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Team RopeIt

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Team RopeIt. Melanie Davis, Marissa Eppes , Zach Firth, Chris Hazel, Andrew Singles, Christine Wilkerson . Background

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Team RopeIt

Melanie Davis, Marissa Eppes, Zach Firth,

Chris Hazel, Andrew Singles, Christine Wilkerson

  • Background
  •  In today’s golf market, there is a desire for a product that allows the user to visualize their shot without having to spend money at the driving range or chase down golf balls
  • The current RopeIt model makes practice cheaper and more efficient, but it lacks more specific and objective feedback on shot quality
  • Providing this feedback will allow the user to make the necessary adjustments after each shot and improve his or her golf swing

The current prototype involves two main components, Vernier sensors and a mathematical model. The final prototype (displayed above) will include an accelerometer, a Bluetooth transmitter for data transfer, and a slot for a battery. The model was created in MATLAB and its function is to process the data received from the sensor into numbers that indicate distance and direction.

Concept Generation


Six Preliminary Concepts for the desired product were produced (Load cell, Accelerometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope Combination, Analog Gauge, Rotational Stake and In-Line Sensor).

Proposed concepts were vetted to determine any major faults or potential problems as well benefits to each.

The Product

The RopeIt base model makes practice cheaper and more efficient, but it lacks more specific and objective feedback regarding shot quality. The goal is to design an accessory sensor for the RopeIt base model that will collect data regarding the probable ball trajectory of each shot and then transmit that data to an external device to quickly calculate the desired measurements.   

Evaluation of each concept individually against all listed metrics.

Basic Accelerometer scored best among all the metrics; therefore the team moved forward with this concept.

  • To test the prototype, an air cannon and stand were built to consistently fire a golf ball a desired distance
  • Trials were conducted at three PSI values for two angles to provide a range of data to draw from
  • Following validation of the cannon, data for the prototype was collected using the same procedure
  • The two data sets were then matched to create a baseline for the mathematical model to predict shot distance

Testing & Validation

Project Scope

To develop an accessory for RopeIt that provides the user with feedback on the quality of his or her golf drive. 

The proposed design for the accessory device consists of multiple components arranged in an ABS plastic case, which attaches to the weight using adhesive, Velcro, or some similar method. The case is a two-half “clamshell” design, with a single opening to access the mini-USB port for charging the battery. Components inside the case include a triple axis accelerometer for measuring forces, a Bluetooth transmitter for communication, a rechargeable battery and a processing unit to handle the data from the sensor.    

Final Design


We would like to thank our sponsor, Louis Girifalco, and our advisor Dr. Buckley, and the rest of the Senior Design Staff.