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Mobile Media and Communications

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Mobile Media and Communications. COM 597 Kelly McIvor January 14, 2009 Mobile Media and Communications. Week 1 Reading Assignment Discussion Mobile Content End-User Survey Findings:

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mobile media and communications
Mobile Media and Communications

COM 597

Kelly McIvor

January 14, 2009

mobile media and communications1
Mobile Media and Communications

Week 1 Reading Assignment Discussion

Mobile Content End-User Survey


  • Social Network Mobile Subscribers were twice as likely to be regular users of mobile Internet services as Mobile Subscribers.
  • In the Mobile Subscribers survey group, 65% of subscribers reported sending or receiving text messages (or both) once a month or more, versus 88% of the Social Networking Mobile Subscriber group
  • Nearly twice as many Social Network Mobile Subscribers (44%) were users of mobile email compared to the Mobile Subscriber group (23%).
  • 52% of Social Network Mobile Subscribers listened to music on their mobile phones once a month or more, and 23% among the Mobile Subscribers group did.
mobile media and communications2
Mobile Media and Communications

Week 1 Reading assignment Discussion

  • Rita: 1. Why is SMS/MMS no longer useful (according to the survey)?
  • 2. Is there a specific sector/group that would find this survey helpful, or is it too general?
  • Roni: 2. What will it take for mobile subscribers, particularly demographics that don’t adopt technology quickly, to embrace the mobile phone as more than just a phone?
  • Aaron: 1. What are the major factors behind the average mobile users’ limited acceptance of mobile device potential?
  • 2. What tactics could the mobile industry use to counter these obstacles?
mobile media and communications3
Mobile Media and Communications

Week 1 Reading assignment Discussion

  • Amy: 1. The survey reported ¾ of the Social Networking mobile users to be between 18 and 29. How does this compare with non-mobile Social Networking users (i.e. online), and is this trend expected to go up as mobile technology becomes more like a standard web experience, and less of a ‘techy’ experience?
  • Raquel: Why is Internet access in mobile phones so expansive in the United States?
mobile media and communications4
Mobile Media and Communications

Week 1 Reading assignment Discussion

  • Bonnie:1. Will particle marketing have the same impact on mobile communications as it’s had on traditional Internet advertising and is now having on social networking sites?
  • 3. What does “promoting mobile content on online social network sites” really mean? How do we define mobile content in a time when mobile devices are, by company, “islands unto themselves?”
mobile media and communications5
Mobile Media and Communications

Grading15...Participation - Blogging, questions25...Homework #1 - Analysis of a Mobile Media Campaign25...Group Presentations - Special Topics In Mobile35...Final project - A Mobile Integration Plan

mobile media and communications6
Mobile Media and Communications

In-class Group Project

  • Group 4 - Disney
  • Group 3 - Google
  • Group 2 - Cosmo Girl/Seventeen
  • Group 1 - CNN
mobile media and communications7
Mobile Media and Communications

In-class Group Project

  • Discuss the scope of the mobile aspects (SMS, WAP, Web, App)
  • How does one interact/engage/sign-up for the content?
  • Who pays for the service? The user? An Advertiser?
  • Describe the experience on your phone(s)
  • What would you change? Why?
Mid-Term Individual Homework

Format: Written, Mixed Media

Length: 3-5 Pages

Cite all references

Conept: Analysis of an existing mobile media program

  • Discuss the scope of the mobile aspects (SMS, WAP, Web, App)
  • How does one interact?
  • Who is the target user?
  • How might we find out about the mobile program/opportunity (web, TV, radio, etc)? How is the mobile part of the program exposed?
  • What 'press' exists about the mobile program and, in your opintion, is it truly newsworthy? Was PR picked up by any press? Any word from the blogosphere or Internet in general?
  • What is the relationship between mobile and non-mobile? Do they compliment each other? Are they totally separate? (note this will likely require an examination of the company's non-mobile media)
  • Who pays for the service? The user? An Advertiser?
  • What parts of the mobile and mobile marketing ecosystems are involved?
  • What was your experience on your phone?
  • Does the mobile program make sense overall? Why are some things 'mobile' and others not? Why or why not?
  • What would you change? Why?
Final Project

Format: MultiMedia or MultiMedia Mix

Length: As long as it takes

Concept: Create a fictitious media company and show an integrated mobile/non-mobile strategy.

Guidance: Use the questions below to guide your strategy. What are all the media involved, mobile and non-mobile?What makes the mobile portion compelling? Are you trying to reach across time and/or space to get/give mobile access to the user?What justifies the associated development costs?Who are the key players in the mobile ecosystem?What are the main challenges in putting the program together? (content development? Connection to the ecosystem?)How will the program gain exposure? How will people find out about it?How will you know it has been successful (or not!)?

mobile content
Mobile Content

What do people do with their phones?

mobile content1
Mobile Content


  • Ringtones
    • Polyphonic
    • True-tone/Master Tone
    • Side-loaded
    • Try This
mobile content2
Mobile Content


  • Answertones/Ringback Tones
  • Wallpaper
    • Downloaded
    • Camera-phone
mobile content3
Mobile Content


  • Peer to Peer
  • Alerts
  • Chat
  • On-Demand
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Voting
  • Polling
mobile content4
Mobile Content


  • Downloaded
  • Casual
  • Female
  • Pre-loaded
  • Networked
  • SMS
  • Trivia
mobile content5
Mobile Content

MMS, Photos, videos

  • Peer to peer
  • Wallpaper
  • Peer to App
  • WAP/Internet
  • Side-load
mobile content6
Mobile Content

Streaming Media

  • Music
  • On-Demand Video
    • Mobisodes vs. Full length
  • From video app (eg. MobiTV)
  • From WAP page
  • Mobile Cam
  • Broadcast
mobile content7
Mobile Content

Mobile banking, payments

  • Mobile Proximity using RFID,Integrated Ciruitry and stored data
  • Internet/WAP
  • Text Messaging
  • Premium SMS
mobile content8
Mobile Content

Social networking

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Bebo
  • Dodgeball
  • Twitter
  • What is a social network?
mobile content9
Mobile Content

Location-based services

  • Downloaded applications
  • Social Net
  • Service Finder
  • Mapping/Directions
  • GPS Chipset
  • Operator Network data
mobile content10
Mobile Content

Internet/WAP (Mobile Browse)

  • Content
    • CNN
    • Disney
  • Applications
    • Facebook
    • Google
mobile content11
Mobile Content

Mobile Marketing

  • One or more of the other content types
  • SMS
  • WAP
  • Full site
  • Banner ads
  • MMS