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Crime Prevention

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Crime Prevention. By Laurie Bronson. Crime Statistics Crime Prevention At Home Exercising or Outdoors Parking Sexual Assault Purse Snatch ATM Vacation. Protection Tools If you are a victim of crime. Summary Questions ?. Learning Objectives. Some Crime Statistics.

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crime prevention

Crime Prevention

By Laurie Bronson

learning objectives
Crime Statistics

Crime Prevention

At Home

Exercising or Outdoors


Sexual Assault

Purse Snatch



Protection Tools

If you are a victim of crime.


Questions ?

Learning Objectives
some crime statistics
Some Crime Statistics
  • In 2004, 18.5 million property crimes were reported in the US.
  • Every 4.2 minutes a sexual crime is committed.
  • 80% of rape victims are under the age of 40.
  • 91% of sexual assault victims are women.
  • 32% of rape victims are treated for other serious injuries from the attack.
  • 12% of murder victims were killed by their spouse.
at home
At Home
  • Keep doors and windows locked.
  • Don’t open the door to a stranger, use a window, peep hole or don’t answer at all.
  • Never let a stranger in for any reason.
  • Only let a service person in if you are expecting one & confirm they are who they say they are with the company sending them.
  • If something odd is happening, let the police investigate it for you.
exercise outdoors
Exercise & Outdoors
  • Avoid being out alone or after dark.
  • Stay in well lit, populated areas.
  • Be aware of people & activities around you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable cross the street, change direction or enter a business.
  • If someone in a car asks for directions, time or a phone, keep your distance and direct them elsewhere.
  • Park in a well lit, populated area.
  • Have keys ready & keep hands free.
  • Look around you, in and under your car as well as the cars near yours.
  • If someone is sitting in the car near yours, get in the other side.
  • If someone approaches get to safety immediately.
  • Walk out with someone.
  • Lock doors and close windows when in the car.
sexual assault
Sexual Assault
  • If uncomfortable with a person or location, leave immediately.
  • Tell someone where you are going and who you will be with.
  • Know where the nearest police station & hospital are.
  • Walk with confidence, direction & a steady pace, don’t be a venerable target.
  • Check your local sex offender registry.
  • Stay in well populated, well lit areas.
  • Be prepared in case you are approached.
purse snatch
Purse Snatch
  • If possible don’t carry a purse.
  • Carry a small, discrete purse under your arm or a coat.
  • Don’t set the purse down, leave in a shopping cart or any accessible place.
  • Keep the minimal amount of cash, credit cards and valuables in the purse.
  • In case of a robbery, know what was in the bag so you know what to report and cancel.
  • Avoid ATM’s after dark, if someone is parked near by or lurking to closely.
  • Avoid places a thief could be hiding.
  • Put your cash away as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you are not being followed.
  • At a drive up ATM, keep all doors locked and windows closed.
  • Use ATM’s inside the bank, grocery store or mall.
  • Make your home look as lived in as possible.
  • Have your mail and paper stopped while you are gone.
  • Don’t broadcast your plans.
  • Have a friend house sit or check on the house.
  • Turn down the phone ringer, an unanswered phone is a huge give away.
  • Have your lawn mowed, so it looks like you are home.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to occasionally park in the driveway or move a car around.
self protection tools
Self Protection Tools
  • Your brain
  • Take a self-defense course or enlist in a form of martial arts.
  • Dogs
  • Car and home alarms
  • Yell fire, blow a whistle or merely scream
  • Pepper Spray or MASE
  • Improvised weapons
  • Stun Guns and Tasers  
  • Firearms

* Carefully consider the tools you choose to use. Are you willing and able to actually use it? Also keep your tool of choice in an easily accessible place to use at a moments notice.

if you are a victim of crime
If you are a victim of crime:
  • Get to safety immediately.
  • Report the crime as soon as possible.
  • Write down everything you can remember as soon as possible to report to the police.
  • If needed seek medical attention.
  • Seek support from family, friends or a therapist.
  • Stay up to date with the investigation of the crime committed against you.
  • Contact your local crime victims association.
  • Know your rights.
in summary
In Summary
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be prepared just in case.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Fight back, don’t go freely.
  • Better Safe than Sorry!
  • Be Prepared (take classes, tools & have a plan)
  • Stay educated on current & common crimes in your area.
  • Know what you are would do. Be realistic!

Questions ?

* For more information please see the handout provided.