respiratory system and smoking n.
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Respiratory System and Smoking PowerPoint Presentation
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Respiratory System and Smoking

Respiratory System and Smoking

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Respiratory System and Smoking

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  1. RespiratorySystemand Smoking Mr.McCarthy Rogich MS

  2. This Presentation Will Cover: • Respiratory System Definitions • Label Respiratory System • Breathtaking Facts • Respiratory System Diseases • Types of Tobacco Products • Smokin’ Hot Facts • Parts of Cigarette Smoke • Smoking-Related Problems • Warning Labels • Quitting Smoking

  3. Question =Is this slide labeled correctly?

  4. When someone is facing you,theirleft is on your right

  5. PART 1: Definitions

  6. DEFINITIONS: • RESPIRATION: The process by which your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide

  7. DEFINITIONS: • CELLULAR RESPIRATION: The process by which every cell of your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide

  8. DEFINITIONS: • LUNGS: Two breathing organs in the chest which transport oxygen into the blood and remove carbon dioxide

  9. Real lungs look like this: Think smoking is good for your lungs?

  10. DEFINITIONS: • PLEURA: Slimy thin covering that protects and cushions the lungs and makes it easier to breathe

  11. The pleura actually has two layers

  12. DEFINITIONS: • DIAPHRAGM: Dome-shaped muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen

  13. Diaphragm pulls, down, you inhale.Diaphragm relaxes, you exhale.

  14. The diaphragm and lungs can be modeled by a balloon in a sealed jar

  15. DEFINITIONS: • NASAL CAVITY: Space behind the nose which warms and moistens the air you inhale

  16. DEFINITIONS: • SINUSES: Air-filled pockets located within the bones of the face and around the nasal cavity

  17. Sometimes, the sinuses and nasal cavity are affected by allergies and infections

  18. DEFINITIONS: • PHARYNX: The proper name for your throat

  19. The Pharynx (or throat) has several different sections

  20. DEFINITIONS: • LARYNX: Upper part of the respiratory system which contains the vocal cords

  21. The Larynx is sometimes called the “Voice Box” or Adam’s Apple

  22. The size and shape of your larynx and vocal cords create your unique voice

  23. Vocal Cords inside the Larynx actually look like this:

  24. DEFINITIONS: TWO BIG TUBES IN YOUR NECK: • TRACHEA: Front tube which leads to the lungs • ESOPHAGUS: Back tube which leads to the stomach

  25. FRONT: Trachea to lungsBACK: Esophagus to stomach

  26. The trachea is also called the windpipe

  27. The trachea is kept open by special rings of cartilage!

  28. DEFINITIONS: • EPIGLOTTIS: Structure which prevents food from entering the trachea when you swallow

  29. See how the epiglottis works?(purple stuff is food)

  30. DEFINITIONS: • BRONCHI: Branches of the trachea through which air enters the lungs

  31. DEFINITIONS: • MUCOUS: A thick, slippery substance made inside your lungs to collect dirt, dust, and bacteria

  32. DEFINITIONS: • CILIA: Microscopic, tiny hair-like projections which line the bronchi and sweep dust, dirt, bacteria and mucous out of the lungs

  33. Dust and dirt stick to the mucous, then the cilia sweep the junk out of your lungs

  34. Guess what cigarette smoking does to the cilia? Smoking damages the cilia, making infections like bronchitis more common

  35. DEFINITIONS: • BRONCHIOLES: Smaller and smaller branches of the bronchi

  36. DEFINITIONS: • ALVEOLI: Billions of tiny microscopic air sacs in the lungs

  37. ALVEOLI: This is where oxygen enters the red blood cells and carbon dioxide leaves the blood

  38. Cool pictures OXYGENPATH: Nasal Cavity to Pharynx to Larynx To Trachea To Bronchi To Bronchiole To Alveoli To Blood Cells!

  39. You have billions of tiny alveoli that transport O2 and CO2

  40. Without LookingAt Your Notes…. How many parts of the Respiratory System can you name?

  41. PART 2: Label Respiratory System

  42. Respiratory System Label Nose and Nasal Cavity 1. Mouth 2. Pharynx or Throat 3. Larynx or Voice Box 4. Trachea or Windpipe 5. Lung 6. Left branch of Bronchi Right branch of Bronchi 7. 8. 9. Bronchioles Alveoli 10. Diaphragm 11.

  43. Can you list a few things we did not label? • Sinuses: Air-filled pockets located within the bones of the face • Epiglottis: Prevents food from going down wrong pipe • Pleura: Slimy membrane or coating • Esophagus: Tube to stomach • Cilia: Hair-like projections which line the bronchi

  44. PART 3: Ten Breathtaking Facts

  45. Breathtaking Fact #1 • You breathe about 5,000 to 10,000 times per DAY. • That’s about 9 to 20 times every MINUTE.

  46. Breathtaking Fact #2 SNEEZING the body's way of removing an irritant from the sensitive mucous membranes of the nose.

  47. Breathtaking Fact #3 You have over 600 million ALVEOLI in your lungs. If stretched out, their surface area would cover a whole tennis court!

  48. Breathtaking Fact #4 HICCUPS are sudden movements of the diaphragm. They are involuntary. There are many causes of hiccups: • The diaphragm may get irritated • You may have eaten too fast • Some substance in the blood could even have brought on the hiccups.

  49. By The Way: The strange noise we make when we hiccup is partly caused by the pushed air hitting the epiglottis and vocal cords, which do not expect the hiccup!

  50. Breathtaking Fact #5 Breathing in HELIUM makes your voice change! Helium is much lighter than air. Because of this, the speed (and wavelength) of sound is much higher in helium.