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Interviewing. An interview is no different than an exam; preparation is the key to success. -- Adam Vergne , Micron Technologies. The Importance of the Interview. Hiring supervisors need to know more about you than simply what you listed on your resume.

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An interview is no different than an exam; preparation is the key to success.

-- Adam Vergne, Micron Technologies

the importance of the interview
The Importance of the Interview
  • Hiring supervisors need to know more about you than simply what you listed on your resume.

-- They try to gauge your personality to ensure it fits the company’s culture.

-- They check to see if your long-term goals align with the internship they’re providing.

-- They look for a match between your skills/knowledge and what the company needs.

it s not just a skills thing
It’s not just a skills thing …
  • Interpersonal ability and how you handle things in life are probably your most valuable work skills.

EQ: the person’s ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.

types of interviews
Types of Interviews
  • Scheduled Telephone Interview
  • In-Person Interview
  • Group Interview
  • Skype Interview
  • “Starbucks” Interview
  • Serial Interview
responding to the request
Responding to the Request
  • Get back to person within 24 hours
  • Respond in kind
  • Thank them
preparing for the interview
Preparing for the interview

Interviewing is a skill that must be learned. The key to a good interview is to communicate to the employer that you have the necessary skills to succeed.

-- David Ho, Sandia National Laboratories

preparing for the interview1
Preparing for the Interview
  • Research the person and organization

-- Use websites to learn about the company. Don’t hesitate to call the company and ask to send brochures.

-- Use resources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, business and trade magazines, etc.

-- Find out about the organization’s history and core business, including services, products, culture, achievements and competitors.

-- Make sure you are aware of any major developments in the organization that have made recent news.

know what you offer
Know what you offer
  • Conduct a self-assessment

-- Evaluate and make a list of your current strengths and skills

-- Compare these abilities to the job/internship description

-- Prepare a detailed example describing each important ability/strength. This will help you present and market yourself.

interview camp 101
Interview Camp 101
  • Review and come up with sample answers for common questions.

-- Why are you the best candidate for this internship?

-- Can you tell me a little about yourself?

-- What is your biggest weakness (strength)?

-- Why are you interested in us?

-- What relevant experience do you have?


-- What are you hoping to get out of this internship?

-- What are your long-term goals?

-- Can you recall a situation when you were a leader and really stepped up to the plate?



other possible questions
Other Possible Questions

-- Why did you leave a particular job?

-- Describe the worst boss you’ve ever worked for.

-- Do you work well under pressure?

-- Are you sensitive to criticism?

-- Have you ever broken some company rule?

-- What have you learned from your mistakes?

-- What was your biggest accomplishment or failure?


-- What was the last book you read? What did you learn from it?

-- Do you prefer working independently or with others?

-- Where else have you applied?

-- Why did you choose your major?



illegal questions
Illegal Questions

-- Are you married?

-- How old are you?

-- What religion do you practice?

-- Do you have children?

-- Are you planning to have children?

  • A good response to one of the illegal questions may be, “I pride myself in separating my work life from my family responsibilities.”
check out thrift shops
Check out thrift shops
  • Bluetique, Tournament Plaza, 832-2 A1A North, Ponte Vedra
  • Bluetique, Tournament Plaza , 832-2 A1A North
interview planning and execution
Interview planning and execution
  • First Impressions

-- Appearance

-- Punctuality

-- Firm handshake

-- Direct gaze

-- Smile

-- Copies of resume

other things to keep in mind
Other things to keep in mind
  • During the interview …

-- Wait until you’re asked to be seated

-- Maintain steady eye contact

-- Listen carefully and don’t interrupt

-- Convey confidence, not arrogance

-- Be conscious of body language

-- Watch your posture and sitting position

-- Don’t fidget

-- Ask questions

after the interview
After the Interview
  • At the end of the interview …

-- At the end of your interview, ask the interviewer what the next steps in the interview process are going to be.

-- Reiterate your interest in the organization – tell the supervisor you want the internship (if you do).

-- Ask the interviewer (s) for a business card

-- Thank the interviewer for his or her time

after the interview1
After the interview
  • Following the interview you must …

-- Send a thank-you email or card no later than 24 hours after the interview.

-- Evaluate the interview – think of the questions you answered well or would answer differently if you could.

-- Come up with better answers to the problem questions.

-- If needed, follow up.