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HL9 Lex & Mackeal (Pre-Note)

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HL9 Lex & Mackeal (Pre-Note) .

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hl9 lex mackeal pre note
HL9 Lex & Mackeal (Pre-Note)

Our intention is that these pages could be played on the various monitors across the school throughout the day, and maybe even during the “scrollies” with a different message per day of the week. These would hopefully educate the student body on some strategies of how to deal with the various types of violence they might come across. We made the actual slides that would play for each day of the week.

abusive relationships

Abusive Relationships

Education and Awareness

spotting an abusive relationship
Spotting an Abusive Relationship

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize an abusive relationship because both the victim and perpetrator usually try to conceal it. Sometimes there is no obvious signs (physical), so they can be hard to spot. Some indistinct signs include:

  • Body language- How do they act around each other? Does one or the other seem afraid of their partner? Pay close attention to the suspected victims body language both away and around their partner.
  • Unusual behavior- Mostly on the part of the victim. Do they belittle themselves? Avoid social events? These are all signs that someone may be in an abusive relationship.

“Females are between 16% and 24% more likely to be abused by their intimate partner.”

plan of action first steps
Plan of Action - First Steps…

If you know of someone in an abusive relationship

you should start doing some things to help the victim such


  • Support the victim. If someone is in an abusive relationship they’ll need some emotional support. Talk to them, spend time with them, etc. Make sure they aren’t alone.
  • Tell someone of authority. First, ensure confidentiality, then together find a way to address the issue.

“Teens who have been abused hesitate to seek help because they do not want to expose themselves.”


In theory these two slides would play at the end of scrollies on one day of the week, and then the next subject the next day, and so on.



Education and Awareness

spot and recognize b ullying
Spot and Recognize Bullying

Sometimes in school bullying occurs but no one realizes it because it isn’t the obvious physical type. The following are indeed forms of bullying.

  • Exclusion- One of the most transparent forms of bullying, it involves an individual or a group excluding someone on purpose. This includes alienating someone on their differences.
  • Indirect- Involves spreading rumors, talking behind someone’s back, spreading private information (telling secrets to others) and some forms of blackmail.

“56% of students report to personally observing bullying”

a plan of action first steps
A Plan of Action- First Steps…

If you witness any type of bullying, whether it’s the obvious physical and verbal or less obvious indirect bullying, you should try…

  • Tell someone. A friend, an adult, a sibling, a parent, but with discretion. Bullying is something very hard to overcome alone. Adults can often find a way to stop the bullying without the bully ever finding out how they knew about it.
  • Intervene yourself. This is very much dependent on the degree of the bullying. Sometimes by intervening you find yourself to be the target. If there is threat of physical harm, then find an adult to aid.

“1 in 10 students that drop out of school blame chronic bullying”



Education and Awareness

spot and recognize racism
Spot and Recognize Racism

Sadly, Racism can still be a relevant problem some schools, and of all the types of violence, it’s one of the most extreme and hurtful. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest to detect.

  • “I’m not a racist, but…”- Wehave almost all heard this gem. The following statement will always be very racist. Just because they stated they weren’t does not make them immune.
  • Specific Bullying- The suspected will often treat someone of a different race poorly and alienate them on their differences.
plan of action first steps1
Plan of Action- First Steps…

If you come across someone acting in a profoundly racist way, try to…

  • Question them. Let them know it’s not going unnoticed. Gauge the intent. “Why do you do/say that?” This might not sound like much but it will often deter future behavior.
  • Don’t over react. Often racist people will try and provoke a response or disapproval for the sake of arguing. This may seem the completely opposite of the first strategy, but you have to balance the two for it to be effective, and ultimately remain calm.
  • Address the issue, not the person. Often people will get more upset over being labeled “Racist” than the fact their actions or words were racist.
sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

Education and Awareness

spot and recognize sexual harassment
Spot and Recognize Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is fortunately one of the less common forms of violence and it’s relatively easy to identify. Some clues are…

  • Physical Actions. There is a fine line between what should be considered sexual harassment, and it often falls down to personal judgment. That being said, any unwelcome touching of inappropriate nature is harassment.
  • Verbal Abuse. Many people don’t see this as harassment, but it most certainly is. Any remarks of sexual nature that make the recipient uncomfortable are almost always harassment.
plan of action first steps2
Plan of Action- First Steps…

If you witness or are victim of anything you feel classifies as sexual harassment, try some of these strategies.

  • Draw a hard line. Some thing’s are just teasing and banter. Some are not. When you feel someone has crossed the line, immediately change your demeanor. e direct and clear. It can be as simple as “Okay, that’s not funny. Please stop.” This is more effective around others.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Harassment is personal judgment. Sometimes the only way people can relate is by saying or doing things you may find inappropriate. But remember to always know your limit.
spiritual violence

Spiritual Violence

Education and Awareness

spot and recognize spiritual violence
Spot and Recognize Spiritual Violence

In a school as large as ours, we are bound to have members of the student body with different spiritual beliefs than the majority. This can be one of the most damaging forms of violence. It can also be hard to spot. Look out for…

  • Teasing.Any degree of teasing someone with different spiritual beliefs can easily escalate to full on spiritual violence.
  • Preaching. If someone tries to force their belief on you (in a school environment) this is considered spiritual violence. Everyone is entitled to their own private opinion.
plan of action first steps3
Plan of Action- First Steps…

A diverse spiritual environment within a school is a very positive thing, but unfortunately it sometimes can lead to some conflicts and even violence. If it occurs…

  • Tell someone of authority. Spiritual violence is something that should be dealt with immediately to ensure it doesn’t escalate. People can be very devoted to their beliefs. Find a teacher, adult, friend, etc.
  • Do not back down. Do not stop practicing your religion and what it entails. Do not be ashamed of your beliefs. This is exactly what the perpetrator intends. Be proud of your religion.

By now you should get the idea. In theory every day would have its own corresponding subject and its own two slides to help educate about all types of violence a student may be faced with, and hopefully aid in the resolve of any issues within the student body.


(Lex C & Mackeal B HL9)