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Welcome to Liverpool Students’ Union. What is LSU?. The representative body of 23,000 LJMU students to the university, the local community, stakeholders and nationally.

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Welcome to liverpool students union

Welcome to Liverpool Students’ Union

What is lsu
What is LSU?

  • The representative body of 23,000 LJMU students to the university, the local community, stakeholders and nationally.

  • Facilitates and supports student activities including BUCS, clubs, societies, RAG, Give it A Go and community involvement.

  • Being the experts in what students think through GOATing (Going Out And Talking)

What is lsu1
What is LSU?

  • Provide a range of high quality commercial services, including shops, bars and entertainments.

  • Offers an Advice Centre providing advice and advocacy on a wide range of issues.

  • Campaigning body, aiming to have a positive impact on the lives of students

The hall rep scheme
The Hall Rep Scheme

The Hall rep system was a scheme set up in 2009 to help integrate students into University Life,

  • Hall reps are part of a team of student, elected by others in their halls to represent them to Liverpool Students’ Union so their needs and wants can be met.

  • Encouraged by the LSU they will organise activities, events and possible an inter-halls sports team to bring students together

  • Regular meetings are held with the Hall Reps with the Community Engagement & Marketing Coordinator (Carrie Allen) and Vice President Community Engagement (Darren McCabe) to discuss any ideas or events they have come up.

  • This scheme we hope will allow us to increase communication between the Liverpool Students’ Union, Students living in halls, University Accommodation and Hall Management.

The roles
The roles

1. President

Responsible for leading and supporting the team of Reps, as well as managing the budget and

ensuring events are risk assessed and well organised.

2. Sports Rep

Work with other reps to organise matches and tournaments as well as encouraging students to take part in sports.

3. Events RepWork with other reps to find out what students are interested in and to hold events in accordance to these interests and encourage students to take part.

4. Marketing RepsPromote events and activities taking place in their halls, ensuring students know what is happening and when it is happening.

Hall reps 2011
Hall reps 2011

Atlantic point

Victoria Halls

Barkhill Court

Grand Central

N. western

Great Newton Halls

Opal court

Apollo court

Hall reps 20111
Hall Reps 2011

Unite student village

Prospect point

Liberty park



  • The Hall reps have a number of duties during there time in halls.. These include holding events students want in there halls:

  • Possible event ideas that have been suggested include:

  • Dodge ball teams

  • Inter- halls karaoke competitions.

  • Circus themed parties in common rooms

  • Pub quizzes

  • Barkhill treasure hunt

  • “I'm a student get me out of here”

  • Hall managers will be kept up to date on any up and coming events that are happening.

Tasks of g o a ting
Tasks of G.O.A.TING

  • One of the most important roles of hall reps is G.O.A.Ting;

    (Going Out And Talking to students)

  • Speak to students halls.

  • Keep a record.

  • Bring about Positive Change within 6 Halls across the city.

  • Halls Managers Support.

Reviewing the scheme
Reviewing the scheme

  • Reviewing of the hall rep scheme,

  • Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • If you have any issues with the scheme please don’t hesitate to email Carrie: [email protected]

Welcome assistants
Welcome Assistants

After the successful move in weekend we experienced last year. We are going to

continue the welcome assistant scheme in order to help students and hall

Management in September 2011.

  • Their duties include:

  • Representing Liverpool Students’ Union and LJMU

  • Meet and greet new students and parents

  • Provide information & sign posting for union events and welcome talks

  • Promote and inform new students about the Hall rep scheme & encourage them to stand for elections

  • Help to improve relations with s

  • Students an LSU

  • Recruitment for welcome assistants is taking place on the 11th-12th of march.

  • We will be advertising the post to students who have lived in the specific halls to make it as easy as possible for hall managers and students.

  • Any support would be much appreciated.

Any questions or comments???

LSU hall rep scheme is brilliant

We love living in Halls