In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t C hief Joseph want to fight? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

in i will fight no more forever why doesn t c hief joseph want to fight n.
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In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t C hief Joseph want to fight? PowerPoint Presentation
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In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t C hief Joseph want to fight?

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In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t C hief Joseph want to fight?
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In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t C hief Joseph want to fight?

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  1. In “I will fight no more forever” Why doesn’t Chief Joseph want to fight? His men are dead His people have no food and no blankets His misses his family All the above

  2. Who is the author of “to Walt Whitman” ? Langston Hughes Walt Whitman Angela De Hoyos None of the above

  3. From my bondage and my freedom is.. Fiction Non Fiction

  4. Why is the whitewash scene from Tom Sawyer funny? Because he painted the fence He broke the fence He got someone else to paint the fence for him He painted it the wrong color

  5. In “To Build a Fire” what animal almost gets killed? Dog Cat Bird Giraffe

  6. What is a common theme in Emily Dickinson’s works? Death Hope Love Nature

  7. In “A Wagner Matinee” where is Clark’s Aunt Georgina coming from? Nebraska Florida Boston Connecticut

  8. In Richard Corey what is his social class? Rich Poor Middle Class None of the above

  9. What are two common themes in Hughes Poetry? Nature Love Freedom A & C

  10. Which following choice is NOT a description of Richard Corey? • Gentleman • Rich • Suave • Unkempt

  11. What was the reason for Georgiana to go to the matinee? • For her love of music • Because Clark was bored • To play the piano • To make her distracted

  12. Why did the man almost kill the dog? • To warm his hands • To get rid of the dog • To sacrifice the dog • To get it’s fur for money

  13. What kind of piece was Richard Corey • Naturalism • Realism • Transcendentalism • Romanticism

  14. What groups did Whitman leave out in his poems? • African Americans & Hispanics • Germans & Russians • Italians & Irish • Americans & Slaves

  15. What type of literary style did Emily Dickinson reflect? • Romanticism • Transcendentalism • Naturalism • None of the above

  16. How many of Emily Dickinson’s poems were published in her time? • All of them • One • Seven • None

  17. Why was it funny that Tom had to white was the Fence? • he was suppose to wash the fence as a punishment; instead he tricked other people into doing it • He got paint all over himself • He spilt the paint on his aunt

  18. Who raised Clark • His aunt raised him • He raised himself because he had no one else • A hockey team

  19. Why Did Clarks aunt move to Nebraska in the first place? • She wanted to raise cows • She fell in love and moved their with her man • They have lower taxes

  20. I Will Fight No More Forever • What was the consequence of the fighting? • Deaths in the tribe • No food or blankets • People freezing • All of the above

  21. I, Too • Where would the narrator be when the company comes the next day? • The kitchen • The living room • The table • His bedroom

  22. When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom • Who died? • Thomas Jefferson • George Washington • Abraham Lincoln • John F. Kennedy

  23. To Build a Fire • Where was the man trying to walk to? • Home • School • Work • His claim

  24. A Wagner Matinee • Where was the farm located? • Boston • Nebraska • Connecticut • Texas

  25. Richard Corey • What were the qualities of Richard Cory? • Tall • Rich • Admired • All of the above

  26. When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer • What was the noise when he looked at the stars? • Silent • Loud • Soft • Medium

  27. In which story did a women mourn about her lost love of music? • Richard Corey • A Wagner Matinee • To Build A Fire • Because I Could Not Stop For Death

  28. In “I, Too” by Hughes, what is he saying about America? • America is a melting pot • Everyone is treated equally • Some people/races are discriminated against • America is beautiful

  29. What form of literature is “To Build A Fire” by London ? • Romanticism • Realism • Transcendentalism • Naturalism

  30. What makes Dickenson’s style of writing strange? • She writes about love in a depressing period • Her poems are all about death or suffering, but they do not rhyme • Her poems are generally upbeat and cheerful • She writes about historic events in America

  31. The character Aunt Georgiana is from what story? • “A Wagner Matinee” • “Richard Corey” • “Tom Sawyer” • “The Soul Selects Her Own Society”

  32. Which author writes the story about a boy who tricks other children into doing his work? • Jack London • Willa Cather • Frederick Douglas • Mark Twain

  33. Which story includes an animal? • “To Build A Fire” • “To Walt Whitman” • “Water is Taught by Thirst” • “My Bondage and my Freedom”

  34. What is a major theme in Emily Dickenson’s Poetry? • Death • Love • The Afterlife • Royalty • All of the Above • A and C • B and D

  35. What is a technique used by Twain that makes his piece seem real? • He uses direct characterization • He uses the vernacular • His book is very descriptive • He uses first person limited so the reader only hears the thoughts and feelings from one character, like someone would in real life.

  36. In London’s short story, what lead the main character to making poor choices? • The dog • His instincts • His pride • He was drunk

  37. Who is the narrator in “Richard Corey”? • A townsperson • Richard Corey • The Author • A ghost

  38. “To Walt Whitman” • What is the author trying to say to Whitman? • She loves America • She is Hispanic • She hopes to come to America someday • That everyone counts • Not everyone is part of the country

  39. Emily Dickenson • What is Emily Dickenson’s main tone in her poems often: • Happiness • Nostalgia • Sadness • Joy • Contemplative • Depression • Both A and C • Both C and F

  40. Astronomer • What does he think of the Astronomer: • Fantastic • Terrible • Interesting • Bored • He wants to be him when he grows up

  41. Whitewash scene from Tom Sawyer • How does Tom get his friends to paint the fence: • They want to • He tricks them • Tom paints the Fence by himself

  42. “To Build a Fire” • Who does the man in the story listen to: • The old man who tells him to watch out • No one • His dog • He listens to everyone • No one tells him anything

  43. In “I will fight no more forever”, why does Chief Joseph surrender? • Lack of food • Lack of shelter • Lack of clothes • All of the above

  44. What kinds of stories does Emily Dickinson write? • Novelas • Poems • Short stories

  45. Where does Jack London’s story take place? • Iceland • Canada • Alaska • Russia • Yukon territory

  46. Tips and suggestions • You will need to match author to work, so know who wrote what • You will have short answer questions: look at the quizzes and at the questions we talked about in class • You will have “short essay” questions (paragraph length responses) • You will have an essay • Think about common themes, ideas—they make great short essay and essay questions