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Twin Oaks High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Twin Oaks High School

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Twin Oaks High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Twin Oaks High School

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  1. Twin Oaks High School Administrative Registration Go TIGERS – Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Welcome& Introductions • Mr. Steffler, Principal • Mrs. Bunker, Assistant Principal • Mrs. Wallace, Counselor

  3. Twin Oaks High School 24 In our County 650 In our State

  4. Why Twin Oaks High School? help students recover credits and graduate build students’ interpersonal skills assist students with social and emotional issues provide students with a solid education establish pathways to career and/or post-secondary education

  5. HopeOpportunitySecond Chance

  6. What can I expect at TOHS? smaller classes than comprehensive high school fewer distractions climate of acceptance, support strong student/adult relationships school as family – trust, respect… & FUN! predictable - clear, consistent expectations high expectations & accountability

  7. Graduation: Why You Are Here.

  8. Clean/Safe/Neutral • Everyone at Twin Oaks High School is dedicated to keeping our campus this way.

  9. Basketball Team Soccer Team Football Team Dance Team Auto and Wood Shops ASB Office Aide Teachers Aide Cafeteria Aide Work Experience Educational Field Trips Yearbook Lunch Games Attendance Drawings ASSET Program Opportunities for Involvement

  10. Free Transportation!!! • In your registration packet is the Bus Schedule and Bus stop Locations. • Students should show up at the closest bus stop and identify themselves to the bus driver as new TOHS students. • Bus drivers will have a bus pass for new students when the get on the bus the following day.

  11. Bell Schedule – School Starts • Next Monday – Attend in the mean time. • First class starts at 7:30am SHARP!!!!!! • Be here at 7:15am • Get your schedule in the office. • School ends at 12:50pm

  12. Your Questions

  13. Student Handbook ZERO Tolerance Policy – One and Done! Cell Phones/Pagers/Headphones/Personal Music Players Dress Code and Related Behavior Standards No headgear may be worn. (hats/hoods/hair nets/bandanas) No gang logos or writings, profanity, violence, alcohol, drugs, sexual pictures or references. San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland Raiders No gang-related clothing may be worn. Graffiti on personal and school items is not allowed. Hand signs and/or gestures, as well as “mad-dogging,” are not acceptable. Clothing must be modest and not distracting Pants must be worn at waist level.

  14. Your Questions

  15. Audra Wallace School Counselor & Coordinator of Student Support Services • Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am – 2:30pm • Academic Counseling • Career/Post High School Counseling • Personal/ Social Counseling • Orientation • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

  16. “Unplugged” Program:  North County Family Counseling Specialists • Group Counseling Focused on Teen issues, Anger Management & Impulse Control • Insight Group Group Counseling for students struggling with alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction • Family Empowerment Program Communication, Discipline, Structure Skills

  17. CAHSEE Requirement Since June 2006, all California public high school students must pass the following exams and classes in order to receive a diploma: • English Language Arts (ELA) • Mathematics • 1 Year of Algebra 1

  18. Course Requirements *** A-G Not Offered at TOHS ***

  19. Adult School Summer School Independent Study Work Experience Palomar College ASSET Program PLATO Lab Sports Teams Cross-Age Tutoring Opportunities to Earn Extra Credits

  20. College Community College California State College University of California Private College Out of State College Trade School (many now offer Bachelor’s degrees) College Requirements A-G Required Courses SAT/ACT and the SAT (Subjects) Good Grade Point Average Essay Recommendations Volunteer Work Activities Leadership Vocational Training Certificate Programs through the Community College Trade School Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Military Options ASVAB test ROTC scholarships Join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard Reserves Work Options After High School:

  21. Checkout Grades • Go to counseling dept and request your checkout grades on Friday • Bring a copy of those checkout grades to school on Monday • We don’t want to duplicate any credits you have already earned.

  22. Your Questions

  23. Thank You! See you on Monday!