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Call-in Number: 1-866-228-9900 Participant Code: 184151 PowerPoint Presentation
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Call-in Number: 1-866-228-9900 Participant Code: 184151

Call-in Number: 1-866-228-9900 Participant Code: 184151

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Call-in Number: 1-866-228-9900 Participant Code: 184151

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  1. Thanks for joining us! Dial in using your phone for the audio portion of this presentation. Call-in Number:1-866-228-9900Participant Code:184151 Please remember to mute your line by pressing *6 after you join the call. Send us your questions during the presentation using the Q&A feature.

  2. The 2013 AMCAS ApplicationFor New Advisors Jayme Bograd & Mandy McManamon AMCAS Communications March 14 & 22, 2012

  3. Before we get started… • Please ensure that you have muted your line. (Press *6 on your phone) • Please do not put this call on hold. • Submit your questions as we go by clicking the “Q&A” button on the top left of your screen and typing your question. We will answer them at the end of this presentation.

  4. Agenda • AMCAS Application • How does AMCAS work? • Who is AMCAS? • 2013 Application Dates • The AMCAS Application & 2013 Changes • Sections of the Application • AMCAS Verification • Reminders & Resources • Advisor Information System (AIS) • What info is in AIS? • New PUG Filter • Access & Resources • AMCAS Letter Writer Application • Fee Assistance Program • More Resources for Applying

  5. How does AMCAS work?

  6. AMCAS Organizational Chart January 2010

  7. 2013 Application Dates AMCAS Deadlines Completed application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET of the deadline date All required official transcripts must be received by AMCAS within 14 calendar days of the application deadline date EDP deadline for application and transcripts is August 1 AMCAS does not grant deadline extensions Visit Application Fees (in 2012 cycle) $160 processing fee (includes one school) $33 for each additional school *Dates subject to change.

  8. 2013 AMCAS Participation Schools New to AMCAS University of Texas, San Antonio MD-PhD only University of North Dakota University of Missouri, Kansas City Regular MD program starts in January University of Central Michigan


  10. New for the 2013 Application • Advisor Release • Visa Status: Adjustment of Status (AOS) • Language Proficiency • Self Identification • Certification Statement But first… Who suggested these changes and why are they being made?

  11. New for the 2013 Application • Recommendations from committees like: • GSA Committee on Admissions • AAMC Language Core Group • AAMC Data Strategies Team • Represented by: • Medical School Admission Officers • Medical Students • Pre-health Advisors • Science Faculty • Approved by: • AMCAS Leadership • AMCAS Advisory Committee

  12. Advisor Representation • Admissions Initiative • Admissions Initiative • Standardized Evaluations Working Group • Glenn Cummings, PhD • Director, Health Professions Advising • Princeton University  • Jennifer Steffen Kimble, M.Ed.Director, Office of Pre-Health AdvisingGeorgia Institute of Technology • AMCAS Advisory Committee • MariellaMecozziAsst. Director of Pre-Professional Services • University of Michigan Medical School • Glen Zamansky • Chief Health Professions Advisor • Boston University • Group on Student Affairs Steering Committee • Lori ProvostChief Health Professions Advisor Muhlenberg College • Group on Student Affairs/Committee on Diversity Affairs • Francisco Castelan (November 2011 - November 2014)Assistant Director/Health Professions AdviserNorthwestern University-Evanston • Group on Student Affairs/Committee on Admissions • Chuck Hauck, M.F.A. (June 2010 - June 2012 )President, NAAHPPre-Health Professions AdvisorUniversity of Iowa

  13. The AMCAS Application • Identifying Information • Schools Attended • Biographic Information • Course Work • Work/Activities • Letters of Evaluation • Medical Schools • Essay(s) • Standardized Tests

  14. Accessing the Application

  15. AAMC Registration Applicants should complete registration if they do not have an AAMC ID number

  16. AMCAS Main Menu

  17. 1. Identifying Information

  18. 2. Schools Attended

  19. Advisor Release Statement • Applicants retain the option to share their application information with school-designated advisors • The statement has been reworded to make it clearer to applicants what information can be released and to whom:

  20. 2. Schools Attended

  21. 2. Schools Attended

  22. 2. Schools Attended

  23. 3. Biographic Information

  24. Adjustment of Status (AOS) • Applicants are now able to indicate that they are “in process” for receiving U.S. citizenship • The options available for Visa Status are:

  25. Language Proficiency • Applicants will no longer select a “Primary” language • They will now indicate their Proficiency in each language that they select • For each selected language, they will also indicate its Use in Childhood Home • Medical schools will be able to filter applicants by these new categories

  26. Proficiency* (at least one language and one proficiency required) Use in Childhood Home Language Proficiency • Native/functionally native: I converse easily and accurately in all types of situations. Native speakers may think that I am a native speaker too. • Advanced: I speak very accurately, and I understand other speakers very accurately. Native speakers have no problem understanding me, but they probably perceive that I am not a native speaker. • Good: I speak well enough to participate in most conversations. Native speakers notice some errors in my speech or my understanding, but my errors rarely cause misunderstanding. • Fair: I speak and understand well enough to have extended conversations about current events, work, family, or personal life. Native speakers notice many errors in my speech or my understanding. • Basic: I speak the language imperfectly and only to a limited degree and in limited situations. I have difficulty in or understanding extended conversations. • Never • Rarely • From time to time • Often • Always

  27. Language Proficiency What languages do you speak?

  28. Language Proficiency Proficiency guidelines Proficiency in Cajun Use of Cajun

  29. Self Identification • To meet a new data collection standard required for all AAMC Services and Groups, the “Race and Ethnicity” section will now be called “Self Identification” • Completion of this section remains optional • A total of 13 categories and subcategories have been added and 6 categories have been removed • Added: • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Other • Guamanian • Bangladeshi • Cambodian • Indian • Indonesian • Laotian • Taiwanese • African American • Afro-Caribbean • African • Black or African American Other • Removed: • Asian Indian • Indian/Pakistani • Unknown • Native Hawaiian • Other Pacific Islander • Guamanian or Chamorro

  30. Self Identification

  31. Self Identification Additional options are available under each category and become visible after the main category is checked

  32. 4. Course Work

  33. 4. Course Work

  34. 4. Course Work

  35. 5. Work/Activities

  36. 6. Letters of Evaluation

  37. Letters of Evaluation Applicant Letter Request Form Letter Author(s) AMCAS Medical School(s) • Submission Methods: • AMCAS Letter Writer Application • Interfolio • Mail • VirtualEvals (VE) Receive letters electronically

  38. Letters of Evaluation

  39. Letters of Evaluation

  40. AMCAS Letter Writer Application • Use your AAMC account (or create one) to upload PDFs quickly and securely—for free!

  41. 6. Letters of Evaluation

  42. 6. Letters of Evaluation Letter Request Form Applicant’s identifying information Used by AMCAS to attach the letter to the application Letter ID and Letter Type The author’s address Methods the author can use to send their letter to AMCAS Many medical schools require that recommendations are on official letterhead and bear the signature of the author

  43. 7. Medical Schools

  44. 8. Essay(s)

  45. 9. Standardized Tests Contact the MCAT Team | 202-828-0690 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm ET

  46. Certification Statement

  47. Certification Statement • An additional item regarding the AAMC Investigations process has been added to the Certification Statement: • AAMC investigates and may report to legitimately interested parties discrepancies in information, attempts to subvert the admission process, and any other irregular matter that occurs in connection with application activities. I understand and agree that the sole and exclusive remedy available to me to appeal or otherwise challenge the AAMC’s decision to send an investigation report to legitimately interested parties shall be confidential, binding arbitration through written submissions only to the Washington, D.C. office of the American Arbitration Association under the expedited procedures for commercial matters. I understand that my failure to request in writing arbitration within 30 calendar days of receipt of an investigation report that has been approved by the AAMC for transmittal to interested parties will constitute an absolute bar and waiver of this exclusive remedy. I further understand that the sole issue for arbitration shall be whether the AAMC acted reasonably and in good faith in making its decision.  • Applicants must select the checkbox and agree to this statement before they will be able to submit their application

  48. After Submission • Verification • Post-submission Changes • Criminal Background Checks • Multiple Accept Data

  49. AMCAS Verification Transcripts Processing From the date of submission, verification can take up to 6 weeks to be completed Verification consists of: Line-by-line comparison of each coursework entry to corresponding item on official transcript(s) Normalization of GPA, including calculation of AMCAS GPAs (Cumulative, BCPM [Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Math], and AO [All Other]) Academic Change Requests • Once the application is submitted and all required official transcripts are received, the application will join the verification queue • Use the Official Transcript Request Form • Applicants should consult the AMCAS Instruction Manual and video tutorials to ensure that all coursework is entered accurately, including AP credit and study abroad courses

  50. AMCAS Verification 2012 Application # of days to complete verification 2011 Application