darkness n.
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  1. Darkness FOCUS “a platform to act on our perceptions and have an extraordinary experience”

  2. INTERVENTION REQUIRED darkness alone will not resonate with people it is the items being used or a certain need at that point in time that allows darkness to become meaningful to people

  3. ROLES accentuate the beauty of light provision of a setting with the absence of light

  4. ACCENTUATE light beauty of light is further enhanced by darkness “fun to look at” “swirl, the sparkler will create a pattern” “the fire’s effect is magnified” “able to see sparklers more clearly”

  5. Absence of light provision of a setting with the absence of light “different experience” “suspense” “like a cloak” “afraid of the unknown” “mystical, mysterious” “evil, but addictive” “peaceful, calm, soothing” “use of other senses”

  6. directions

  7. Direction 1 FORBIDDEN PLAY insights THRILL OF THE FORBIDDEN “Everyone tells you its dangerous and stuff” SOCIAL ACTIVITY “they will set up a fire source at a certain area“ CRACKLING SOUNDS CONTRAST UNPREDICTABILITY CONTINUOUS FEEDING “mischievously burnt my grandpa’s plants with my cousins” WARMTH UTILITY

  8. Direction 1 FORBIDDEN PLAY CONCEPT essence of what makes fire and sparklers so enigmatic in the dark extrapolate it and inject these elements into a product safe and suitable for children

  9. Direction 1 FORBIDDEN PLAY PERSONA + TECHNOLOGY through the use of kinect, create play for adventurous children who are intrigued with fire

  10. Direction 2 animated darkness insights INTERACTION, FEEDBACK “shadow animals“ MOVEMENT SUSPENSE “the unknown” CONTROL MYSTERY, UNEXPECTED “on your toes”

  11. Direction 2 animated darkness CONCEPT building up suspense and excitement unexpected interaction and exploration of the darkness triggered by motion

  12. Direction 2 Animated darkness PERSONA + TECHNOLOGY people looking for excitement in their mundane lives experiencing motions of light using kinectto design a darkness interaction for personal use

  13. Direction 3 LUMOS insights FEAR OF THE UNEXPCTED “despite the advent of technology, people are still afraid of the dark” “evil” NEED OF SECURITY

  14. Direction 3 lumos CONCEPT alleviating fear through alternative focus

  15. Direction 3 lumos PERSONA + TECHNOLOGY people with fear of the dark using piezoelectricity to power the lights

  16. The end