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Welcome to Mrs. Macko’s 7 th Grade Comprehensive Science 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Macko’s 7 th Grade Comprehensive Science 2

Welcome to Mrs. Macko’s 7 th Grade Comprehensive Science 2

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Welcome to Mrs. Macko’s 7 th Grade Comprehensive Science 2

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  1. Welcome to Mrs. Macko’s 7th Grade Comprehensive Science 2

  2. Do Now: • Four students were having a discussion about how scientists do their work. This is what they said:Antoine: " I think scientists just try out different things until something works."Tamara: "I think there is definite set of steps all scientists follow called the scientific method."Marcos:" I think scientists us different methods depending on their question."Avery:"I think scientists use different methods but they all involve doing experiments."Select the person who's statement YOU think is correct.(not your friend! Think for yourself!)

  3. Comprehensive Science 2 Syllabus Mrs.Macko email: amacko@dadeschools.nettel:# 305-274-7100 Class web:

  4. Course Objectives The purpose of Comprehensive Science 2 is to provide students with an understanding of their world. The 7th grade Comprehensive 2 Science is designed to challenge and engage students with the necessary scientific skills for a smooth transition from middle school science standards to high school science standards. This course involves the interrelationships between Life, Earth, and Physical Science. This year we will focus on the use of the scientific method along with the various areas of science. Laboratory investigations of selected topics in Science will also include the use of the scientific method, measurement , and laboratory apparatus. Safety and participation are integral parts of this course. The successful completion of this course is accomplished by doing the following in an acceptable manner: • Maintain a separate, organized up to date science notebook containing class notes, and • handouts that may be graded periodically throughout the year. • Pass all tests, and quizzes. Tests will always be announced and reviews of tests will always • be given in the form a collection of questions during the beginning of period. • The accumulation of the morning questions will be the student’s chapter test questions. • Pop quizzes can also be given. • Satisfactory completion of Homelearning assignments, activities, and/or reports. • Satisfactory completion of any projects. • Pass Mid-term and Final Exams. .

  5. Class Procedures • : • Do Now questions will always be posted for you to copy and complete. These questions will be included in your test questions, so it is imperative that you copy and study them at the beginning of every class period. • Homelearning (WAC –Working After Class) assignments due are only accepted at the start of the class period. Many but not all will receive a grade. Your Homelearning assignments will usually consist of work NOT completed in class. This ensures your understanding of the course material. • Absent-one day for each absence is allowed for make up work to be completed and turned in. You are responsible for any assignments missed while absent. This is done before, or after class but not during instruction. Make up work will NOT be allowed after the time has passed and a grade of zero will be issued. This is your responsibility! • Please, if an emergency occurs, have parents write a note.

  6. Cheating will NOT be tolerated! Giving or receiving answers is cheating. Having notes on hand during a test, unless otherwise instructed, is cheating. Talking or having your eyes on a paper other than your own is considered cheating. You will receive “F” along with a phone call to your parents/guardian. • Time between classes is used for the rest room/water fountain purposes. Each student gets one (1) emergency pass per week; they are not cumulative from week to week. • The bell signals the end of the class period, but does not dismiss you from the class, the teacher does. • Tardy- You need to have a pass to class if you think you will be tardy from the teacher that is delaying you. • Materials: 1” binder, 2 dividers –labeled –Science Notes/ Science Handouts • Pencil, Pen (red, blue, and black) , Colored Pencils • Ruler, notebook paper, Science Interactive Notebook • Parents, please check with your child and make sure supplies are replenished during the school year

  7. Conduct Grades: • Responsibility and Respect are important attitudes to have in life. Each student will be accountable for his or her actions. • Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings and begin DO NOW questions. • Students must come prepared with required course materials and be ready to work. • Students must refrain from any disruptive, defiant, or disrespectful behavior that will interfere with the learning environment. • Students must remain quiet and seated when someone is talking. • Snacks are allowed BUT it if you do not have enough for everyone in the class then you can NOT share snacks with anyone. • School rules must be followed at all times.

  8. Cell phones must be turned off and put away out of “hands” reach. • Questions, comments, or permission to leave seat during class must wait until you have raised your hand and recognized by the teacher. • Come to class prepared with school supplies. If you need supplies to borrow, do it before you come to class. I cannot provide school supplies. • Conduct grades will be assigned using the scale below, which is based on the number of conduct cuts given. The following scale lists the grades that will be given based on the number of conduct cuts given. Based on a 9 week cycle: 0-2 =A 3-4=B 5-6=C 7-8=D 9 or more=F • Consequences include: Detentions -given7:30 am parent receives written notification/Phone call to parents/Referral/Team Conference

  9. Grading Scale: Dade County Grading Scale • Grade Boosters: will be offered to students with a due date. It will NOT be accepted after the due date. • Computers: Students will be asked to use the computer to create journals on their experiments/lessons. These journals require a student account which they will create in class. Students are expected to type their entries using correct grammar along with explaining the experiments/lessons using the correct scientific terminology taught in class. This will reinforce the skills, and the understanding of the material covered in class to ensure there are no misconceptions. • Science Investigations: Hands-on lab experiments and computer simulations will be done to enhance students learning of the concepts. Proper conduct IS expected for safety reasons! Any misconduct will NOT be tolerated and you will be excluded from the experiment and an alternate assignment along with a zero will be given. • Contact: If you would like to contact me, please email me, write a note or call me using the above referenced information on top of the first page of this hand out.

  10. Comprehensive Science 2 Syllabus Contract • Parents: Please follow the instructions below to ensure effective communication. • Please email me at - • Include in email: Your child’s first and last name • Period of the day I have your child • Return contract signed below. • Validate your contract. Students please read all information carefully with your parents/guardians. Sign below and bring ONLY this page back by the next class period. Signing this contract means that you understand the information given and intend to follow the rules to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. • Place the Syllabus in your Science notebook. • Student First and Last name:_____________________________________ Period_____ Student Signature:________________________________ date:___________Parent/Guardian First and Last Name:___________________________________ (print) • Parent/Guardian signature:________________________________________________ • Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact Number:_____________________________________ • Parent/Guardian email address:________________________________________ (print)