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Up the Waterfall

Up the Waterfall. A Game Pitch By Juli Griffo. Quick Overview.

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Up the Waterfall

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  1. Up the Waterfall A Game Pitch By Juli Griffo

  2. Quick Overview • Up the Waterfall is a two dimensional, two player cooperative challenge game. Both players must work together in order to ascend on the pirate’s ship through the alien’s telekinesis to the top of the waterfall to rescue their friend from the ninja who is throwing heavy objects at them from above.

  3. Playable Characters:On Board the Nebulizer • Captain Blum – Pirate • Captain Blum can move the ship left or right • Can shoot falling objects with pirate gun • Cannot move ship while shooting objects • Master Nikolai – Alien • Master Nikolai makes the ship rise up the waterfall • Can block falling objects with small lightning burst • Cannot raise ship while blasting objects

  4. Non Playable Characters • Tokitozuka – Evil Ninja • Tokitozuka has kidnapped Rexie the dinosaur and imprisoned him in a cage with a large red release button nearby at the top of the waterfall • Tokitozuka throws various objects at the Nebulizer to try to stop Blum and Nikolai from saving Rexie

  5. Dino Damsel in Distress? • Rexie • Rexie cannot free himself from the cage because his arms are too short to reach the large red button that will free him • “My arms are too short!”

  6. Goals • Rescue each prisoner per level from Tokitozuka before time runs out • When time runs out and players have not released the prisoner, Tokitozuka disappears to the next level and now holds another hostage prisoner. • Rescuing each hostage within the time limit will give the passengers of the Nebulizer small bonuses to help along the way.

  7. How it Works • If one player is hit, both players share consequences: lives (health) • Both players must work together in order to make the Nebulizer ascend the waterfall unharmed.

  8. Link to Download: Full Game Treatment E-mail me at: jshmans@gmail.com

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