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Davidson High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Davidson High School

Davidson High School

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Davidson High School

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  1. DHS Class of 2017 Davidson High School

  2. New Diploma Requirements

  3. Block Schedule-Two Semesters • Students have the opportunity to earn 9 credits in one year of study (4.5 credits x2 semesters=9) • Students will complete coursework in December and receive credit for courses passed. They will receive a new schedule of courses in January for the 2nd semester. • Freshmen must earn 7 credits in order to be promoted to 10th grade • Freshmen must have a 4-year Educational Plan signed by their parent by the end of the 2013-14 school year in order to be promoted to the 10th grade.

  4. Calendar • 1st quarter: August 19-October 18, 2013 • 2nd quarter: October 22-December 20, 2013 • End of 1st semester • 3rd quarter: January 7-March 14, 2014 • 4th quarter: March 17-June 3, 2014 • End of 2nd semester

  5. Daily Schedules • Students will attend 5 classes per day each semester. • School begins at 7:10; Tardy bell at :20 • 1st and 2nd period are 90 minutes each. • 3rd period, or “short block” is 45 minutes • 4th period is a 90 minute period, but 4 lunch waves occur during this period. Lunch wave is determined by location of your 4th period class. • 5th period is a 90 minute period. • School dismisses at 2:45.

  6. What about the first day of school? • Students report to the front hallway to check for their Homeroom. Homerooms are posted by grade level on the wall by the Office. Students report to Homeroom to receive an updated schedule. • Students will remain in Homeroom for an extended period on this day for Orientation. • Students should bring lunch money or bring their lunch. Lunch waves occur during 4th period. • Students will only report to Homeroom a few times per year after the first week of school. Attendance is taken in first block every day.

  7. What about school supplies? • The first week of school students should bring a notebook and pen or pencils for taking notes. They will begin to receive syllabi and may want to have a binder or folder in which to organize them. Supplies are course specific and students are informed by their teachers about what they need. • Most courses have an online component of some kind, so a jump drive will be needed to contain their work.

  8. What fees must I pay and when? • A $20 Registration Fee is due at Registration or on the first day of school. This is a general fee that pays for the locker, photo ID, mail, etc. • Course fees are specific to the courses your student is taking at the time and will be requested by the individual teachers • PE uniforms are sold by the PE teachers during the first week of class, and lockers for PE ($5) are assigned when they take the class.

  9. Uniform Policy • Students are to wear their photo ID at all times around their neck (not in the bookbag or purse or pocket!) It is their ticket into class, they must swipe it to get their books, and may be sent to Retract without it. • Khaki pants • White button-down shirt or blouse • Solid black shoe (may be tennis shoe or Merril style or for girls, flats, as long as solid black) • Boys-black belt, black socks, white undershirt • Solid Black outerwear or black with Davidson logo • Please see the website for specific questions or pick up a copy of the policy in the Office • Please make sure your student is dressed properly and observes the dress code.

  10. Do you have tutoring? • We have previously had tutoring 3 days per week in Core Subjects. However, we do not believe we will be funded for this program this year. Please keep checking the website to see if it is reinstated. • Most teachers at Davidson tutor their own students after school at least one day a week if asked. • Students requesting tutoring must make sure that they are doing their part to try to make progress, such as being in class every day, doing all of their homework and turning assignments in on time.

  11. What about cell phones? • If your student doesn’t need a phone for safety reasons, please have them leave their phone at home. • If a student brings a cell phone to school, it must be powered OFF and remain out of sight. • Every year, many really good students who have never been in trouble get suspended for not following this rule. Don’t be one of them!

  12. How can I help my student be successful in high school? • Attendance is critical. Please make sure your student is here at school on time, every day and stays all day. Please make appointments after school whenever possible. Students have 4-90 minute classes per day, so if they miss one day, they have missed a great deal of instruction. • Access the STI-Home Parent Portal for checking your student’s grades, attendance and discipline frequently. Because of the Block Schedule, the curriculum will move fast and students will need your encouragement to stay on pace. Access codes will be distributed by the School Office. • Progress reports are sent mid-quarter, but you should be able to see your child’s progress through STI-Home. Some teachers give an assignment to bring back the progress report signed for a grade. This is a great way to raise their grade. • Make sure you provide structure and balance for your student. Encourage them to use a student planner (provided at Warrior Camp) and provide a study space conducive to learning. • Remember, it is your responsibility to read the Mobile County Public School Student Handbook and Code of Conduct and to discuss it with your student in order to have a clear understanding of all policies.

  13. Welcome to Davidson! • We look forward to working with you over the next four years, assisting you in all aspects of your academic life. • Your journey begins now, and the decisions and choices you make this year will determine much about the kind of future that you will build for yourself.