crime prevention n.
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Crime Prevention

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Crime Prevention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crime Prevention
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  1. Crime Prevention

  2. prevention

  3. police are committed to preventing crime and this is a focus of this session

  4. How they prevent • The police are committed to preventing crime. • They are often present where a large crowd is gathered, such as at a sporting event. • They regularly patrol the streets on foot, on motorbikes or in police cars. • They offer a number of services to the public to assist in the prevention of crime, such as the emergency number 000 for when someone believes a crime is about to be committed (or has been committed) and police attendance is required.

  5. Neighbourhood Watch & Crime Stoppers • The police support the Neighbourhood Watch program, which offers extra protection to people’s homes by means of a community awareness and reporting program carried out by volunteers in the area. • The Crime Stoppers program increases public awareness of crimes that are committed and helps the police to find suspects.

  6. Community protection • The police endeavour to protect the community by enforcing laws such as those against vandalism, theft and assault. They are available to assist in a variety of ways.

  7. Police protection of the community

  8. Key Questions • Explain two responsibilities of the police. • How do the police help to prevent crime? • Explain two ways that the police protect the community. • Explain in 100 words if you think the police are given enough powers to prevent crime and protect the community

  9. Internet Investigation Using the internet you are to investigate the role of Victoria Police protective service officers and answer the following questions. • What is the role of protective services officers? • Do protective services officers (PSOs) have the same powers as police? • Where are PSOs used? • What training does a PSO undertake?