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Pitches and Concepts and Demos, Oh My! PowerPoint Presentation
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Pitches and Concepts and Demos, Oh My!

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Pitches and Concepts and Demos, Oh My! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pitches and Concepts and Demos, Oh My!. A critical approach to creating game pitches, including the formal pitch and infamous “Elevator Pitch”. Agenda. Announcements Game Concepts Game Pitches Pitch Workshop. Announcements. IGDA Global Game Jam 2010

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pitches and concepts and demos oh my
Pitches and Concepts and Demos, Oh My!

A critical approach to creating game pitches, including the formal pitch and infamous “Elevator Pitch”

  • Announcements
  • Game Concepts
  • Game Pitches
  • Pitch Workshop
  • IGDA Global Game Jam 2010
  • Research done on available libraries/engines
    • UDK
    • Unity 3D
game concepts
Game Concepts

What is a game concept?

what is a game concept
What is a Game Concept?
  • A solution to a problem that must be solved

Fuzzy Idea

Mission Statement

Game Design


organizing your thoughts
Organizing your thoughts
  • Get your game idea on paper
what makes a good concept
What Makes a Good Concept?
  • Originality
  • A specific idea (Not “A cool FPS with Graphics”)
  • Passion for the game idea
the game pitch
The Game Pitch

What is a pitch?

Why are they important?

The infamous “Elevator Pitch”

what is a game pitch
What is a Game Pitch?
  • A clear and concise way of explaining why your idea is awesome
  • Selling your idea
  • Can be formal or informal, technical or abstract
anatomy of a pitch
Anatomy of a Pitch
  • Concept + Prototype + Team
    • Your idea
    • A demo or prototype screenshot
    • The team that you will be working with
  • Presentation + Paper
    • The visual elements
    • The high level game design document
why are pitches important
Why are Pitches Important?
  • Only way to get your idea out there
  • Opportunity to “Get in the Game”
  • Prove your worth to the game company
two types of pitches
Two Types of Pitches
  • Elevator Pitch
    • Hardest component of the pitching process
    • Should be extremely short
  • Full/Formal Pitch
    • Someone is actually willing to sit down and hear your idea.
    • Pitch should be built to fit the publisher or exec
making a game pitch
Making a Game Pitch

“There is nothing new under the sun”


have an original idea
Have an Original Idea
  • Don’t just base your ideas off of pre-existing material
    • “It’s like _____ but with _____”
    • According to Gamasutra, publishers are “Tired of games about zombies, ninjas and pirates
  • What sets your game apart? What new do you bring to the board?
be passionate
Be Passionate…
  • If a developer is passionate about a project, they are more likely to make sure they follow through with it, and to make something amazing.
but not too overprotective
…But Not Too Overprotective
  • Don’t ignore other people’s feedback.
    • Other people are capable of having great ideas too!
  • Actually TELL someone about your idea
    • Don’t make your pitch a guessing game
know what game you are making
Know What Game You Are Making
  • You’re pitching a specific game, not a direction.
  • Who/What/Where/When/Why?
  • Think it ALLthe way through
    • Avoid giving stupid answers to serious questions
be succinct
Be Succinct
  • The first sentence is paramount
    • Present your high level concept first
    • Don’t assume or expect the publisher to read your whole pitch
  • Conversation style is indirect and meandering
  • Interviewers only have so much time
    • Their time is worth a lot more than your
  • Don’t ramble
  • Why is this game relevant to the publisher?
show don t just tell
Show, Don’t just Tell
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Prototypes are must-haves for many publishers
  • What is the competition? What makes your game unique?
  • What platform do you plan on developing for?
  • Who are you making this game for? What Demographic(s)?
in the matters of business
In the Matters of Business…
  • Budgets
  • Be Greedy
  • What is your Timeline?
    • When are your major milestones?
    • When would you be able to ship?
be prepared
Be Prepared
  • Make sure to have copies of your game design handy
  • Prototype?
  • Prepare your pitch beforehand
    • Don’t just make it up as you go
  • Be prepared to have backup pitches
  • Be aware when opportunities to share your idea appear
  • Be prepared to mess up
  • Have Fun!
questions and answer
Questions and answer

Questions about the club?

part 2 pitch presentations
Part 2: Pitch Presentations

Remember Wednesday, December 2nd