small wind production l.
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solar wind

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solar wind

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    1. Small Wind Production Wind power solutions at home

    2. Demand of people against Wind Energy • High voltage usage • High electricity bills • Environmental violation • Over pollution • High health disorder rates With a growing demand in the world in order to be more than its bid, it is high time that we take concrete steps to save energy. In addition to being aware of the use of energy and water at home, you can use power solutions without pollution and cost-effectiveness in our homes. Solutions for solar and wind energy solutions are the two most effective solutions that can replace conventional power solutions used in our homes.

    3. Cost-effective wind power solution that you can employ at home. • You have a house or farm spread over a large area. In general, wind power solutions are employed in areas that spread over an acre. • The average wind speed in your area is about 11 miles per hour. If you stay in a place that has a little wind flow, your system will not work. Consult an expert before installing the wind power solution at home. • You need to draw water from external sources. You can install a wind energy system, even if you do not need to draw water from outside. However, if you need to draw water from outside on a regular basis, a wind energy system offers the best solution. • Your house needs a lot of uninterrupted power. Fight against power outages is easy with the systems without pollution wind energy. You need more to worry about a pause in your work because of power uncertainty.

    4. Resources for all solution • wind power system • Wind turbines • Turbines in Urban location • Small scale turbines

    5. Wind power system A system of wind power is typically composed of a tower and five blades to increase wind energy. The length of the wind tower varies depending on the location of your home. You may need a longer tower if you're in the area of light winds, you can work with a short round if you live near the beach. Using a wind generator, this wind energy can be converted into useful electrical energy to be used at home for running various electrical appliances. You can even store energy for later use, the construction of wind generators more efficient than convention power systems.

    6. Wind Turbines • Wind turbines have been used to produce electricity for households in conjunction with battery storage over many decades in remote areas. Household generators of more than 1 kW are now functioning in several countries. • To compensate for the variable output power, wind turbines connected to the network can use some sort of grid energy storage. Off-grid systems either adapt to intermittent power or use photovoltaic or diesel systems to supplement wind power.

    7. Wind Turbines in Urban locations • In urban areas, where it is difficult to obtain large amounts of wind energy, smaller systems may still be used to run low power equipment. Distributed power from rooftop mounted wind turbines can also alleviate power distribution problems, and provide resistance to power failures. Equipment such as parking meters or wireless internet gateways may be powered by a wind turbine that charges a small battery, replacing the need for grid connection and / or maintaining service despite possible network failures electric.

    8. Small scale turbines • Small scale turbines are available that are about 7 feet (2 meters) in diameter and produce 900 watts. The units are lightweight, eg 16 kg (35 pounds), allowing rapid response to wind gusts typical of urban settings and easy mounting much like a television antenna. It claims they are inaudible even a few feet below the turbine. Dynamic braking regulates the speed by dumping excess energy, so that the turbine continues to produce electricity even in high winds. The dynamic braking resistor can be installed inside the building to provide heat (during high winds when more heat is lost through the building, while more heat is also produced by the braking resistor).

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