fall of Babylon

Warm Up :

Which people in Babylon would have thought Hammurabi was a great ruler?

Who would have thought he was terrible?

the fall of babylon2
The Fall of Babylon
  • Much like after the death of Sargon, Babylon got weaker after Hammurabi.

Over the next few hundred years, surrounding people took over parts of Babylon. They continued to chip away at the empire until a warlike nation finally conquered all of Babylon.

assyrian empire
Assyrian Empire

Emperor Sargon II

-No relation to Sargon the Great

-Conquered Babylonian areas and eventually Babylon itself

-Was crowned king of Babylon (and Assyria) 710 B.C.E until his death in 705.

what happened to babylon
What happened to Babylon?
  • Ashur-uballit claimed he wanted peace with Babylon. To prove it, he offers the king his daughter’s hand in marriage.
  • The king in Babylon was glad to marry the daughter of Ashur-uballit.
  • This marriage led to disastrous results, the Babylonian king was murdered and a pretender was placed on the throne. Ashur-uballit promptly marched into Babylon.
aspects of society stable food
The Assyrians now controlled the steady supply of food in Mesopotamia.Aspects of SocietyStable Food
  • They continued the same methods of Sumer to create stable food.
  • Learned to control the rivers with reservoirs and dams
  • Irrigate using canals dug from the river to the field
aspects of society social system
Aspects of SocietySocial System
  • King- believed to be appointed by the gods
  • Upper Class- Priests, Government officials, Land owners
  • Middle Class- Merchants, Craftsmen, Farmers, Fisherman
  • Slaves- owned no land of their own
aspects of society political system
Aspects of SocietyPolitical System
  • Monarchy- Emperor controlled all aspects
  • Under the rule of the emperor were the governors of the city-states
  • Scribes would serve the emperor to record laws, military triumphs, and harvest results
  • Arts- known for their 2-D

reliefs that covered the

palace walls and showed

king as a great hunter,

warrior, and family man

  • Ashur: national god of the Assyrians
  • Takes the place of Marduk in mythologies
  • Created the first Aqueducts
  • This would bring clean drinking water out of the mountains and into Nineveh from 30 miles away
  • Created the Battering Ram
  • They mounted a large wooden beam onto wheels and were able to break through the gates to enemy towns
  • Created Siege Towers
  • To overtake walled cities
written language
Written Language

The Assyrians continued using “cuneiform”

Before this written language, everything was recorded with pictographs

assyrian empire14
Assyrian Empire
  • At its height, the Assyrian empire was the largest that had ever been.