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off the grid news

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Off The Grid News - Your best source of practical information on off the grid living and surviving today and in future times when life may not be as easy.

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off the grid news

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    1. OfftheGrid News

    2. Going Off The Grid Like many of the environmentalists living off grid back in the 70s and 80s, Hannah's primary purpose for going off grid was her concern for the good of the planet, according to Rosen. For most of those pioneers, living was a return to the pre-electricity age. For those like Hannah with the financial resources, off grid start-up costs took fifteen to twenty years for a return on investment to be realized.

    3. More about Off the Grid Living The most appealing aspect has been the decreasing cost of building an off grid home. One source reported that the cost of installing solar panels has dropped 80% in the past twenty years. In fact, according to Reuters' Rosen, solar panel manufacturing has grown a lot in past few years.

    4. Go Green by Off the Grid • With the advent of the Go Green movement, many Americans conserve energy by turning off lights in empty rooms, unplugging appliances not in use, driving less and shopping smarter. More farsighted citizens have gone further. They've gone off grid altogether and found ways to meet their own energy needs.

    5. Magic and the All-Powerful Sorcerer State • In the Book of Acts, we learn of some itinerant exorcists who had seen the apostle Paul cast out demons (19:13ff). Paul had banished the evil spirits “in the name of Jesus.” These wannabe exorcists saw and appreciated the effectiveness of Paul’s approach to exorcism. They wanted a piece of the action and decided to imitate his methods.

    6. Off the Grid Classifieds • Off The Grid Classifieds provides our readers with a friendly marketplace to buy, sell and trade goods and services. The smart grid has the ability to create new jobs as it opens up new market segments in power lines, communication technologies, smart meters, and related others.

    7. Living Off The Grid With Solar Power • The latest news in this field is that the time to easily 'solarize' your home is here and now and is no longer expensive. now anyone can get up and running with an absolutely free and unlimited home power supply. The ability to power your home with this clean energy source has long existed, but for most of us, the cost kept us from getting on board; there was no choice but to keep on with the status quo and buy all our electricity, while paying these high bills month-by-month.

    8. About off the grid homes • An off the grid house does not have to cost you a whole lot. With the help of a reasonably priced guide you can quite easily make your property or home self sufficient for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. One of the most challenging jobs is finding the main parts to work with to produce your own homemade renewable energy system.

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