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Alma 42. JUSTICE AND MERCY. Elder Nelson’s Grandfather. "On the night of April 6th, 1891, I had a strange dream or vision in which I saw and conversed with my father who died January 27th, 1891.    I was in bed when father came in or entered the room; he came and sat on the side of the bed.  

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Alma 42

Alma 42


Elder nelson s grandfather
Elder Nelson’s Grandfather

"On the night of April 6th, 1891, I had a strange dream or vision in which I saw and conversed with my father who died January 27th, 1891.   I was in bed when father came in or entered the room; he came and sat on the side of the bed.  

He first said:  "Well, my son…I received permission to come and see you for a few minutes.” 

I am very glad to see you father.  How are do you do? 'I am feeling well my son, and have had very much to do since I died.'

What have you been doing since you died, father?'My son, I have been traveling with Apostle Erastus Snow ever since I died…You cannot imagine, my son, how many spirits there are in the Spirit world that have not yet received the Gospel; but many are receiving it, and a great work is being accomplished.  Many are anxiously looking forth to their friends, who are still living, to administer for them in the Temples.

Elder nelson s grandfather1
Elder Nelson’s Grandfather

"Will all the spirits believe you, father, when you teach them the Gospel?'  No, they will not.‘

'Father, can you see us at all times, and do you know what we are doing?'  No, my son, I cannot.  I have something else to do.  I cannot go when and where I please.  There is just as much, and much more, order here in the Spirit world than in the other world.  

Father, is it natural to die?... ‘It is just as natural to die, as it is to be born, or for you to pass out of that door (here he pointed at the door).  When I had told the folks that I could not last long, it turned dark and I could not see anything for a few minutes.  Then, the first thing I could see was a number of spirits in the Spirit world.’

‘My son, always cling to the Gospel…Never do anything that will displease God.  O, what a blessing is the Gospel!  My son, be a good boy.'

'Good bye.‘ I then saw him leave the room.  He was neatly dressed in a suit of light gray clothes, which I had never seen him wear when alive.' (in From Heart to Heart:  1979, pp 16-18)

Doctrines found in alma 40 42
Doctrines found in Alma 40-42

Spirit world—Alma 40:6-14

Resurrection—Alma 40:16-22

Death—Alma 40:26

Final Judgment—Alma 41:3

Sin—Alma 41:9

Happiness—Alma 41:10-12; 42:8, 16

The Creation—Alma 42:2-4

Earth Life—Alma 42:4-6

The Fall—Alma 42:7-11

Law of Justice—Alma 42:13-14

Atonement—Alma 42:15

Repentance—Alma 42:16,29

Law of Mercy—Alma 42:24-25

Looking at these chapters through the eyes of a wayward child, which doctrines would “worry your mind” (40:1; 41:1; 42:1)? Why?

Alma 42

Why “A Probationary State”

“The word probationis found only ten times in the Standard Works, and nine of those references are in the Book of Mormon. What an essential doctrine in understanding the Fall and the Atonement, a doctrine of prolonged opportunity in which the gospel can be taught and accepted.” (Jeffrey R. Holland, Christ and the New Covenant, 209).

Justice and mercy

Justice and Mercy

•What is the law of justice?

• How many are in a fallen state, cut off from the presence of God and subject to the law of justice?

• What could we have done to save ourselves from being born into a fallen state?

•Does justice care whopays the debt?

•How does the law of mercy satisfy the demands of justice?

Alma 42

Alma 42:15

Alma 42:2-4, 6-7, 9-10

Alma 42:23

Alma 42:12, 14

Alma 42

Alma 42:15

Alma 42:2-4, 6-7, 9-10

Alma 42:23

Alma 42:24

Alma 42:12, 14

Alma 42

Alma 42:15

Alma 42:27

Alma 42:2-4, 6-7, 9-10

Alma 42:23

Alma 42:24

Alma 42:12, 14

Alma 42

Holding on = Enduring to the End

Mercy is extended


Grabbing hold =

Faith and Repentance

Gravity = Justice

The result of Justice =


Alma 42


  • An intercessor or intermediary. Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man. His atonement made possible a way for people to repent of their sins and become reconciled to God.

  • No man cometh unto the Father except by Jesus Christ: John 14:6

  • There is one mediator between God and men: 1 Tim. 2:5

  • Christ is the mediator of a better covenant: Heb. 8:6

  • The Holy Messiah shall make intercession for all the children of men: 2 Ne. 2:9

  • Ye should look to the great Mediator:2 Ne. 2:27–28

  • We are made perfect through Jesus the mediator of the new covenant: D&C 76:69

  • The Mediator (VIDEO 11mins)

Alma 42
The ResurrectionThere are more than 80 references to the “resurrection” in the Book of Mormon (twice as many as the New Testament).

Begins with very best (Christ)

Ends with very worst (Sons of Perdition)

  • First Resurrection (or Resurrection of Just)

    • Morning

      • Celestial people from Adam to Christ

      • Celestial people from Christ to 2nd Coming

    • Afternoon

      • Terrestrial people from Adam to 2nd Coming

      • Celestial people born during the Millenium

  • Last Resurrection (or Resurrection of Unjust)

    • Telestial people from Adam to end of Millenium

    • Sons of Perdition

Alma 42

“…forget those things which are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before”

(Philippians 3:13)

Alma 42

unto those things which are before” Paul’s healthy attitude toward his own past was his meek realization that had been forgiven. He did not intend to let his yesterday hold his tomorrow hostage; instead, he pressed forward and forgot that which was past” (Neal A. Maxwell, Meek and Lowly, 93-94).

Destructive thoughts
Destructive Thoughts unto those things which are before”

Look for these “D’s” in Corianton’s life….

“Because there is an opposition in all things, there are forces that erode our faith. These stem from personal tendencies, attitudes, and habits. I will refer to these influences as the “Destructive Ds...”

DOUBT unto those things which are before”

First is doubt. Doubt is not a principle of the gospel. It does not come from the Light of Christ or the influence of the Holy Ghost. Doubt is a negative emotion related to fear. It comes from a lack of confidence in one’s self or abilities. It is inconsistent with our divine identity as children of God.

Discouragement unto those things which are before”

Doubt leads to discouragement. Discouragement comes from missed expectations. Chronic discouragement leads to lower expectations, decreased effort, weakened desire, and greater difficulty feeling and following the Spirit.

Lack of diligence
LACK OF DILIGENCE unto those things which are before”

Distraction leads to a lack of diligence, a reduced commitment to remain true and faithful and to carry on through despite hardship and disappointment. Disappointment is an inevitable part of life, but it need not lead to doubt, discouragement, distraction, or lack of diligence.

Disobedience and disbelief
DISOBEDIENCE and unto those things which are before” Disbelief

If not reversed, this path ultimately leads to disobedience, which undermines the very basis of faith. So often the result is disbelief, the conscious or unconscious refusal to believe. The scriptures describe disbelief as the state of having chosen to harden one’s heart. (Elder Kevin W. Pearson, April 2009)

Alma 421

Alma 42 unto those things which are before”