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Blackberry. By: Amal Al Kuwari & Maryam Al Thani Class: 9D. Inventions of blackberry. Blackberry smart phones Blackberry playbook. Blackberry play book. Blackberry phone. Blackberry 9700. First blacberry 1999. Blackberry 8820. The head office of blackberry.

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  1. Blackberry By: Amal Al Kuwari & Maryam Al Thani Class: 9D

  2. Inventions of blackberry • Blackberry smart phones • Blackberry playbook

  3. Blackberry play book Blackberry phone

  4. Blackberry 9700 First blacberry 1999 Blackberry 8820

  5. The head office of blackberry

  6. Canada is making the blackberry in this company

  7. Blackberry Device Maker’s Research in motion outlined plans for international expansions as well as investments in new handsets  and software.  Jim Baillie(Co Director) Hopes to extend Blackberyy service into markets including Russia, Latin America, China And the south east Asia. No Plans for the Middle East. Their Main Advertisement is Websites , not a lot of Commercials

  8. We Belive the BB Market Are Aimed mostly For people who want to get in touch. I would Say Family members, Friends and Business. The Family members will keep in touch with Other family members who are not around alot. They Can Say hi once in a while ask them how their doing, its much simpler than calling them up. The best business appeals to the Students (teenagers) We already know how we can get addicted to online chatting such as Facebook, messenger, Skype, twitter and so on. What if you had all that in your pocket?  And you can take it everywhere? Thats why the best buyers are Teens. Next We Have the older Buyers The Business Men Or maybe just the elderly. The Business men make appointments and communicate with each other using the Blackberry group systems it is very simple. The elderly for eg keep in touch with their children who might be in a different country studying.

  9. Video of how blackberry is so enjoyable that its addicting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ebKaVWzyeA

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