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Litter, Illegal Dumping & Recycling Program

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Litter, Illegal Dumping & Recycling Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Litter, Illegal Dumping & Recycling Program. Washington State Parks Annual Case Study Report 2003 . Litter, Illegal Dumping and Recycling Program. 10 illegal dumps were cleaned up in FY 03 4 old large dumps

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litter illegal dumping recycling program

Litter, Illegal Dumping & Recycling Program

Washington State Parks

Annual Case Study Report


litter illegal dumping and recycling program
Litter, Illegal Dumping and Recycling Program

10 illegal dumps were cleaned up in FY 03

  • 4 old large dumps
  • 6 parks also removed car hulks, tires and other solid waste materials that would have attracted more illegal dumping if left alone.

In FY 03 we received $32,000 from the Department of Ecology (DOE); Parks matched these funds with over $50,000 in staff time and equipment used on the program.

litter illegal dumping and recycling program3
Litter, Illegal Dumping and Recycling Program
  • 5 parks added educational recycling programs following the model set at Fort Flagler
  • A few other parks have some recycling activity. Some parks have asked for help in replacing, upgrading and improving equipment in biennium 03-05
          • Pet Waste Disposal Program was given thousands of bags
          • Over $1,500 worth of plastic recycling-can bags was given to three parks
          • 30,000 vehicle litter bags were given to parks for staff and guests; a value of $2,000
airtek indoor educational recycling center
Airtek* Indoor Educational Recycling Center
      • Airtek * recycling system in use for 2 years at Fort Flagler
      • Also at Lewis & Clark, Fort Worden and Cornet Bay in 2003
  • * Airtek of Canada is the only manufacturer of this system
airtek outdoor containers
Airtek Outdoor Containers

Airtek outdoor recycling containers have been placed at Riverside, Lewis & Clark and Fort Worden in 2003


Fort Worden put a few 3 hole Airtek recycling centers into guest housesFort Flagler has used this simple household system for over 3 years

indoor container at fort flagler
Indoor Container at Fort Flagler

These units, which are made in the USA, use a simple design with labels on the inside of the lids

recycling systems at moran state park
Recycling Systems at Moran State Park
  • Moran has Waste Warrior outdoor equipment which uses buckets with no liners
    • Indoors, Moran uses unique Recycled Recycler units by Midpoint International, made of recycled plastic
litter illegal dumping program
Litter & Illegal Dumping Program

Case Studies of Dump Sites Cleaned-up in 2003

wallace falls
Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls in phase 1 removed over 30 hulks, 130 pieces

of old furniture, and over 200 tires; plus 10,000 pounds of

loose waste was taken to a landfill. In phase 2 they removed

6,000 more pounds of loose wastewith a vacuum truck.

miller peninsula
Miller Peninsula

Sequim Bay staff removed 10,000 pounds of waste, 12 hulks, and several tires and appliances in FY 03.

miller peninsula14
Miller Peninsula

Barrier trenches (on dirt roads or trails), that staff have built to keep people out, often had appliancesand old motor bike parts dumped in them. The Miller area is a magnet to littering/dumping.

nisqually mashel

Friends of The Trail billed Parks for only 7 hours, yet worked many more in partnership with park staff to clean up a large dump. Solid waste removed totaled 5,500 pounds, plus 7 hulks and over 100 tires.

nisqually mashel16

Illegal dumps clean-ups in parks often attract local media attention. That was the case for ShawnDouty at Federation Forest where the local paper ran a story on clean up in June 2003.

25 mile creek
25 Mile Creek

A historic dump, dating from the 1920 - 30’s, had not been used since the late 70’s when State Parks acquired the land. Site only found this past year in remote area by Ranger Dennis Mills.

25 mile creek18
25 Mile Creek

25,000 pounds of loose waste was removed, plus many bigger items like tires, hulks, appliances and other household trash.

25 mile creek19
25 Mile Creek

Big items removed included a 1920’s washer. The washer will stay at 25 Mile Creek SP, with flowers in it in front of the ranger station with an interpretive sign about the dump clean-up and reclamation.

25 mile creek20
25 Mile Creek

Ranger Dennis Mills plans to back fill the dump remains, cover them with top soil and seed with native plants. This completion of the project will be his Natural Resource Stewardship project in 2004.

recap litter illegal dumping
Recap - Litter, Illegal Dumping
  • Rangers from Wallace Falls and 25 Mile Creek both plan to use the restoration of these dump sites as the theme for their Natural Resource Stewardship projects.
  • With DOE funds, a total of 92,400 pounds of illegal dumps were removed from nine parks; plus two hulks buried in the sand were removed from the south beach area:

25 Mile Creek 25,000 pounds

Wallace Falls 17,000 pounds

Miller Peninsula 10,000 pounds

Deception Pass 10,000 pounds

Fort Flagler 9,500 pounds

Alta Lake 7,500 pounds

Nisqually-Mashel 6,000 pounds

Sacajawea 4,400 pounds

Green River Gorge 3,000 pounds

Fort Canby 2 hulks

recap recycling
Recap - Recycling
  • Fort Worden, Lewis & Clark, and Cornet Bay installed new Educational Recycling systems from Airtek
    • State Parks is currently working with Capital Industries, GA and other vendors to design recycling systems for use in parks with a standard design and labels for visitors to recognize
  • Riverside SP and Pearragin Lake SP also put in a recycling program in 2003 with DOE funds:
          • Pearragin purchased materials and designed and built their own collection center
          • Riverside purchased outside containers as well as office staff recycling units
summary litter illegal dumping and recycling program fy04 projects started
Summary Litter, Illegal Dumping and Recycling ProgramFY04 Projects Started …

Riverside State Park

  • Received funds in FY04 for an innovative approach to the problem of abandoned car oil; a $800 storage container has been ordered to save time and funds.
          • Tipping fees for Riverside’s August Centennial Trail clean up will be covered up to $1500; with local governments covering other costs
          • Fort Canby has asked for help on an annual big clean-up in September estimated at $1500; and local government will cover the balance
summary litter illegal dumping and recycling program
Funding from DOE for biennium 03-05 is $45,000


Litter & Illegal dump clean-up

Recycling programs expansion

State Parks field staff will help achieve these priorities:

Illegal dumps in parks will be reported and cleaned-up promptly.

A master list of all parks will be compiled in 2004 to identify and evaluate parks’ recycling programs. This information will help the agency understand and improve Litter and Recycling programs in future.

Summary Litter, Illegal Dumping and Recycling Program