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  2. OBJECTIVES • To make healthcare convenient, affordable and save time • To identify sicknesses and health related problems at the earliest stages • To seek early treatment of diseases • To enable patients to become confident in discussing their problems • To enable patients to become secured about confidential issues • To decrease maternal mortality • To educate people on health matters • To extend healthcare services to deprived communities • To assist patients in taking their medication • To offer emergency health services • To offer advice on health issues • To offer convenient healthcare to the aged and convalescent • To improve child healthcare in every community • To improve the standard of living of people • To improve healthcare delivery

  3. TARGETED WORKERS • Doctors • Medical Assistance (MA) • Nurses • Midwives • Reproductive and Child Healthcare Unit (RCH) • Disease Control Unit

  4. MODE OFF OPERATION • Health workers will be permanently assigned to households • The various health personnel will be offered a training • There will be an initial registration • House registration • Registration of people through personal data collection • Each household will have a representative family head • The health personnel will offer services to people on regular basis • The people who receive services from Rainbow Thunder will make financial contributions • Family Heads (FH) will assist in information dissemination, collection of financial contribution and attending the monthly meetings of FH’s • A database will be built from the data collected from people • There will be a counseling unit to counsel on data collected • Follow ups and research will be carried out on findings

  5. TYPE OF BASIC HEALTHCARE • Optical screening • Auditory screening • Dental Checkup • Weight Checkup • Body Temperature Measurement • Checking of Blood Pressure (BP) • Checking of heart beat for any signs of problems • Assessment of Respiratory System • Immunization assistance • Assessment of skin for signs of sicknesses • Breast Test • Basic gynecological advice

  6. EQUIPMENTS AND MATERIALS • Laptop Computers • Stethoscopes • Thermometers • Audiometers • Gloves • Transportation Vehicles for UHO • Ambulance for emergency purposes

  7. BASIC RESPONSIBILITY OF UHO The Unit Health Officers (UHO) shall have the following basic responsibilities • Carrying out of the basic healthcare of the Rainbow Thunder Service (RTS) • Ensuring that people live in a clean environment • Chairing a monthly meeting of representatives (Family Heads) of the various households • Making available to household individuals of all needed registration and healthcare materials • Assisting in gathering data on unemployed people • Ensuring that people take the right diet • Attending quarterly meetings of UHO • Organizing monthly cleanup exercises • Performing such functions as required by the Rainbow Thunder health service

  8. BASIC RESPONSIBILITY OF FH The Family Heads (FH) shall have the following basic responsibilities • Dissemination of information • Collection of financial contribution • Attending monthly meetings organized by their Unit Health Officers • Registration of Household for Rainbow Thunder Unit Healthcare • Attending monthly meetings organized by UHO • Preparing the household individuals and neighbors for the monthly cleanup exercises • Providing an updated record of household individuals • Must possess a first-aid kit for the household • Organizing weekly keep-fit exercises for the household

  9. REVENUE Revenue shall be generated from/by the following means • Fees obtained from training health personnel • Fees obtained from registering households • Monthly contributions made by household individuals • Sales of health products and materials • Donations and Contributions from NGO’s, institutions and individuals

  10. CHALLENGES • Funds for equipments and health materials • Funds to pay UHO • Training of UHO • Time schedule of UHO and household individuals

  11. MEETING THE CHALLENGES • Fees obtained from training health personnel and from registering household will be used to acquire the initial basic equipments and materials

  12. Breakdown the objectives into 3 groups • Identification of things that can be done to concentrate on the specifics • Scale-down the objectives into fewer ones that can be handled with current resources • Provide a program on how to decrease maternal mortality • Focus on the specific thing that must be done