the five themes of geography n.
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The Five Themes of Geography

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The Five Themes of Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Five Themes of Geography. Insert image(s) for Title Slide. Today:. Israel's Sharon returns home to violence.

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the five themes of geography

The Five Themes of Geography

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Israel's Sharon returns home to violence

As Ariel Sharon headed home on Thursday from his first trip to the United States since becoming Israel's prime minister, fierce fighting between Israelis and Palestinians flared across volatile Gaza.


Israeli forces kill Gazan Palestinian

Sharon expresses regret for death of Palestinian baby

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Bus attack kills at least 8 Israelis

arafat and the plo
Arafat and the PLO

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The Five Themes of Geography

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Images can be found at:

absolute location
Absolute Location
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Use a large city nearby or estimate

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relative location
Relative Location
  • Where is it in relation to other important things?

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  • “All places have characteristics that give them meaning and character and distinguish them from other places on earth. “

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human environment interaction
Human Environment/Interaction

“…the effects—positive and negative—that occur when people interact with their surroundings …”

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“Sometimes a human act, such as damming a river to prevent flooding or to provide irrigation, requires consideration of the potential consequences”

Sasa Kibutz

sasa kibutz
Sasa Kibutz
  • The economic branches of the Kibbutz are comprised of:1. Agriculture- The orchards - fruit growing, mainly apples but also plums, kiwi, and assorted varieties.- Avocado orchards and other fruits in the Huleh valley.- Poultry.- Dairy- Cattle.- Field crops.2. Industry- Plasan - A factory manufacturing prouducts that are capable of withstanding ammunition, for human protection and for vehicles.- Sasa-tech - A factory that products cleansing materials and protective substances, such as kitchen soaps and powders, cleaning fluids and sprays against rust, etc.3. TourismVacationing in the Clouds - 24 vacation apartments plus 24 rooms in a hostel setup, a guest-house in the pleasant environment of the cool Galilean hills.

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Irrigated land

  • “People interact with other people, places, and things almost every day of their lives. They travel from one place to another; they communicate with each other; and they rely upon products, information, and ideas that come from beyond their immediate environment”

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movement 2
Movement (2)

The history of Israel is a history of movement.

  • Prisoners in Egypt
  • Journey Home
  • Diaspora
  • Reclaiming Israel in 1948
  • Palestinian settlements

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