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Software Features and Capabilities

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Software Features and Capabilities. Authorized Dealer. Checkmate 5.5. Effective Telematics Platform.

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software features and capabilities

Software Features and Capabilities

Authorized Dealer

Checkmate 5.5

effective telematics platform
Effective Telematics Platform

Geotab is a telematics platform world leader that offers more options for our customers to grow including GPS location based services, fleet predictive maintenance, risk and safety scoring of driver activity, time and compliance.

GO4 - Platform for Driver ID, lights/sensor recording

GO5 – simple, advanced recording

effective telematics platform1
Effective Telematics Platform

As a global leader of advanced telematics hardware, Geotab offers growth platforms with features you can use now and over time.

effective telematics platform2
Effective Telematics Platform

Our resellers put your needs as our priority, then ensure that our capabilities meet your requirements.

Live Location

Monitor Lights

Monitor Speed

Record Driver Safety Score

Historic Record of Exact streets driven

Enable Drivers to receive dispatch and navigation

Accurate performance record

Engine hours/miles/diagnostics

Monitor motor inputs/activity

effective telematics platform3
Effective Telematics Platform

The Geotab platform is end-to-end because Geotab both manufactures advance vehicle hardware, the patented firmware that ensures data quality without loss, through an simple, flexible and secure software user interface.

The software displays its map update refresh rate for dispatchers.

real time location
Real Time Location

Trip History is stored for you to recreate trips. Trips can be displayed on a range of map choices to suit your needs.

When using Geotab Driver ID keys, trips can be shown for vehicles or drivers!

real time location highlight
Real Time Location - Highlight

For fleet operations with multiple groups – EMS, public works, utility etc… - each vehicle will be assigned to a unique group. All vehicles will be maintained in a single database.

To quickly identify needed assets, use the Highlight Groups feature.

Every vehicle sends a daily heartbeat so you can account for all vehicles!

real time location highlight1
Real Time Location - Highlight

If using the GO4 with Garmin integrated feature, you can send messages, routes or address dispatches.

Field staff can update dispatch with their status. If dispatch needs an update, they can send a status update request to the driver.

Geotab GO4 powers the Garmin without 12V accessory adapter to improve use!

garmin messaging driver status
Garmin Messaging & Driver Status

Geotab has taken off-the-shelf compatible Garmin models and turned them into useful messaging tools that support notifications, broadcast alerts, dispatches, canned messages and (of course) navigation.

Messages can include one-touch responses to answers - not just Yes or No!

message tracking
Message Tracking

Message can be sent to a single vehicle, a group, or all vehicles.

Once sent, the GPS Text Messages screen will show the time when the message was read by the Driver – and the time when the Reply was sent.

Combine Geotab’s Exception Rules with Garmin to display events to drivers!

precise trip recording
Precise Trip Recording

The Geotab devices record trips in the highest possible resolution at the lowest cellular cost. Turns, stops and stops are captured to recreate trips with precision.

Yellow highlights on the Trip History Report show after hours trips. Red shows excess engine idling.

Geotab GO4 powers the Garmin without 12V accessory adapter to improve use!

help and training are integrated
Help and Training are Integrated

We have designed the application to be simple and intuitive for new users and to help, we’ve included training material and links within the application itself.

The drop down FILTER option allows you to quickly report on Group activity!

daily health check
Daily Health Check

Vehicle Health includes easy to understand diagnostics. With the daily heartbeat feature, the system can alert fleet managers to vehicles that are reporting heartbeats but are not being driven (are under-used).

Note that it is useful to Group vehicles by territory, work type and other categories for summary reporting.

A battery Voltage hourly sample alerts if voltage drops to prevent a jumpstart!

vehicle setup and driver feedback
Vehicle Setup and Driver Feedback

If installing with our engine diagnostics option, the Geotab platform will request VIN and odometer. Engine service hours and mileage are used for maintenance reminders.

The unique Driver Feedback feature enables you to select how you want the technology to interact with your drivers to best effect safer and green driving habits.

The enable Driver ID Key alert is used to remind Drivers to ID before each trip!

engine predictive maintenance
Engine Predictive Maintenance

Prioritize vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults. Depending on your engines, they will also produce a range of useful engine use information.

Focusing on predictive engine health uses service techs to their fullest!

recording measures and reasons
Recording Measures and Reasons

The Log Details Report demonstrates the leading accuracy and description of the Geotab platform. Each log record includes a Reason why the log was record and includes the ignition status of the vehicle, date/time and speed.

Geotab devices include a second-by-second accident data feature!


Geotab understands that Zones make reports simpler to understand. Use the Import Zones wizard to include customer, office, gas station, rest stop, warehouse or other Zone Groups.

Import your customers from a simple Excel spreadsheet!

new zone expiration feature
New Zone Expiration Feature

Whether importing or manually drawing zones, you can assign the zone to a uniquely colored group of similar zones.

Combine zones with Geotab exception events to get more from your zones!

managing by exception
Managing By Exception

Geotab is the leader in enabling customers to create their own events for management.

Once you create the exception event using our simple step by step wizard, you can choose to have the event distributed to a list. Distribution options include text messages, email, Windows pop-up display, Garmin display, trigger an auto-Garmin Status update.

Ensure vehicle inspection by requesting an Update after leaving the yard!

my reports
My Reports

Geotab software has a great selection of standard reports including risk and safety, trip summary, engine maintenance, user activity, driver congregation.

Geotab is the only telematics platform that enables customers to create and save your own template reports based on any one of the standard Geotab feature reports.

There are over a dozen standard Geotab feature reports for you to value-add!

my reports1
My Reports

In this example, after downloading the Trip Summary Report in Microsoft Excel to a desktop PC, the customer added their logo and created a meaningful chart of their data. They renamed the column headings and then saved the new template report. Geotab software prompted the user to include the new chart on their software dashboard and/or have their new report scheduled for email delivery.

If you can use Excel, you can create and share your favorites in minutes!

risk safety myreport
Risk & Safety “MyReport”

Did you know: Orkin has been using Geotab for Risk Management savings since 2004!

mobile users
Mobile Users

Geotab software can be accessed from an internet enabled smart phone.

Mobile users can look up the latest trip and activity. Some smart phone include the support for maps.

If you can use Excel, you can create and share your favorites in minutes!

web based fully hosted
Web Based & Fully Hosted

Basic users of the internet can log onto a website and access their security cleared access to the software features. Your admin can run the full version of the software in order to add new vehicles and setup scheduled reports. The platform caters for individual users, small groups, advanced users or simply people who will only receive scheduled email reports or text messages.

Security clearance also ensures simplicity of training and user acceptance!

support partners
Support Partners

It is very important to choose the right growth platform to address your current and future plans. It is also important to choose who you buy your telematics system from to ensure a quality installation, setup training and on-going support.

hours of service
Hours of Service

Driver uses touch screen to indicate status.

Log available on screen for inspection.

Data is sent to a central server that generates reports for signature and filing.

Geotab device provide authentication/back up of activity under audit.


Platform Options

  • Driver ID
  • Immobilization Option
  • Truck: J1708/J1939/CANBUS
  • GPS/engine
  • 8 true/false sensor connections
  • Accident memory recorder
  • In-vehicle buzzer driver alert
  • IFTA miles per state recording
  • Windows Mobile/CE
  • Basic dispatch/tracking
  • Hours Of Service electronic log
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
contact us for more information
Contact Us For More Information

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