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BLACKBERRY JAM. IngredientS. Blackberries and sugar.

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  2. IngredientS Blackberries and sugar. I personally like to add apple pectin, because it leaves fruit entire and keeps the fresh fruit scent. Furthermore, you can get jam even with a little amount of fruit. The amount of sugar to be added depends on the composition and the quantity of the pectin used.

  3. MIX and Stir Put all the ingredients in a big pot and stir them until sugar melts.

  4. FULL Boil Turn the heat on (high) and keep stirring until full boil. Fruit will lose its compactness and start letting out its syrup. It may take 5/10 min.

  5. JAm The flame must be kept high and the jam needs continuous stirring. The time needed depends on the pectin. In my case, it took 5/7 minutes, but for a traditional jam, without pectin, it takes hours. When you like the density of the jam, you can turn off the flame.

  6. Fill the jar Sterilize the jars in boiling water for 10 minutes . Pour the jam in the jars and fill them up. Seat the leads and close them tightly. Then turn the jars upside down for 10 min. to eliminate the residual air.

  7. it’s ready! Our jam is ready. You can keep it for you, and spread it on a slice of bread or serve it as an appetizer with some cheese. You can also give it to a friend as a presciuos present. For more specific information about useful American products to use (i.e. type of pectin and quantities), check this website: http://www.pickyourown.org/blackberryjam.htm

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