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GENERA L CONT RACTORS. 36 groups analyzed with the aim to give you the key information that will be useful to be a partner with these businesses that move the market of public investment and more.

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36groups analyzed with the aim to give you the key information that will be useful to be a partner with these businesses that move the market of public investment and more.

General Contractors is a market research of the major Italian companies that make BIGWORKS and PUBLIC WORKS in the world

Each General Contractor develops a different process aimed at achieving quality objectives at all stages of supply.

The purchasing manager in the General Contractors is a key figure because it deals with different duties including:

  • Definition of technicalspecifications,
  • Strategic Management of purchases,
  • Supply of spare parts stock,
  • Management of shipments,
  • Management and control of suppliers and subcontractors.

The selection of sources is handled by the purchase and arrangements can vary depending on the procedures undertaken by the Group in relation to the specifications of the products purchased and the market in which they are intended:

  • Supplies from the Italian Market
  • Supplies from local or international market of the work.

The analysis is based on two levels in order to know at the best the General Contractors of interest.

  • THE FIRST LEVEL aims to give information on :
  • mapping of headquarters and operational in Italy,
  • organizationalstructure
  • identification of core business
  • list of countries in the world were they realize bigworks
  • direct contact with the purchasing office
  • worksin progress of major interestthat may be potential sources of supplies

THE LEVEL 1 includes:

  • a mapping of 36groups with their branch offices
  • a cardfor each individual G.C.
  • one summary file Excel filterable based on the information researched

2)THE SECOND LEVEL aims to deepen the information of market research by providing a full record in addition to that of the first level with the data:

  • the areas of business expertise
  • the materialsmostused
  • the presence of construction sites or work that will start in a short time in specific countries of interest
  • the method of procurement management in Italy or foreign country with the possibility of being supported for inscription in the portals for suppliers of groups identified.
  • the details of certificates and brands recognized and required by General Contractors.

The GENERAL CONTRACTORS research can be updated on demand with a six monthly basis or annually.