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All Star Trading Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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All Star Trading Workshop

All Star Trading Workshop

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All Star Trading Workshop

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  1. All Star Trading Workshop Trading Skills… Your Most Valuable Form of Capital

  2. Pop Quiz

  3. How Did You NOT See This Coming???


  5. Nikkei The World’s Most Trusted Name in Professional Trader Education™ Since 1997

  6. How Did We Create Our Trading Education? The World’s Largest Trading Lab

  7. National Centers National Centers

  8. Dubai, UAE

  9. Vancouver, Canada

  10. Toronto, Canada

  11. London, England

  12. Dublin, Ireland

  13. Singapore

  14. Mumbai, India

  15. Jakarta, Indonesia

  16. Just a Few of Our Trading Partners… World’s Most Trusted Name In Professional Trader Education Since 1997

  17. They Did The Research For You… NASDAQ PRESS RELEASE "Online Trading Academy is the premier independent educational resource for the active trading community. They are really more than just an online content provider, they are a strategic ally.“ Bill O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Market Data Distribution, NASDAQ. NYSE PRESS RELEASE Online Trading Academy and NYSE Liffe US to Present “Gold from a Traders Perspective” and “How to Trade Gold and Silver in Uncertain Economic Times” at LA Traders Expo.” CME PRESS RELEASE Online Trading Academy Announces New Futures Trading Resource Center with Content from CME Group “Online Trading Academy will work cooperatively with CME Group to deliver futures trading education via All Star trader events in cities including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and via outreach to their global community of traders and investors.”

  18. SMX signs agreement with Online Trading Academy By Jonathan Peeris Posted: 22 February 2011 SINGAPORE: The Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX) has signed an agreement with the Online Trading Academy (OTA), a global financial markets educator. Under the agreement, OTA will be a Preferred Education Partner for SMX members to access world-class trading and investment training through the expansion of OTA's specialist services tailored around SMX products.

  19. Our Award Winning V.P. of Education We are pleased to announce that Sam Seiden, our Vice President of Education, has won every category in which he was nominated for the, Forex Best Awards for 2011: Best Educational Content: "Lessons From the Pros", Weekly piece by Sam Seiden at Online Trading Academy Best Educator: Sam Seiden Best Webinar: "Identifying High Probability Turning Points" by Sam Seiden “I am so honored that I was nominated for not just one, but multiple categories,” said Seiden. “The Best Educator of the Year award has exciting implications for Online Trading Academy, because it shows that we really do have experts giving people the top-notch quality of education that they need to succeed in trading.”

  20. Retail v.s. Wholesale EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING IS…. WRONG!

  21. GOLDMAN SACHS Goldman Sachs

  22. The Inside Market In 2007 Goldman Sachs did $46 Billion USD in Revenue…65% of that came from DAY TRADING!!!

  23. Market Myths • Buy and Hold is safe • Day trading is gambling • Double tops, doji’s, head and shoulders, Etc… • Volume and confirmation crucial to any good trade • 5-10% a year is a good return on your investment • Brokers have your best interests at heart • Short Selling is dangerous and confusing • Fundamentals are more important than Charts • Margin is dangerous • Education is expensive

  24. YEAR 1 $25,000 100 shares $100/day 250 tr days $25,000 YEAR 2 $50,000 200 shares $200/day 250 tr days $50,000 YEAR 3 $100,000 400 shares $400/day 250 tr days $100,000 $200,000


  26. Retail vs Wholesale The Untrained 98% • Non Direct Access (etrade, ameritrade, scottrade) • Buy and hold • Dollar Cost Avg. Down • Diversify • Buy Long • Fundamentals • Don’t Time the Markets • Predict • Long Term • Isolated • Make 10% of the Money The Trained 2% • Direct Access Platform (tradestation) • Pick Entry and Exit • Cut Losers Off • Specialize • Short • Technicals • Time the Markets • React • Multiple Time Frames • Trading Community • Make 90% of the Money

  27. The Choice is Yours! Most people are not even qualified to make an educated decision on whether they should even be in the market! • Keep doing what you’re doing…..insanity. • Change (get educated) • QUIT!!

  28. Our Job……Your Hobby!

  29. America the Beautiful Could you buy and hold in this market? Did you need to be educated in this market? Did you need to actively manage this market?

  30. America…The New Normal! Can you buy and hold in this market? Do you need to be educated in this market? Do you need to actively manage this market? THEN WHY AREN’T YOU?

  31. Jan 2008

  32. Now What?

  33. STI INDEX……

  34. NASDAQ

  35. Nikkei The World’s Most Trusted Name in Professional Trader Education™ Since 1997

  36. What We Do • Teach you in a 7 day Live Trading course, and allow you to trade our accounts while you are learning. • Have a Maximum of 20 Students in a class, so you can ask questions, interact and build a network of traders to communicate with after you graduate • Offer you Free retakes FOR LIFE at any of our 35+ global centres • Provide you with a team of phenominal traders to follow and learn from daily (XLT), to ensure your learning and profits continue far beyond the class! • Give you the tools and skills you need, to gain the control and freedom you desire, allowing you to live a more comfortable lifestyle, now and into retirement!

  37. Baby Boomers near 65 with retirement in jeopardy!!!!!! • The traditional pension plan is disappearing. In 1980, some 39 percent of private-sector workers had a pension that guaranteed a steady payout during retirement. Today that number stands closer to 15 percent, according to the Employee benefit Research Institute in Washington, D.C. • Reliance on stocks in retirement plans is greater than ever; 42 percent of those workers now have 401(k)s. But the past decade has been a lost one for stocks, with the Standard & Poor's 500 index posting total returns of just 4 percent since the beginning of 2000 • Many retirees banked on their homes as their retirement fund. But the crash in housing prices has slashed almost a third of a typical home's value. Now 22 percent of homeowners, or nearly 11 million people, owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. Many are boomers. • Some 51 percent of early boomer households, headed by those ages 55 to 64, face a retirement with lower living standards, according to a 2009 study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. • The personal savings rate — the amount of disposable income unspent — averaged close to 10 percent in the 1970s and `80s. By late 2007, the rate had sunk to negative 1 percent. • Mortgage Debt. Nearly two in three people age 55 to 64 had a mortgage in 2007, with a median debt of $85,000.

  38. Baby Boomer Trouble Continued…. • Social Security: Nearly 3 out of 4 people file to claim Social Security benefits as soon as they're eligible at age 62. That locks them in at a much lower amount than they would get if they waited. • The monthly checks are about 25 percent less if you retire at 62 instead of full retirement age, which is 66 for those born from 1943 to 1954. If you wait until 70, your check can be 75 to 80 percent more than at 62. So, a boomer who claimed a $1,200 monthly benefit in 2008 at age 62 could have received about $2,000 by holding off until 70. • Medical Costs. Health care expenses are soaring, and the availability of retiree benefits is declining • A 55-year-old man with typical drug expenses needs to have about $187,000 just to cover future medical costs. That's if he wants to be 90 percent certain to have enough money to supplement Medicare coverage in retirement, the EBRI said. Because of greater longevity, a 65-year-old woman would need even more to cover her health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket health expenses: an estimated $213,000 • Employment: Boomers both need and want to work longer than previous generations. But unemployment is near 10 percent, and many have lost their jobs. • The average unemployment period for those 55 and older was 45 weeks in November. That's 12 weeks longer than for younger job-seekers. It's also more than double the 20-week period this group faced at the beginning of the recession in December 2007.

  39. The Sad Truth! • "If you have a crisis where the adverse consequences are immediately clear, then people understand that they have to do something," Webb says. "When the consequences will be felt 20 or 30 years in the future, the temptation is that we kick the can down the road." • As a result, he believes many won't change their behavior. • For less affluent boomers, it won't take that long to feel the pain of poor planning. Concerns about financial trouble will hang over many of those 65th birthday celebrations in 2011. • Many seem to view their plight through rose-colored granny glasses. An AARP survey last month of boomers turning 65 next year found that they worry no more about money than they did at age 60 — before the recession or the collapse of home prices. But in an acknowledgement of reality, 40 percent said they plan to work "until I drop."

  40. Price of Ignorance How much money did you lose in 2008 crash? $1,000+ $5,000+ $10,000+ $25,000+ $50,000+ $100,000+ And they say education is expensive.

  41. Pro Trader Tuition: $6990 Includes: 7 Day Intensive Hands-on Training Free Monthly Community support groups Lessons from the Pros Newsletters Virtual classrooms to view from home every week Personal Dedicated Support from an OTA Trader Coach!!! OTA’s Daily Stock Picks Re-takes .. Unlimited, Lifetime, Any Location Free commissions for in-class trades Trade Live in class with OTA money FULL TUITION REIMBURSEMENT THROUGH TRADING PARTNERS!


  43. Trading & Analysis XLT Stocks

  44. Trading & Analysis XLT Stock

  45. XLT – Extended Learning TrackGoals of the XLT Program • Learn and implement strategies for intraday, swing and position trading • Use trading support tools to understand where the market is going • Scan the market for low risk/high reward opportunities • Trade specific setups and order flow during a variety of market conditions in order to fine-tune your timing

  46. XLT – Extended Learning TrackBenefits of the XLT Program • All sessions are recorded and archived for viewing at your convenience • Stay up-to-date on current market conditions and changes in technology, trends and news releases • We hold you accountable to your trading plan • Imagine being able to take one of our Master Traders home with you each day, and have him analyze the LIVE market with you, as it is moving!

  47. The Price of Hand Holding How much would you pay to have a Professional Trader with you, guiding you through the market, trading live in front of you, and letting you inside their head for the rest of your life? How much would you pay per hour?

  48. XLT – Extended Learning Track Interactive Daily Online Instruction Lifetime Learning Option $11,500 Total Tuition

  49. What is Your True Investment? If you just use this for 1 year: $11,500 / 336 hours this year = $34.22/hr If you use this for the next 10 years: $11,500/ 3,360 hours = $3.42/hr Is a lifetime of mentoring from a professional trader worth giving up a cup of coffee a day?