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Fair Oaks Community School. What is a Community School?. A Community School is a new school model aimed at supporting students achieve wellness in all domains of our development as individuals: social, emotional, physical , and intellectual-

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What is a community school
What is a Community School?

  • A Community School is a new school model aimed at supporting students achieve wellness in all domains of our development as individuals: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual-

  • Fair Oaks Community School adopts the whole child approach through a full-service school model.

  • The foundation of the model is collaboration and integration: families, partner agencies, and school team come together to fulfill our students needs and support their growth.

Strategies of a community school
Strategies of a Community School

  • To achieve these goals, we focus on various strategies:

  • Mental Health Continuum: from preventive to intensive.

  • Extended Day Learning and enrichment: 8am- 6pm

  • Family Engagement: creating real partnership between school and families in support of students and school.

  • Safety net Services: addressing the material barriers to learning.

  • Coordination of services: integrating all programs/ services in a cohesive and strategic manner.

We are all fair oaks community school
We are all Fair Oaks Community School

  • We are all making the community school model possible because it takes all of us collaborating, communicating, caring for our students’ every aspect, utilizing our strengths and areas of expertise, acknowledging while respecting all our stakeholders for us to reach our goals. GO FAIR OAKS !

Community school partnerships extended day learning
Community School PartnershipsExtended Day Learning

Community school partnerships mental health continuum
Community School PartnershipsMental Health Continuum

Community school partnerships safety net services
Community School PartnershipsSafety Net Services

Keeping collaboration safe and successful for our students
Keeping collaboration safe and successful for our students

What to expect from our partners…


  • Respecting common space: many classrooms and school space is used after hours by our partners, we expect rooms to be ready for learning (just as they were left) by the next morning. Classroom supplies are not to be used by partners. Supports: space expectations in Partner Handbook. Room use Feedback form

  • Respecting all staff on campus: we are all part of the community school and are all here for the students. Courteous, professional interactions support our ability to do the work together.

  • And above all respect for our students and families!

    Note: Please always let me know when you have concerns in this area or need to address and issue with another Community School member..


  • Partners are held to the same expectations as our school day team: we expect consistency in terms of supervision, scheduling, attendance.

  • This area may require ongoing support with some of our partners, and we are constantly collaborating on making sure our programs are as successful as can be!

    Supports: supervision and structure expectations in Partner Handbook.

Clear communication
Clear communication

  • Partners may go directly to school-day staff about a student concern, question, etc. We encourage relationship building with the programs.

  • Everyone is encouraged and invited to include me in these conversations (to be in the know, to start a relationship, to address an issue or conflict,, etc.)-

    Support: Everyone will a have contact lists of community school team (both school-day and partners).