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The Creative World of Communications Specialist :

The Creative World of Communications Specialist :

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The Creative World of Communications Specialist :

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  1. The Creative WorldofCommunications Specialist : Audra Luke

  2. I am an expert in communications, an award winning writer, and a sought after program coordinator with exceptional PR skills. As a specialist within the realm of strategic and brand marketing; as well as my background in mass and global communications, social media marketing, copywriting, and content strategy, I can honestly say that I have excelled within my field of expertise.My professional successes include my ability to expand the brand name and increase the distribution of Ina Media’s publications from 20,000 to a global market of 300,000 in less than one year. I have also created, marketed, and implemented over 150 empowerment programs nationally that earned over $1.8 million in total revenue to further the marketing efforts of the Wholistic Stress Control Institute. This initiative helped to promote the institutes’ services while expanding their reach. My writing background includes social media content, press releases, scripts, speeches, and creating web copy for a medical company that required search engine optimized content for increased ranking on Google. I have a vast understanding of meta data keywords, the utilization of titles and descriptions and how they correspond with Google Algorithms. My scholastic training is broad and encompasses a number of the various areas that fall under the heading of both Communications and English. My B.A. studies shared a focus on creative writing and courses in the development of cultural communication. This combination of interests in composition and communication theory led me to expand my communication foundation and writing skills by gaining my doctorate in Communications Law at Indiana University, School of Law in the unique Literacy Analysis, Legal Communications, and Cultural program. I even broadened my education by expanding my degree to Global Communications while studying overseas at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I would bring to your organization incredibly innovative ideas, a steadfast approach at pitching newsworthy ideas in a way that is both compelling and exciting, a great deal of enthusiasm, a fresh approach, and a new perspective. I thrive in a fast paced environment and I am very comfortable with managing multiple assignments at once. My talents are not only strengthened as a result of my work experiences, but also in my desire to support and work as a team with those around me so that we may all succeed and reach our goals together.

  3. Writing Samples

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  6. Writing Sample Two: Blogging Content The War Women Wage Against One AnotherBy Audra LukeI would love to say that women have mutual respect for one another, that we have the capability of loving one another, and that we embrace one another thanks to our ability to relate to each other’s issues as women. I would love to say all of that, but I can’t. How can I say something that I don’t believe myself? As a woman, I have noticed the uncomfortable stares that I get from some women the moment I walk into a room. I can almost hear the ridicule and judgment about me that goes on in their mind when I’m around, and I can surely see the look in their eyes if I am with a guy that they may find interesting. Well, let’s just say that this is when EVERYTHING gets interesting. I have no doubt that some woman is reading this and saying to herself, she is so conceited right now! What makes her think that every woman is paying her THAT much attention when she walks into a room!? First off, I never said EVERY woman. Second, I have dedicated years to working with young women and so trust me, I can almost bet you that what I am saying isn’t too far off. As a matter of fact, the woman asking that question might be the very woman that does this type of thing to other women. You see ladies; we all want to believe that we can turn to our female counterparts for support when we need it. We want to believe that we can walk into a room and look at another woman and instantly feel a warm acceptance that says I know what you go through as a woman and I am here for you….whoever you are! We all want this, but unfortunately, we live in the real world. In this life there are a number of things that we as women have to deal with within ourselves before we can actually deal with our relationships with each other. Luckily, the list of improvements that we can make isn’t really long. Well, even if it was long, I am only going to cover the top three things that I think we can work on to find that path of connecting with one another. I even think that this can lead to a better INNER connection with ourselves, if we really work at it.

  7. Writing Sample Three: Ezine Article Teen Rebellion: The Birth of Adolescent Independence It’s never easy for a parent to deal with a teenager once they have made up their mind that they are ready to take on the world. It’s difficult because you want to encourage their independence but at the same time you want to make sure that they are protected and ready for such a large responsibility. As an adult who has experienced what the world can toss your way, it’s understandable that you would have a concern of whether or not they’re truly ready to handle life’s challenges with maturity.The desire for independence is a healthy and natural phase for any teenager. Their eagerness to break free and make their own decisions comes as a direct result of being forced to follow the rules of someone else, namely their parents. To prepare your teen, and yourself, for that inevitable day when you have to cut the strings, talk to your teen about what it really means to be independent and the responsibility that comes along with it. Make sure you set boundaries and discuss those boundaries so that your expectations are clear.As a teen, you probably attempted to rebel against rules set by your parents, or other authority figures. Trust that, like you, in time your teen will learn that rules are a part of life and that true independence is learning how to handle the responsibilities that come with being independent.BUT: How Can They Be Ready for the World? They Can’t Follow the Rules at Home!Oh Boy! I hear this one a lot. Parents constantly complain that their teen is always screaming about independence, yet failing to show that they can be responsible enough to handle it. During my years of working with teenagers, I’ve met teens who are pros at the following same old tricks of the teen trade;* Sneaking out of the house* Changing into different clothing at school (typically the girls)* Failing to meet curfew* Ditching classes and having their friends write parental excuses* Lying to their parents about where they are goingNow please don’t get me wrong, not all teens sit around and dream up different ways to manipulate their parents. As a matter of fact, a majority of the teens that I work with are very mature young ladies and young men who are angry at the fact that their parents lump them in the category of being irresponsible simply because they are teenagers. Now that I’ve covered myself on this one, let me address those teenagers who DO try to manipulate their parents…

  8. Writing Sample Four: Press Release For Immediate ReleaseRaw & Uncensored: Herside.netWeekly Online Program Re-Launches Oct 4th with Hard-Hitting “Girl Talk” GEORGIA, Sep 20, 2013 – Every week, raw, gritty, uncensored, and directly from the mouths of thousands of women across the internet, tackles issues that affect urban women. From lighthearted, funny, entertaining, or love/relationship topics, to more serious issues regarding domestic violence, depression or images of women in the media; does not “sugarcoat” but welcomes the truth from a woman’s perspective. Beginning October 4, will re-launch with a new look and a plethora of new and exciting topics. Women [and men] across the internet will be presented with six virtual video screens with the ability to join blogs and message boards and to take the conversations to the next level. Topics such as; Interracial Dating, The New Hot Couple: HIV and Women, Women in Music, and HIS Side (a program about men and their HONEST feelings about women) will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.With last season’s monthly site visits at 50,000 strong, anticipation is building for what is to come for the new season of programming. Last season results brought open and honest dialogue among women that helped to ensure the growth of self-empowerment among the gender. It is highly anticipated that this year will take that success to a new level. About is an Atlanta-based, independently owned, weekly online network with fair, balanced opinions and points of view. It provides entertaining, educating, inspiring, and sometimes comedic, programming for women. The format is gritty, raw, and uncensored. It helps to maintain a foundation that welcomes open and honest communication amongst women, all while supporting a mission to inspire the unification of all women globally. strives to allow women to see and hear themselves, dissect origins of belief, and to then begin a new process of self acceptance, change ,and healing.Contact Audra Luke, Ina Media, LLC.+ 1-404- 822-6449 or

  9. Writing Sample Five: B2B Partnership Proposal SnippetPlease allow me this opportunity to thank you all at Keeping It Wild for your interest in partnering with the GreenGelo initiative known as “Keeping It Green” (KIG). As you are aware, KIG will be an environmental show targeting youth ages 13-19. The program will serve as an educational and entertaining resource in regard to environmental issues for teenagers both locally and nationally. Below you will find a small list that compiles the marketing and financial benefits GreenGelo offers through the KIG initiative. Marketing:* The KIG initiative provides Keeping It Wild with an opportunity to have events filmed and aired both locally and nationally. The organizations target market will directly witness the events sponsored by Keeping It Wild and will be in a position to volunteer if interested. * By allowing GreenGelo to film related corporate events and air them on a weekly basis (both online and on cable network), Keeping It Wild will be in a position to market its events and programs to teenagers and their parents without incurring the inflated cost of advertising. * Keeping It Wild will have a televised network that can be marketed to prove the organization’s national reach to its target market. This will increase your organizations funding with local and federal supporters. Fundraising Opportunities:* By partnering with GreenGelo, Keeping It Wild will be in a better position to receive corporate funding through donations and sponsorships. Having a national program shows corporate sponsors that the organization has a national reach and through funding the corporation will feel its donated dollars will effect more of the organizations overall goal. * GreenGelo will sponsor events throughout the year to promote KIG (which in essence will promote the Keeping It Wild organization). These events will receive news media attention and will also be promoted through social media sites. The events will also invite donations, which will further promote and expand the KIG initiative. If Keeping It Wild does not have scheduled events or programs for GreenGelo to film, the GreenGelo creative team will simply create a program involving local teenagers who will interview local environmentalists. All creative programs will continue to provide your organization with full credit for all programs filmed. It will be the mission of GreenGelo to maintain the presence of your organization; even when events are filmed that are non-related to the organization itself….

  10. Audra Luke’s On-Line & Television Network Media Campaigns

  11. HerSide Commercial 30sec Spot: both wrote and directed the commercial spot for the online network, This commercial aired on the following television (cable) networks:* MTV* VH1* Oxygen * Lifetime* BET* TVOneGreenGelo Promo Trailer: wrote, directed, and assisted with the promotional layout and marketing for the campaign. The trailer was shown at the following:* Concerts and Events that Targeted the Adolescent Market (Ages 13-19)* Local Movie TheatersWholistic Promo Trailer: created the marketing concept of the Wholistic promotional trailer by developing and implementing their poetry event, hiring the cinematography team, and assisting with the general marketing layout for the trailer to be promoted on social media sites.HIV Prevention (social media): developed a Live-Chat for the social media Facebook page of Color It Real. This initiative served to enhance federal funding of the organizations HIV program to expand social media communication among their target market.

  12. Product BrandingProducts I have marketed for companies requiring brand recognition

  13. AwardsProfessional Presentations& Memberships

  14. HONORS & AWARDS~ Best Fiction Award Winner, Los Angeles Book Expo, 2006~ The Sojourner Truth National Figure Award, Syracuse University, 2004~ Dream Realized Award, City of Atlanta, 2004~ Instructional Support Honor, Fulton County Board of Education, 2001, 2002~ Honor of Distinction and Research Contribution, Girl Scouts of America, 2001~ Recognition Award (for Creative Writing workshop) Turner Broadcast Network for Achievement, 2000~ Certificate of Recognition, City of Los Angeles, 1989LECTURES AND PRESENTATIONS (2001-2013)~“Responsible Social Media,” High Schools, Nationwide, 2009-Present~“How to Connect with Your Target Market,” Connecting Communities Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2013~“The Utilization of Communication for Anger Management,” Dekalb Juvenile Justice Department, Decatur, GA, 2013~“How Online Marketing Kills Traditional Advertising,” Harvard University, School of Law, Cambridge, MA, 2012~“How to Create Responsible Media,” Syracuse University, New York, NY, 2012~“The Media’s Influence on Adolescent Behavior,” Millersville University, Millersville, PA, 2011~“Entertaining Ourselves to Death,” Utica College, Utica, NY, 2010~“Creative Writing for Mental Wellbeing,” Clayton County Health Department, Clayton, GA, 2010~“The Use of Poetry to Empower Teen Girls,” Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5, Atlanta, GA 2005, 2006~“Literary Detox,” Fulton County Arts Program, Atlanta, GA, 2004~“Empowering Unmotivated Youth through Writing,” Turner South Network, Atlanta, GA, 2003~“The State of Today’s Teen Girls,” Executive Conference, Girl Scouts of America, Atlanta, GA, 2003~“Using Words to Change a Displaced Reality,” Frank Ski Foundation Fundraiser, Atlanta, GA, 2002~“How to Prevent the Rise of Sexual Assault Among Young Women,” UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 2001~“How to Use Creative Writing to Heal,” Prince’s Paisley Park, Minneapolis, MN, 2001MEMBERSHIPS~International Federation of Business and Professional Women~ The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) ~The Social Media Marketing Association~ Writers Guild of America~ The Who’s Who Network for Women

  15. References Tarita Johnson: Wholistic Stress Control Institute,, 404-755-0333 Jewel Crawford: Wholistic Stress Control Institute,, 404-755-0333 Veronica Wright: Island Travel,, 770-429-8805 Theresa McGhee: Ina Media, LLC,, 404-561-8873 Ali Washington: Ace Management, 770-733-5800

  16. Contact Audra Luke: Email: Personal Web Page: LinkedIn Page: Google+ Page: Facebook Page: Personal Blog: Thank You!