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Forever Yours in Darkness

By: M.D.P. Forever Yours in Darkness. A Christine Jones Story. Part One. Christine Jones, she’s a beautiful and delightful person to have around. However even with high expectations, this young lady learned how difficult life could be.

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Forever Yours in Darkness

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  1. By: M.D.P. Forever Yours in Darkness A Christine Jones Story

  2. Part One Christine Jones, she’s a beautiful and delightful person to have around. However even with high expectations, this young lady learned how difficult life could be. This is Tyler Villines, Christine’s boyfriend at the time. Yes, lust pounded in their hearts and such young people were both foolish and selfish with life. But even as much as Christine liked Tyler, she just couldn’t love him.

  3. Because she was in love with him, Wesley, Tyler’s older brother. Wes no longer lived in the Villines’ house, but it seemed that every time he came to visit, Christine was there to see his darling face. Yes, she adored him.

  4. But the reason why she was still with Tyler was this— “Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby!”

  5. WHAT?!?

  6. The doctor was professional and calm about the situation. She even gave a lecture about what food groups to eat to have a healthy baby. But she didn’t understand. Christine had dreams! And now they were going to be crushed by a bouncing bundle of joy? This 16 year old would have to chose over her dreams or feeding the baby by dropping out of high school.

  7. It was not a joyous family meeting. Amy and AJ, Christine’s parents were not thrilled, especially, her father. Christine was definitely not a role model for her little sister, Connie. Amy calmly told her daughter that she had to tell Tyler, who they assumed was the father. But Christine was afraid. How would he react? Would he send her to the wolves? Or be her biggest support?

  8. “Tyler’s not here,” Wes said as he answered the door. “He should be back tonight.” “Ok,” was the only thing she could say. She had to keep herself bottled up with baby news until she saw Tyler again and she hoped that it wouldn’t be at school. So she headed down the stairs, her heart weighed down with sadness, her mind filled with chaos, and her eyes filled with tears. Wesley saw she was upset and ran after her. After all, he could not have a guest leave crying!

  9. She found herself telling Wesley everything and for a moment he was distraught but quickly calmed himself down. Talking to him was one of the best decisions Christine had made in a long time. Not only did she pour out her soul and feel the pressure uplifted, but now Wes felt he should support Christine with whatever she needed. By the time Tyler came home, Wes had talked Christine out of telling him the news that night, after all, it was very late and Christine had a curfew. So she said good-bye to her boyfriend and his brother. Even though she was only in Wes’s arms for a moment, Christine thought it felt like an eternity.

  10. Get some sleep.

  11. Christine’s best friend in the whole wide universe was Clara Johnson. They’d been through the coodies of elementary, puberty of junior high and at the time, hardships of high school. Her lips curved into a half smile and Christine knew it was time to let her friend in on the news. “Guess what?”

  12. What? YOU’RE WHAT?!? I’m pregnant.

  13. Immediately, she asked if Tyler knew. Christine shook her head. “Good luck,” Clara said, the only thing she could say. After all, Christine was marked as the responsible one, whereas, Clara is the dangerous one. She had prepared herself for over a week before she decided it was time to tell Tyler. As she entered the living room of the Villines’ house, her heart raced in terror.

  14. So this was where Christine was, sitting with Tyler, her hand around her stomach because of self consciousness and staring at Wes, wishing he was sitting with her, wishing he was the father of the baby, not his brother

  15. Wanna get outta here?

  16. They went outside, in the backyard. Here they were all by themselves. Christine was quiet for some time, letting Tyler laugh and smile. She needed him to be in a good mood. But, she couldn’t stall for much longer. He had a right to know. Then she interrupted his sport’s story and said she had something extremely important to tell him. His eyes glittered with interest.

  17. This was not good. Christine was already crying as they came up the steps. She used all the words she could, but nothing seemed to ease Tyler. Then Wesley stepped outside, surprised by all the yelling, but he knew, she had told him. “Tyler,” Christine sobbed. “I’m sorry.” “Sorry?!?” Tyler shouted. “This is freakin insane! You’re crazy!” “Tyler,” Wes interrupted. “I’m not responsible for this. I’m not going to be blamed for this!”

  18. I wasn’t blaming you—I just—I just—

  19. Even with all her heart she couldn’t say the words, so Wes stepped in front of her, protecting her from his infuriated brother. Wesley tried to explain to him that some times things just happen, but the boy was too stubborn to listen. And Christine was tired of it. She ran down the stairs, shouting something like it didn’t matter; she would just kill herself. Wesley ran after her.

  20. “Chris—” his eyes melted into hers with apparent concern. “Don’t say things like that. I promise, everything’s going to be ok. You’ll see.” Even though, she couldn’t see it herself, she believed him. Wesley was always right, in some way. His hand was just as soft as his eyes and he wiped away the tears. Then he walked her home. “I suggest you use the best soap in the house to wash that mascara off, I know how much of a pain it can be.” he laughed, then his face fell serious. “Don’t worry about Tyler. Just do what’s best for you now, ok?” “I will.” she stammered.

  21. A few months have passed and Christine bulge keeps growing and she’s not excited about it. One of her worst fears is getting fat. The time has been rough for her. She lost Tyler and respect of her family. And of course, the baby keeps growing. At first Christine was going to wear big jackets and carry around a bunch of bags around to hide it like the movie stars do, but she decided, whatever.

  22. Even with swollen feet and an aching back the hardest part of the day was facing family time in the living room. Actually her little sister, Connie thought it was neat Christine was going to have a baby. Her parents did not. Their hostility grew with Christine’s belly, but they couldn’t help it. Their emotion was just too grand to hide. Trust that they would be harder on Connie more than ever.

  23. She had an escape though… …with Wes.

  24. She wasn’t sure what their relationship was—just really good friends or something more, but Christine was afraid to ask. He may have runaway. Nevertheless, She wondered if he cherished each moment like she did.

  25. But—she could never stay as long as she wanted, either she had doctor appointments or he had college interviews. However, it appeared that every time they parted it was becoming harder and harder for Wesley to leave Christine.

  26. However it came to that day, when Wesley was packing up and leaving for college. “Take care of your mom for me,” he said to the belly.

  27. “We will miss you!” Christine cried as she felt tears forming in her eyes. “Every thing’s going to be ok.” Wesley claimed. “I’ll call you when I get there.”

  28. It was months later, during family time. Christine was feeling very odd. Her contractions were starting to become outrageous! Connie, Christine’s little sister, started to giggled. “Christine peed herself!”

  29. “All right, everyone stay calm and let’s move to the car.” Amy said, panic trembling in her voice. “Honey,” A.J. sighed. “Let’s just go.”

  30. NOW!!!

  31. The delivery was horrible. Christine lost a tremendous amount of blood, losing conscious. The baby, which later they would call Carlos, was still born and had not completely developed within the womb. He did not survive. They were all scared that they were going to loose Christine as well, but the doctors prevailed in her survival. Amy did not know how she was going to deliver the news to her daughter about the baby. She hoped that she could be strong enough for her daughter.

  32. It had been a week since the delivery. Christine had not let her parents tell Wesley that she had had the baby. She wanted to tell him personally, but fear still captivated her soul as she dialed the numbers. He must have had night classes for he sounded so sleepy. Christine could not keep the news from him any longer, but she felt a wave a sadness pouring into her soul. “Are you all right?” he asked. “Do I need to come over?”

  33. Though Christine protested and pleaded with him on the phone, Wesley showed up at their doorstep several hours later, full of support. He stayed for hours, trying to cheer her up. They talked about his college, the upcoming prom, her music studies. Evidently, Wesley’s college had an excellent music and art program that he wanted Christine to consider as an option for when she was filling out college applications.

  34. Months and months passed, Wesley kept coming back to ensure that Christine concentrated on her studies and was positive. However, Christine was distracted by the very person trying to keep her preoccupied with other things. Of course, because they spending so much time with each other, they were becoming very close. Very close.

  35. Clara also came around often and stayed the night. They talked about many things, including Christine’s new improved relationship with Wesley. Her friend could definitely tell the change in mood of Christine. Christine decided that it came to many things. Wesley as a huge movement in her life. She wasn’t dropped out of high school, taking care of a baby. And, prom was next week.

  36. Prom—the day Christine had been waiting for since the beginning of the year. Clara and her spent all day doing each other’s hair and posing for the camera. When they got there some of the teachers were taking up the dance floor. It was both horrifying and hilarious.

  37. Christine pushed back the terrifying images of her dorky teachers dancing in the back of her head and concentrated on Wesley. She was so happy he was able to attend. Of course, he was also keeping her from doing something regretful to Clara, who decided it was ok to suddenly date Tyler. Christine could not believe her eyes when she saw them together arm-in-arm, lips-on-lips. It’s as if Tyler had never done anything hurtful to Christine!

  38. Their friend Aaron Faulkner decided he was going to be a loner that year. There was too much stress in trying to find a date. However, he had a front seat view of the lovely, Miss Isa, the new P.E. teacher.

  39. The band evidently decided there was too much tension in the air, so they decided to perform some slow music for the students to dance to. It was easier than Christine had predicted, to stay distracted from Clara and Tyler while Wesley was in her arms. He was everything she ever wanted and she had him. He smiled. “And, I have you.”

  40. Christine’s parents had taken Connie up to Amy’s parents house for the week so Wesley and her had the place to themselves. And, what do adolescences do when they’re home alone? Nevertheless, Wesley was never one to take advantage of anyone. “Are you sure?” he asked, seriously. Christine smiled. “Of course!”

  41. Wesley had become very jittery over the last few days of their week alone. After dinner, he finally stopped for a moment, hardly able to stand, or even breath, but his face was never without a smile. Christine’s eyes widened every centimeter he inched down on one knee. She knew he was serious.

  42. “Christine,” he began softly. “I only know of one great thing in my life and that is loving you. I can’t imagine a day without you and that smile of yours. It’s what I breath for, honey.” “Will you marry me?” Christine burst into tears and leaped into his arms. “Of course, Wesley, yes!”

  43. Of course, the week ended and Connie and her parents returned to their home. Christine was actually extremely nervous about revealing the news that early, but Wes insisted. It wasn’t something she should keep from her parents. A.J. was so happy he jumped up and embraced Wesley. Christine and the rest of the family were taken aback for a moment.

  44. Valerie and Garth, Wesley’s parents, were very fond of Christine. Valerie had once commented to Tyler that she was a keeper. She had been devastated at the outcome of their relationship, However, once Wes had told his mother that he was dating Christine, she could not shut up about how perfect the girl was. Tyler, of course, was not happy about it. Christine began to giggled as Wes turned to her with a wink. “Mom, Dad,” he began. “I asked Christine to marry me.” The parents were silent for a moment. “And she said yes.” Valerie almost wetted herself with so much excitement.

  45. The school year ended smoothly. High school was no more for Christine Jones. Wesley and her were getting married in a week. Everything was finally looking up for Miss Jones…soon to be Mrs. Villines. However, there was one annoyance that kept poking at Christine and that was the disloyalty of her friend. Christine could not take it anymore. She had to confront Clara and address her feelings of her relationship with Tyler.

  46. It was not handled how Christine wanted it to be. Clara just would not be convinced. Evidently, Tyler’s and hers relationship was too strong to break. And that was that… Best friends since coodies of elementary, puberty of junior high, and hardships of high school were no more.

  47. It was the night before the big day and Christine and Wesley had the place to themselves as her parents did last minute shopping. Wes had heard about Clara’s and Christine’s fight from a very annoyed Tyler. He congratulated his fiancée on job well done. “But he’s still bringing her as a date to the wedding.” Wes said. “Will that be a problem?” Christine shook her head. “Doesn’t matter to me.” she smiled. “After all, everyone’s going to be looking at me, even her.”

  48. “I love you.” he chuckled. “You better.” her grin widened. “Because you’re stuck with me after tomorrow.” “Hmm, so I can get rid of you now?” “Wesley!” she tried to move away, but he pulled her into a kiss. “I never want to be rid of you, Chris.” he said breathlessly.

  49. When it was time for Wes to leave, Christine could not let go. “Please stay,” she pleaded. “Please?” “Honey, you know the rule. The groom doesn’t see the bride until the carpet is rolled out and the wedding march played.” he kissed her good-night. “So I’ll see you then.”

  50. Honey, get some sleep.

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