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Simple Machines Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple Machines Review

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Simple Machines Review
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Simple Machines Review

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  1. Simple Machines Review

  2. What are the six types of simple machines? • Lever • Wheel and Axle • Pulley • Inclined Plane • Screw • Wedge

  3. What is a lever? A lever is a simple machine made up of a bar that moves around a fixed point (a fulcrum) A lever is used to push, pull or lift things A seesaw is one example of a lever. Can you think of examples?

  4. What is a Wheel and Axle? A wheel and axle is a rod attached to a wheel. A wheel and axle is used to help move or turn things. A rolling pin is a wheel and axle. Can you think of examples?

  5. What is a Pulley? A pulley is a chain or rope wrapped around a grooved wheel A pulley is used to help lift heavy objects by changing the direction or amount of force. A flagpole has a pulley. Can you think of examples?

  6. What is a wedge? The wedgeis wide at one end and pointed at the other (two inclined planes put together) A wedge is used to cut or split objects apart. An ax is an example of a wedge. Can you think of examples?

  7. What is an inclined plane? An inclined plane is a flat surface that is raised so one end is higher than the other. An inclined plane is used to move heavy objects from a lower level to a higher level, or from a higher level to a lower level. A slide is an example of an inclined plane. Can you think of an example?

  8. What is a screw? A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder or cone. A common use of the screw is to hold objects together. An example of a screw is a wood screw. Can you think of another example?

  9. Examples and Non-Examples of Simple Machines Which are simple machines? Which ones are not?

  10. What is a compound machine? A compound machine is a combination of two or more simple machines. Some examples of compound machines are: scissors, wheelbarrow, and bicycle Which simple machines do you see on the compound machines above?