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  1. MIDDLE EAST EXPERIENCE Jana Hybáškováand her personal experience

  2. BEFORE YOU WATCH THINK ABOUT ITDiscuss and share your answers to these questions • What kinds of jobs do you think only women are suited for? • If you were the first woman in a particular profession or department, what would your challenges be? • What do you know about the culture, government, and social conditions in Kuwait? • What kinds of communication skills are important to be aware of when a non-Arab woman is working, living, or travelling in the Middle East?

  3. BEFORE YOU WATCH KEY WORDS/ PHRASESHow do you understand the following words orphrasesthat you will hear in the video? Discuss. encourage diplomat empower Middle East embassies ambassador election rights Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  4. LISTENING COMPREHENSION WHILE YOU WATCH Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE? 1) Jana spent a short time in some Middle East countries. 2) Her first job was in the former Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior. 3) She was the first woman that worked in the Czech Middle East department. 4) In Kuwait, according to the structure of the Arabic language, the position of Ambassador cannot be performed by a woman. 5) People called her Miss Jana. 6) Her mission is to empower and encourage other women to break through gender barriers. 7) Jana helped to make a significant change in the Kuwaiti voting system.

  5. PHRASES FROM THE VIDEOMatch the beginning and final parts of these sentences AFTER YOU WATCH to share with you I´m not he-diplomat, I am I had a privilege to in 2003 Kuwaiti women I made public appearance chairman of Kuwaiti Parliament supported the question came with Kuwaiti Parliament negotiated twice nominated to be Czech Ambassador to Kuwait and Qatar quotas, or the election right for women my practical experience andexperiences “diplomatka”- she-diplomat spend almost half of my life voting right for women our ID card to enter Foreign Ministry did not get voting right and spoke to him


  7. FEMININE AND MASCULINE In English some jobs have both masculine and feminine versions, but some use the same word for both genders. Find which of these jobs can have also a different feminine version: policeman, actor, waiter, scientist, tailor, teacher, steward, author, forman, handyman, doorman, postman, barman, workman

  8. ASK JANAWork in small groups and think of at least four issues you could ask Jana about in her Middle East experience ? ? ? ?


  10. RECALLWatch the video once more and afterwards fill in the gaps So, good morning, ladies and gentleman; good morning, friends. My name is Jana Hybášková, and I was asked to… I don´t know, to ______________ you or to ask you to encourage me. And in my reading, since I see majority of us here are women today, I think that basically we have to encourage each other. So this is the reason why I am here and I hope this is the reason why you are here today. My _________ speaking today won´t be easy because Petra basically mentioned some kind of 80% of what I have prepared for today. So, this 20% allows me to use more time to share with you my practical experience and experiences. My kind of a strange position towards empowering women starts with the fact that my official graduation - I´m a _____________Islamist and as well graduated in Arabic studies and the Middle-eastern studies, so I had a privilege to spend almost half of my life in different Middle-eastern countries. The whole about men and women started for me in the year 1990 with my first job application to than Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign ___________. As an Arabist, of course, I applied for position in the Middle East department and I was told that there never had been any women working in the Middle East department. OK, I was admitted and the question came with our ID _________ to enter Foreign Ministry – diplomat, which means he-diplomat. And I said that I´m not he-diplomat, I am “diplomatka”- she-diplomat. Well, this does not exist in the Czech language. It was in 1990. Then I spent seven years heading the Middle East Department, being ______________ for almost 22 embassies and 420 more men than women working in the Middle East Department of the Czechoslovak and Czech Foreign Ministry. And the whole story repeated itself in the year 2002 when I was nominated to be Czech ___________ to Kuwait and Qatar. And when I came to Kuwait, only then I realized that I was ever first lady in any official position in that country. So, first of all – Madame Ambassador – Mister Ambassador, the very clear reading in Arabic language of Kuwaiti diplomatic protocol was “…..”, which means the function cannot and must not have a female version. So I was “….”, which means Mister Ambassador, than translated of course into English – Mister Ambassador and, of course, than translated into - Mister Jana. So, you see me here, I spent two years as Mister Jana, sitting at the embassy balcony, driver came, rang the bell:”I have a letter for Mister Jana” – “Yes, this is me, thank you very much,” a plenty of very comical situations. When I was _________ in Kuwait, Kuwaiti Parliament negotiated twice quotas, or the election right for women. And in the first round it was the ____________ of Kuwaiti Parliament, Mr. Huvaizi ,himself a billionaire, who by his one own vote stopped the law. So, in 2003 Kuwaiti women did not get voting right. So I use all my power being the only sole Mr. Female who ever whatsoever, and I made public appearance and spoke to him. And when I was leaving in 2004 Mr. Huvaizi, of Kuwaiti Parliament supported voting ___________ for women which was one of the _________which can be done.