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Natasha Jovicic Bruno Breviglieri

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2014 Online submission of Sport applications Pre - registration and e- Forms. Natasha Jovicic Bruno Breviglieri. Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. Overview of presentations. EACEA Participant Portal Participant Identification Code (PIC) ECAS account creation

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Natasha Jovicic Bruno Breviglieri

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natasha jovicic bruno breviglieri

2014 Online submission of Sport applications

Pre- registration and e-Forms

Natasha Jovicic

Bruno Breviglieri

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

overview of presentations
Overview of presentations
  • EACEA Participant Portal
      • Participant Identification Code (PIC)
      • ECAS account creation
  • Sport electronic online application form
  • Compulsory annexes of the e-Forms:
    • Detailed description
    • Financial information
what is the eacea participant portal
Whatis the EACEA participant portal?

Unique entry point for the registration of organisations whichwant to apply for the following programs:

- Erasmus+

- Creative Europe

- Europe for Citizens

- EU AidVolunteers

Unique entry point for Experts applying for the call for expression of interest EACEA/2013 for experts

organisation registration in 2014 why
Organisation registration in 2014 – Why?

Organisations (and partners) MUST register to receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC of 9 digit numbers) beforesubmitting a projectproposal via the official e-Form

e-Formswillbepre-filledwith the organisation's data by inserting the PIC

Beneficiarieswillno longer need to send the organisation documents for each applications for each programmes – onlyuploaded once

organisation registration how
Organisation registration – How?

Necessity to have or create a personal ECAS account to start the registration

Registration willtakeapproximately 5 to 10 minutes if all information are available !

After the first registration and the creation of a PIC, documents related to the organisation canbeuploaded.

organisation registration when
Organisation registration – When?

Registernow, do not wait to the last minute before the call publication (foreseenaroundmid March)

Collectalreadynow all the legal documents of your organisation and of all yourpartners !

Validation of yoursubmitted documents by the central Research helpdesk cantake over 40 days

Participant's Portal home page
ecas account registration
ECAS Account registration

ECAS accountcreationisnecessary to start the registration.

An email confirmation is sent after the Sign Up.

This stepis not the organisation registration. It allowsstarting the process.

in case of a technical question
In case of a technical question:

o rganisation company search tool
Organisation/Company – Search tool

The Searchtoolallows to look if your organisation existsalready in the database.

If your organisation exists and has a PIC, no new one shouldbecreated.

Please note that the databaseiscommon to other Commission services (exampleResearch)

o rganisation company registration
Organisation/Company – Registration

If your organisation does not exists, itcanbecreated by chosing the "Register organisation" button.

The bottonwillredirect to the unique registration facility.

o rganisation contact data registration
Organisation – contact data registration

Contact data are the general contacts of an organisation, not the onesrelated to a particularproject.

Contact personwillbecontacted in case of questions related to organisation or before validation

registration of programme specific information
Registration of Programme specific information

For each programme, different organisation types willbepresented.

Afterthis last step, youwillberedirected to the previousscreen and youcan click on "Finish your registration".

An email with the PIC numberwillbesend to the email mentioned in the contact address.

participant portal see my organisations
Participant Portal – See My Organisations

All organisations createdwith the ECAS accountwillbe visible in the "My organisation" tab.

In order to modify the organisation data or to upload official documents, click on Modify Organisations (MO)

o rganisation modify data add supporting documents
Organisation – modify data, add supporting documents

Supporting documents related to the organisation canbeuploaded (official registration documents, VAT documents, annual Balance sheets, etc)

Check the call documentation to seewhich documents need to beuploaded.

where home page eacea website https eacea ec europa eu ppmt
Where? home page (EACEA website)
when available around 15 03 14
When? available around 15/03/14

Subscribe to EACEARSS feed : up to date with the latest news and documents published on a website, no browsing, info comes to you in real time !

validation of the organisation
Validation of the organisation

If after the application and selection processes, project is awarded a grant, the beneficiary organisations will need to be validated.

This validation is carried out by the validation team in the Research Executive Agency

The validation consists in checking the registered data in relation to the official documents

After the validation, a LegalEntityAppointedRepresentativeisnominated. He willbe the ONLY personallowed to change the organisation data in the Portal.

deadlines reminder
Deadlines reminder
  • Collaborative projects is 15 May 2014 at 12.00 p.m. (midday Brussels time)
  • Not-for-profit European sport events 14 March 2014 and 15 May 2014 (midday Brussels time)
  • Questions :

15 May 2014

The e-Form is available in EN, FR and DE but it may be completed in any EU official languages of the European Union (except some part, like resume) and must be understandable for partners

NB: e-Form is an interactive PDF requiring Adobe reader software (minimum lowest version 9.1) free upgrade download is possible

organisation and partners
Organisation and partners

Select the Applicant Organisation

If there is only one organisation participating in your application, click on the Next step button to proceed In this scenario, the organisation you added will automatically be defined as the Applicant Organisation.

If one or more participating organisations

When you add a second organisation, a new selection menu automatically appears above the partner list table. This is the menu for choosing the Applicant Organisation

Nb each participating organisation needs a PIC

  • If all the details of the applicant and partners are correct, "click on the Create application e-Formbutton.
  • If any details are incorrect or missing click on the Previous step button to make the necessary changes.

Save the application e-Form

Please do not change the file name, this will be your reference document

attachments to e forms most of them are mandatory
Attachments to e-Forms (most of them are mandatory)

Annexes are part of the application most of the cases they are mandatory (budget xls or detailed description docs)

Maximum size: 5 Mb

e form technical assistance
e-Form Technical assistance

If you encounter technical issues that are not addressed in this guide you may contact the EACEA Helpdesk to request assistance. The contact details and hours of operation are as follows:

Navigation panel, on the left-hand side of the screen

Navigation panel, on the left-hand side of the screen

viera kerpanova ingrid trauner

Compulsary Annexes of the e-Forms

Description of the project

Financial information

Viera Kerpanova

Ingrid Trauner

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

organisations and activities
Organisations and activities

Aims and activities of organisations

Previous sport projects

Other EU grants

project characteristics and relevance
Project characteristics and relevance


Innovative and/or complementary aspects

EU added value

quality of project design and implementation
Quality of project design and implementation

Project design


Quality control

during project


quality of project team and cooperation arrangements
Quality of project team and cooperation arrangements

Cooperation arrangements

Project team

impact and dissemination
Impact and dissemination

Quality control of final outcomes

Expected impact of project



overview of the presentation
Overview of the presentation

Application: the estimated project budget

Funding rules

Principles applying to EU Grants

Financial tips

Contracting procedure

Payment arrangements

application budget
Application – Budget

- Directcosts

- Indirect costs

Structure of the estimated project budget :

1) Estimated Expenditures:

  • Staff costs
  • Travel and subsistence costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Consumables and supplies
  • Subcontracting costs
  • Duties, taxes and charges
  • Other costs

max. 7 % of the total direct costs

application budget1
Application – Budget

- Grant requested from the EU

- Co-financing

2) Estimated Income:

- distribution of the grant amongst partners

  • Own funding of the partners
  • Other sources of financing (third parties)
  • Income generated by the project
application budget2
Application – Budget

Principles applying to EU Grants:

No retroactivity

Non-cumulative award

No-profit principle

Co-financing principle

application budget3
Application – Budget


coherence between: e-Form, detailed excel budget, Declaration of Honour

allocating estimated costs in the right budget heading

budget is justified in relation to the planned activities

application is in line with the specific provisions of the relevant call for proposals


Financial Capacity Verification

  • Does applicant have stable and sufficient sources of funding?
  • Required: - Financial Capacity Form

- Annual accounts for the last 2 years

  • Does not apply: - to public bodies

- to international organisations

and - in the case of a low value grant (grant request ≤60 000 EUR)

contracting procedure
Contracting Procedure
  • Grant Decision or Grant Agreement
  • Specific provisions in case of multi-beneficiary agreement (Collaborative Partnerships):

- all partners become beneficiaries of the agreement

- coordinating organisation signs

- co-beneficiaries sign a mandate

the grant agreement grant decision
The Grant Agreement / Grant Decision
  • Special Conditions and

its Annexes:

  • Description of the action
  • General Conditions (legal, administrative and financial provisions)
  • Approved estimated budget of the action
  • Mandate(s) in case of multi-beneficiary agreement
  • List of supporting documents e.g. Guidance notes related to project reporting
payment arrangements
Payment Arrangements

In General

  • Pre-financing payment

- Upon entry into force of the Grant Agreement/Decision

- In exceptional cases a bank guarantee is requested

  • Payment of the balance
  • Upon acceptance of the Final report and its compulsory annexes incl.
  • a certificate on the financial statements and underlying the accounts:
  • Supporting documents for Grants ≤60 000 €
  • Audit certificate "Type I" for Grants >60 000 € and <750 000 €
  • Audit certificate "Type II" for Grants ≥750 000 €


http eacea ec europa eu index en php eacea sport@ec europa eu