border management in central asia the trade component n.
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BORDER MANAGEMENT in CENTRAL ASIA: The Trade Component PowerPoint Presentation
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BORDER MANAGEMENT in CENTRAL ASIA: The Trade Component - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EU/UNDP BOMCA/CADAP Programmes. BORDER MANAGEMENT in CENTRAL ASIA: The Trade Component. WTO Accession Regional Workshop Yverdon, April 2007 Pierre-Paul Antheunissens BOMCA/CADAP Chief Technical Adviser for Uzbekistan. Content. What is BOMCA/CADAP? Trade Component

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border management in central asia the trade component



WTO Accession Regional Workshop

Yverdon, April 2007

Pierre-Paul Antheunissens

BOMCA/CADAP Chief Technical Adviser for Uzbekistan

  • What is BOMCA/CADAP?
  • Trade Component
  • Integrated Border Management
  • Corridor Approach
  • Institutional Reforms
what is bomca cadap
  • The largest interventions of a family of European Commission border management & drug action Programmes in the CIS
  • Multi-annual assistance under TACIS funded by the Regional Action Programmes & the Central Asian Action Programmes
what is bomca cadap1
  • The overall objective of BOMCA (Border Management in Central Asia) is to secure the gradual adoption of modern border management methods in Central Asia. Modern Border Management aims at two equally important purposes:
  • Enhanced border security;
  • Facilitation of legal trade & transit.
  • The overall objective of CADAP (Central Asia Drug Action Programme) is to foster a development-oriented drug control strategy in Central Asia that ensures a sustained reduction of drug consumption and trafficking in line with European Commission drug strategies:
  • A public health approach to drug demand;
  • An interdiction-based approach to drug trafficking
what is bomca cadap2

UNDP to implement future phases of BOMCA/CADAP:

CADAP 4 (Dec 2006) € 5m + UNDP 10%

BOMCA 6 (Spring 2007) € 6m + UNDP 10%

BOMCA 7 (Autumn 2008) € 6m + UNDP 10%

BOMCA 8/9 (Unscheduled) € 14m + UNDP 10%

Total future contracts = € 31m (excluding UNDP 10%)

Current contracts = € 24.5m

(including UK contributions, exc. UNDP 10%)

trade component
Trade Component

What Border Management Programme has to do with trade ?

trade component1
Trade Component

Source: UNDP CA Human Development Report

trade component2
Trade Component

BOMCA has the potential for negative impact if the EC/EU security agenda is not balanced by EC/EU trade and transit agenda.

Danger that BOMCA assistance in some countries of the region can be used to close borders more effectively.

trade component3
Trade Component

What can BOMCA do in order to facilitate legal trade and transit?

BOMCA can provide countries of the region with assistance in:

  • adaptation of the EU Integrated Border Management (IBM) concept
  • introduction of Corridors Approach
  • implementation of Institutional Reform
integrated border management
Integrated Border Management

The EC promotes a common model of Integrated Border

Management, first developed under the CARDS Programme in the

Western Balkans.

The three pillars of IBM are:

  • Improved intra-service cooperation;
  • Improved inter-agency cooperation;
  • Improved cross-border and international cooperation.

BOMCA has produced Guidelines for IBM in Central Asia, under the guidance of AIDCO E5. These are being circulated in the Commission for endorsement. Feedback from CA Governments has already been included via Programme Steering Committees & technical-level Inter Agency Working Groups.

integrated border management1
Integrated Border Management
  • Training Centres for Border Agencies are under construction/ renovation in all five CA countries.
  • IBM Training Work Plans have been agreed with national Governments and have been formally presented at a major regional conference on IBM (February 2007).
  • ICMPD have been contracted to provide European expertise to develop training curricula to address the training work plans now agreed.
  • Curricula will be based on the Core Curriculum for Border Guarding Training produced by FRONTEX.
corridor approach
Corridor Approach

The corridor approach is being embraced by many inter-governmental and multilateral agencies (EURASEC, SCO, CAREC).

BOMCA will focus on two corridors:

  • Fergana valley corridor: Tashkent / Khujand – Kokand/Andijan – Osh – China.
  • North-South corridor in Western Central Asia: Ashgabat – Kunya Urgench - Karakalpakstan-Astrakhan.
corridor approach1
Corridor Approach

Map of corridors

Fergana valley corridor

North-South corridor

institutional reforms
Institutional Reforms
  • Work at border should be leveraged to obtain commitment on, for example, cross border cooperation and harmonization of practices.
  • BOMCA can use the EU political weight to support policy changes at central level which will facilitate trade.
  • BOMCA specific at-the-border expertise should make cooperation with other donors straightforward
institutional reforms1

Does BOMCA have to work with regional organisations ?

  • SCO

UNDP requests policy guidance from the EC on the nature and modalities of Programme engagement with EURASEC.

eu undp bomca cadap programmes

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