bg india s alignment to erdmp post emergency issues n.
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BG India’s Alignment to ERDMP (Post Emergency Issues) PowerPoint Presentation
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BG India’s Alignment to ERDMP (Post Emergency Issues)

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BG India’s Alignment to ERDMP (Post Emergency Issues) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BG India’s Alignment to ERDMP (Post Emergency Issues)
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  1. BG India’s Alignment to ERDMP (Post Emergency Issues) 28 February 2011 Colonel Deepak Bakshi, SM** (Retd)

  2. Legal notice Certain statements included in this presentation contain forward-looking information concerning BG Group’s strategy, operations, financial performance or condition, outlook, growth opportunities or circumstances in the countries, sectors or markets in which BG Group operates. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve uncertainty because they depend on future circumstances, and relate to events, not all of which are within BG Group's control or can be predicted by BG Group. Although BG Group believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove to have been correct. Actual results could differ materially from those set out in the forward-looking statements. For a detailed analysis of the factors that may affect our business, financial performance or results of operations, we urge you to look at the “Risk Factors” included in BG Group plc’s Annual Report and Accounts 2009. Nothing in these results should be construed as a profit forecast and no part of these results constitutes, or shall be taken to constitute, an invitation or inducement to invest in BG Group plc or any other entity, and must not be relied upon in any way in connection with any investment decision. BG Group undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

  3. Our Business in India BG India Upstream BG EPIL Midstream BG IES Downstream GGCL MGL Integrated gas chain player

  4. Terms of Reference – Plan Development • Aligning Existing System with ERDMP keeping in mind business related peculiarities • Ensuring post emergency effectiveness to the minutest details : • Least time of response • Clear responsibilities at all levels • Real Time passage of information from start to termination • Interfacing with all stakeholders before issuing final plan • Ensure process for capability and capacity building in years to come – Training, Exs and facility upgrade/maintenance • Ensuring incident management processes within control rooms simple but as per best practice – guidance on tools to be used for decision making, reference, logging

  5. Interlinked processes Activity Incident Management Emergency Response Recovery Preparedness EVENT Time

  6. BG India System

  7. Upgrades Plans • Incident Management Plan • Communication Plan basically covering media response and stakeholder management • Relative Response Plan • Emergency Response Plan Facilities • Central Control Rooms • Media Response Rooms • Relative Response Rooms • Emergency Control Centres Driven and managed by one point of contact to ensure seamless integration. BCP also managed by same point of contact

  8. Exercises and Training • Two desktop exercises • One fully simulated exercise • Four training sessions for all stakeholders

  9. Lessons Learnt During Complete Process • Legal and commercial reps need to be part of the Emergency Response organization • There is a need for one person be the SIC or any other designated OSC who needs to look inwards i.e. just managing the incident at site. There is ambiguity in this regard • There is a need to provide the CIC/SIC with simple but effective tools for supporting decision making/managing the functioning of their respective teams and to train them on the use • The term ECC being used at all levels creates ambiguity in communications and we need to differentiate between terminologies being used at each level • Process for establishing a working relationship with mutual aid members needs further working upon and elaboration in the ERDMP

  10. Challenges • Bringing down response time to a uniform level for all parts of the network • What would define an Incident? – difference between routine day to day complaints and actual emergency • Competency Assurance – Defining competency requirement parameters and assessing • Capacity building up to third alternates • Building redundancy into existing lines of communication – e.g. alternate means such as radio sets can provide dedicated communication lines with police control rooms – large gestation time for obtaining licenses

  11. To Conclude • A system is as Good as it Performs in a real situation • A Good system is one which does not rely on a few Good Men but one • which carries a few average men along with it • Stick to the basics • Do not leave any grey areas – no ‘JOGARD’ or ‘HO JAYEGA’ to be • accepted • Detailing is extremely important however keep it simple

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