an introduction to fccla the basics n.
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An Introduction to FCCLA…the basics. PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to FCCLA…the basics.

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An Introduction to FCCLA…the basics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to FCCLA…the basics. Suzy Ries, Baltic FCCLA. Where can I find information?. About south Dakota fccla ? go to Board of directors Bylaws State officers Event dates Forms for meetings List of chapters. Where can I find information?.

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An Introduction to FCCLA…the basics.

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where can i find information
Where can I find information?
  • About south Dakota fccla? go to
    • Board of directors
    • Bylaws
    • State officers
    • Event dates
    • Forms for meetings
    • List of chapters
where can i find information1
Where can I find information?
  • About National fccla? go to
    • Bylaws
    • Regions and makeup
    • Star event information
    • Meetings and dates
    • Membership information – affiliate your chapter here
    • Dress code for meetings
    • National programs
    • Awards and scholarships
where can i find information2
Where can I find information?
  • Ask your district chairperson
  • Ask an fccla advisor you know
  • Ask your mentor
  • Email facs teachers on the FACS listserve
    • Sign up through k.12 email
how is fccla organized
How is fccla organized?
  • Approximately 70 Local chapters across south Dakota
  • Local chapters are broken into 9 districts in south Dakota
    • Each district chairperson serves as a state officer
    • The chairpersons fccla advisor is your district consultant
    • List of chapters and district is on the state fccla website
  • There are four national regions making up 220,000 members and 5500 chapters
  • South Dakota is part of the central region of national fccla
who runs the show
Who runs the show:
  • Shannon Schweitzer is our state FCCLA advisor
  • Our Department of education FCCLA liason is
  • 10 state officers lead our membership. Their advisors make the state advisory
  • FCCLA board of directors guide our organization
fccla simplified
FCCLA Simplified
  • Competitive Events:
    • Star Events
  • Leadership:
    • Running for local, district, state or national office
    • Committee or project chairs
  • Community Service:
      • Local, district, state or national level
  • Fun Activities
1 competitive events
1. Competitive Events:
  • Find information on all STAR events at
  • Illustrated talk and Job interview are the only events that are presented at your district meeting (December to February). Your district meeting date can be found on the sdfccla website
  • If you get a 90% or better you proceed to state meeting in April
  • If you win at the state level in your star event (junior and senior level) you proceed to National meeting in Washington DC in July.
  • Can be incorporated into FACS classes
2 leadership
2. Leadership
  • Local: Run for chapter officer or chair a committee or project.
    • We hold officer elections at the end of the school year
  • District: Run for district chair, co-chair, secretary or treasurer
    • Run at your district meeting
    • Applications can be found on
    • Due 4 weeks before your district meeting
    • Score based on application, written test, interview and on stage skit/questions
2 leadership1
2. Leadership

State offices

  • State officers are the 9 district officers plus a junior high representative
    • State officers get their specific offices at state meeting
    • Junior high rep runs at state meeting
  • State peer education teams
    • Trends team and national outreach team
    • Advocacy team is for outgoing state officers
    • Run at state meeting in April. Application on sdfccla website
    • Plan activities for the districts, present at district meeting and at state meeting
    • Attend fall leadership camp in Huron
2 leadership2
2. Leadership

National office

  • Run in april at state meeting to represent south Dakota at the national level
  • Application on
  • South Dakota can run 2 national officer candidates
  • Compete at national meeting in Washington dc in July
3 community service
3. Community service
  • Can be local, district, state or national projects
  • Focus on needs you see in your community, not just what your members enjoy doing
  • Many examples including babysitting, food drives, fundraising, helping a local family, safe driving, nutrition.
  • Can be integrated into facsclasses
  • Serve as the basis for many competitive star events
4 fun activities
4. Fun activities
  • Bowling, movie nights, holiday outings
  • Opportunity for students to interact with others
  • Can be part of community service
what should i do and when

What should I do and when?

Start small…build as you understand your chapter and fccla

fccla calendar
FCCLA Calendar

Summer…Before school starts

  • Determine a theme for the year
  • Officer retreat
    • Set chapter and officer goals
    • Plan for the year…a program of work
    • Determine fundraising, programs, projects
    • Assign officers to committees
  • Public relations
    • Blanket the school with posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk, locker signs
    • Use social media
  • Membership campaign
    • Have membership forms ready, dues set
    • Talk to new students in your district
    • Presentation to 6th graders/freshmen
    • We also send a letter to parents
  • New member mini retreat
  • Begin fundraising
  • Have members sign up for committees
  • Begin community service
  • Affiliate your chapter online
  • Begin planning for competitive star events
  • Wrap up membership recruitment
  • Leadership TRAINING in Huron October 6th and 7th
    • Rookie camp for new members
    • Peer education camp
    • Leadership camp for officers/chapter leaders
  • Cluster meetings in Alabama and Utah
    • Can plan your own trip of contact jolinedunbar at brookingsfccla
  • Affiliate additional students by November 1. Deadline to affiliate your chapter is March 1.
    • $9.00 per member for national dues
    • $3.00 per member for state dues (paid with national dues)
    • $3.50 per member for district dues (your treasurer will send you a bill)
    • Chapter dues are determined by you
  • Prepare for district meetings.
  • Your district chair will send out deadlines
    • Job interview and Illustrated Talk
    • District officer elections
    • Peer educator presentations
    • District fundraisers
  • Run from December 4th to February 12
  • Reevaluate program as year is half way through
  • Are you on track to meet your chapter and officer goals?
  • Are there programs and projects that need to be reviewed? Changed?
  • Thank your officers…show your appreciation
  • Fcclaweek is February 9-14
  • Celebration and project ideas can be found on the national fccla webpage
    • FCCLA trivia and announcements
    • FCCLA week poster or coloring contests
    • Special treats or healthy snacks
    • Prizes for wearing red or an fcclatshirt
    • Set up a photo booth with props
    • Tie into valentines day
  • Deadline for national awards, programs and scholarships
  • Power of one applications are due
  • State meeting registration is due
  • Junior high state officer applications due
  • Merit chapter award applications are due
  • State meeting april27-29 in Sioux falls
    • STAR event competitions
    • Peer educators present workshops
    • State and national officer elections
    • Run for peer education
    • Attend workshops
    • State fundraisers
    • State awards presented
  • Elect officers for next year
  • Awards banquet and /or installation of new officers
  • Choose a theme for the coming year
  • Plan an officer retreat date
  • Plan any summer fundraising activities
  • Plan for national meeting in july
  • Reflect on your year and make changes as necessary
one of the best ways to gage your activity level
One of the best ways to gage your activity level…

Apply for (or look at) the merit chapter award application found on the sdfccla website.

  • Guidelines for a well rounded chapter including
    • Affiliation
    • Program of work (plans for the year)
    • Budget
    • Meeting agendas and minutes
    • Committee lists
    • STEP one and POWer of one programs
merit chapter continue
Merit chapter continue…
  • Fundraising
  • Special observances (national family week, school lunch week)
  • Participation in state or national fccla projects
  • How do you recognize members?
  • Fccla week activities
  • Participation in district and state star events
  • Leadership candidates
    • Peer education
    • District or state officers
    • National officers
merit chapter continued again
Merit chapter continued again…
  • Participation in camps and cluster meetings
  • Public relations
    • State and district newsletters
    • Teen times national magazine
    • Local media
    • Presentations to local groups
    • Use of the fccla emblem
    • Contact and Letters to legislators
in conclusion
In conclusion
  • Start small and choose a few major projects. Make time for yourself.
  • Let your members and officers do the work
  • Start with your strengths. mine was community service…I’m still building competitive events
  • Integrate fccla into the classroom as much as possible
  • Use the national and state websites, watch for emails and build a relationship with an advisor you feel a connection to
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Ask for help…fccla advisors love to help and will do so willingly