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Process for tonight’s meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Process for tonight’s meeting

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Process for tonight’s meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consultation on changes to hospital services in North Kirklees and Wakefield District Pontefract public meeting – 16 May 2013. Process for tonight’s meeting Short presentation summarising the changes proposed and their impact on services for Pontefract residents

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Consultation on changes to hospital services in North Kirklees and Wakefield DistrictPontefract public meeting – 16 May 2013


Process for tonight’s meeting

  • Short presentation summarising the changes proposed and their impact on services for Pontefract residents
  • ‘Question Time’ style session led by independent Chairman – Steve Richards
  • 15 minutes on maternity services
  • 15 minutes on inpatient paediatrics
  • 15 minutes on emergency care
  • 15 minutes on surgery
  • Remainder of time left on any other issues


Dr Phil Earnshaw


NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)


The basis for consultation

  • We are consulting on changes in secondary care across North Kirklees and Wakefield District – specifically:
  • Surgery
  • Inpatient children’s services
  • Maternity services
  • Emergency care

Greater demands – people living longer, more long-term illness

  • Things have changed – more specialisation, more care away from hospitals
  • Doing things differently will save more lives and give patients better outcomes:
    • bringing specialists together saves more lives and gives better clinical outcomes for patients
    • separating planned and unplanned surgery means fewer cancelled operations and the most critically ill patients are treated quickly by specialists


Dr Simon Enright

Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia

Clinical Lead : Service Strategy

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust


Maternity services – proposed changes

Pontefract no change: midwife-led unit‘low risk’: home, midwife unit or Pinderfields‘high risk’: deliver at PinderfieldsPinderfields ‘high risk’ births: all to consultant-led unit‘low risk’ births: home, midwife-led unitDewsburymidwife-led unit‘low risk’ : home, midwife unit or Pinderfields‘high risk’: deliver at PinderfieldsLocal antenatal/postnatal care


Inpatient children’s services

Pontefract : no changePinderfields: no changeDewsbury: inpatient care at Pinderfields Urgent assessment & outpatients at all 3 hospitalsNew children’s assessment service at Dewsbury


Emergency care

  • Pontefract
    • as now, open access for emergency care
    • full resuscitation facilities
    • able to treat a wide range of conditions
    • some ambulance attendances
    • consultant presence during the day and on call 24/7
    • development of new Emergency Day Care centre
  • Pinderfields
    • specialist trauma and emergency care centre for Mid Yorkshire
    • continues to see full range of cases
    • centre for emergencies needing inpatient care


  • Pontefract
    • Planned orthopaedics, ophthalmology (from 2013)
    • Range of inpatient short stay surgery
    • Day surgery
  • Pinderfields
    • Emergency surgery, complex surgery (critical care)
  • Day surgery
  • Dewsbury
    • Planned inpatient surgery (more specialties)
    • Day surgery
    • Some unplanned surgery

The future for Pontefract under these proposals

  • As now, A&E open access with the most serious A&E cases still taken to specialist centre at Pinderfields
  • The Clinical Decisions Unit would stay with step up/step down beds
  • Development of Emergency Day Care centre
  • Range of planned inpatient surgery – inc orthopaedics and ophthalmology
  • Outpatient appointments
  • As now, midwife led maternity unit remains
  • As now, all antenatal and postnatal care

Next steps

  • Consultation closes 31 May
  • Analysis of consultation output and final report produced by independent experts
  • Report considered by other partner organisations at major event 2 July
  • Report with recommendations from 2 July event considered by the boards of NHS North Kirklees and Wakefield CCGs on 25 July when a decision will be taken